Jazz Age: The Decade of Sex in LA

Jazz Age: The Decade of Sex in LA

The 1920s was one of the naughtiest decades in the 20th century… it was a decade of experimentation and “free love” long before the 1970s.

Sex was everywhere in Los Angeles during the 1920s, making LA the naughty city it is now. It was in advertising and early cinema.

It was in art. It was on the radio, it was in roadside motels and it was in the back seats of cars.

The 1920s shaped the ideal of the female body and how it would be displayed to the world. The Flapper Girl was the new It Girl and every girl wanted to be one.

She represented freedom and change from the strict Victorian ways.

The Jazz Age and the Flapper Girl had a huge influence on Hollywood and, by extension, the rest of the world.

Hollywood had a young population, making it a haven for sexual experimentation.

Young fans weren’t just watching the Hollywood films, they were imitating what they saw on screen.

For many this was the first time they saw scantily dressed women, people kissing, women speaking dialogue laced with double entendres and couples acting out love scenes on screen.

Movies weren’t just for entertainment. They taught male viewers how to kiss a woman on areas of her body other than just her lips, and taught female viewers how to boost their sex appeal by dressing and looking like Hollywood starlets.

The early 1900s were the first time in Western history that women were making enough money to live on their own and realize that having money meant freedom.

Women weren’t sitting around at home anymore waiting for male callers—they were out on their own meeting gentlemen friends at bars, restaurants or dance halls.

Women were calling the shots and men were taking notice as Flapper girls were hiking up their skirts, gyrating to the Charleston, boozing, staying up till dawn and necking and more in the back seat of cars.

Unfortunately, this newfound sexual freedom and expression didn’t last long as the Depression hit Americans hard and the Will Hays Codes, in Hollywood, banished racy content on the silver screen.

Just as we were starting to come out of the uptight Victorian Era, the Will Hays Code brought us back into it.

It would be an additional forty years before Naughty LA had another sexual revolution (which, sadly, would again be short-lived with the rise of AIDS in the 1980s).

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Scottland Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels

Checking into the gorgeous Gleneagles in Scotland. This place is absolutely amazing…opened 1924 when golf and hotels were the height of fashion.

The Gleneagles Hotel was a glorious playground for people dedicated to leisure and pleasure in the most luxurious surroundings.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Today, the hotel hasn’t changed…it’s like stepping back in time to the 1920s with their art deco decor.

They have SO much to offer at this hotel. You definitely need to come for a week or more to really enjoy everything.

Unfortunately, I was only able to stay for 3 days…with it being only one full day to enjoy. So not enough time.

There are nine places to eat in the hotel including bars. They offer afternoon tea, a bistro for coffee and sweets, and many places to enjoy a high-end dinner.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

My favorite was The Birnam Brasserie…very casual place to eat at the hotel. During the day, they have an outdoor area in the restaurant.

It’s not really outdoor due to their cold winters. But it feels like you’re outside with all the fake plants and skylight.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Since I only had one full day, I had to explore and experience as much of the hotel as possible.

So after lunch at the Birnam, I headed over to The Century Bar which is absolutely stunning with it’s decor.

I enjoyed some afternoon tea before taking off to my spa treatment, gym, then getting ready for dinner.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

I had such a great time exploring this hotel…I just wish I had more time as they offer so much on their property including outdoor activities; archery, fishing, off road driving, golf, gun dogs, Falconry, cycling and much more.

I would have loved to do something else, but I choose to explore the hotel where I found this cute vintage miniature jeep.

Luckily, I found it last because when I went to go sit inside of it…I didn’t notice it was wet. So when I stood up my bottom was all wet with something yellow! Quickly went back to my room to change.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

For my daytime outfit, I wore this cute romper outfit from Revolve Lover’s + Friends.

They also have one in blue and white, which I have too. They are both so cute…great for day and night. Click on the link to shop my look.

My sunglasses are by Dior…my new favorite sunnies! My purse is from my favorite shoe designer, Jimmy Choo. And my shoes are a custom design from my favorite hotel in the world…The One & Only Reethi Rah in the Maldives.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Later that night I got dressed up and ate at one of their of their many restaurants The Strathearn. Afterwards, I headed back to The Century Bar for cocktails.

Then decided to head to their other bar, The American Bar…my favorite bar there. It’s absolutely stunning…very Art Deco.

My gorgeous dress fits perfectly with the decor…another outfit from Revolve by Bronx and Banco. Currently sold out but you can ask to be notified by email when they restock the dress.

The dress is actually very naughty…you can’t see it unless you look really close but the top is sheer and you can see right through it but you would never know as the lace fits perfectly over the nipples.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

This place is absolutely so cute…every corner you turn there’s something else. I discovered this beautiful flower display…you can place a flower order for a special occasion or just because you want some gorgeous, fresh flowers in your room. I couldn’t help but stop to smell the flowers and take photos of them!

On my final day, I went to their coffee shop to order breakfast. They have so many wonderful delights awaiting you. The entire cafe is filled with yummy aromas…you can’t help but want to try everything but I contained myself.

After enjoying my breakfast, I packed my bags in my rental car and headed on a road trip to Edinburg to continue my month holiday in Europe.

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

Scotland Travels | Naughty Travels

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Sexy Florals in France

Sexy Fashion Tips France | Naughty Travels

Sexy Florals in France

Today I’m in Cassis, France…gorgeous little seaside town lined with cafes and cute alleyways with more cafes, stores and beautiful doorways.

For my look today, I decided to go with a long floral blue floral dress from Revolve by Yumi Kim. It was the perfect choice for this cute little town as my dress matched the flowers littered around the town.

I love this dress as it’s both sexy and naughty at the same time. Sexy in that it’s very feminine and hugs to your body in the right places. Naughty because it has a very sexy slit up the front and when the wind blows…it shows just enough leg.

Sexy Fashion Tips France | Naughty Travels Sexy Fashion Tips France | Naughty Travels

I definitely got a lot of looks from this dress when I was wearing it. It doesn’t show a lot but what people can’t see is what makes it sexy.

With only one leg showing and the idea that the dress might blow up at any moment, leaves you looking.

One girl drove by me as I was walking along the side walk and shouted in French, “Vous robe est belle!”…You’re dress is beautiful. It’s s gorgeous dress, even more so in person as the flow of the dress is very sexy.

Sexy Fashion Tips France | Naughty Travels Sexy Fashion Tips France | Naughty Travels

After my tour of Cassis, where I walked around the city, did a little shopping in the famers market, and had lunch…I headed to Le Castellet Village.

It’s a medieval town up in the hills…more my favorite as I love historical places. I’m more about the architect of a city.

This town was gorgeous…narrow cobblestone streets lined with stores and restaurants. I walked around the town soaking in all the history.

Sexy Fashion Tips France | Naughty Travels Sexy Fashion Tips France | Naughty Travels

I kept noticing a sign with a girls bum on it that read “Fanny”, so I had to ask what that meant. It’s an old game they use to play where the loser had to kiss the bum of the winner.

I asked if it was always hot girls, since that’s what they kept showing on the signs…but unfortunately it was just for the signs. Fun game and one I need to implement into my winnings!

Sexy Fashion Tips France | Naughty Travels Sexy Fashion Tips France | Naughty Travels 

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Setting Boundaries for Dating

Setting Boundaries for Dating | Naughty Coaching

Setting Boundaries for Dating

If you have a history of failed relationships or you just don’t think you’re ‘good’ at dating, then it’s time to re-examine your dating habits to see if there are any behavioral patterns you can change. Too many men just go through the motions when they’re dating – go to a bar/restaurant, pay for dinner, laugh at her jokes, maybe have sex later and then, bam, you’re “in a relationship,” but it’s a relationship which is going to go nowhere because neither of you have really taken the time to see if you’re actually compatible. So you need to take more care and time over the way you date, and that means setting boundaries.

Know what you want

Knowing what you don’t want from a date is just as important as knowing what you do want. If you’re just after a booty call, be clear about this from the outset so your date doesn’t get offended later on (yes, there are plenty of girls who are just out for sex, too, you just have to both say so.) If you’re just out to have some fun and not get serious, make sure your date knows this. Equally, if you’re after something more long term, then that’s going to affect how strong you want to come on during the date. Know your limits – and feel out hers – and the rest should follow naturally.

Don’t waste time

In most dating scenarios, the onus is on the guy to be polite, charming and gentlemanly, even if that means spending time with someone you realize you don’t like. But this is just a waste of time, for both of you. It’s quite common for that initial attraction you felt for someone to wear off as you get to know them. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with her, you’re just not as compatible as you thought you were, it’s nobody’s fault. But you’re not doing either of you any favors by dragging the date out all night. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with cutting the evening short and explaining that, even though she’s a great person, you’re just not ‘feeling it.’ She’ll actually respect you more (eventually!) for being honest with her. Life’s too short to waste time on dates that are going nowhere, so cut to the chase and end the evening maturely and respectfully.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind

Many men feel like they have to act the perfect gentleman on a date, regardless of how their date is behaving towards them. For instance, as stunning and sexy as your date might be, you really don’t like the fact that she’s spent all evening discussing ex-boyfriends, or talking about herself. She hasn’t asked a single question about you, but you feel you should just be grateful that she’s there with you at all. But a confident man knows the value of time, and he shouldn’t be wasting it on a date who doesn’t have the decency to show the same respect you’re showing to her, and it really is OK to say so. Perhaps she’s spent the date checking her phone every five minutes, or she doesn’t look you in the eye when she talks to you. Maybe she’s even checking out other guys as they enter the bar or restaurant you’re in. Whatever the issue, you need to speak up and tell her. At the very least, you’re showing her you’re confident enough in your own skin not to put up with her behavior, and it will also show how much you respect yourself. Women like men who know what they want, so even though you might think you’re doing the polite thing by letting her be selfish and indulgent during your date, all it’s really saying is “I’m not strong enough to stand up for myself” and that’s not sexy.

For more information on how to set boundaries for dating, check out my Dating Coaching Program today.

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Befriend Your Body | Naughty Coaching

Befriend Your Body

You might think that only women get obsessed about how they look on the outside, that vanity is something that just doesn’t exist in your own DNA.

But modern society is so image-obsessed that more and more men are feeling the pressure to look or behave a certain way.

As a result, you’re becoming insecure and losing confidence, based solely on how you feel about your body.

Welcome to our world!

Of course, such superficialities shouldn’t matter, but it’s still a good idea to take care of yourself and treat your body with the respect it deserves.

Having a positive self body image boosts your self esteem and makes you more attractive to potential partners.

It’s not about changing into someone you’re not, it’s about enhancing and improving what you already have.

Don’t fall into the image trap

Movies, magazines, billboards etc are constantly bombarding us with images of how the ‘perfect man’ should look.

Rippling muscles, shiny teeth, piercing eyes and expensive clothes, it’s as though no woman is going to look twice at you if you don’t look like Brad Pitt.

But there’s no such thing as perfect. In fact, women are more likely to go for a guy who recognizes his flaws and embraces them.

That’s not to say there aren’t things you can improve upon, like losing a few pounds, keeping yourself groomed and eating well, but trying to become something you’re not is only going to make you feel worse because your goals are unattainable.


Adopt a realistic exercise routine

Everyone should exercise as part of their daily routine.

I don’t mean forcing yourself to go through grueling workouts in the gym – the gym isn’t for everyone – I just mean small, realistic bursts of movement like walking to work instead of driving, using your lunch break for a stroll around the park or maybe joining an evening dance or yoga class.

Exercise releases feelgood chemicals into our brains and bodies which helps with confidence.

You’ll also get into shape so the physical difference on the outside is going to boost your self esteem even further.


Know the importance of diet

We really are what we eat, so think about what you’re putting into your body.

No amount of exercise is going to matter if you’re just going to get home from your power walk and chow down on a cheeseburger.

We eat far too much processed junk and refined sugar, so start stocking up on superfoods likes green vegetables, fresh fruit and lean meats like chicken and turkey.

Try coming off bread for just one week and notice how much lighter you feel. You don’t have to be a chef to cook delicious, simple food.

Your diet is directly linked to how energized you are and, consequently, how good you feel about yourself.


Appearances matter

It’s true that beauty is only skin deep, but it’s still a fact that first impressions count.

Even if it’s just for yourself, looking good makes you feel good, and vice versa, so don’t underestimate the power of good grooming and a stylish closet.

Keep your clothes up to date and throw out anything with holes or you haven’t worn in a while.

Go a little ‘metro’ and invest in some male skincare products and see how much better your skin feels.

Sure, women love masculine men, but we also love to touch – and kiss – soft skin.

Stay trim and clean around your genitals, too, so you’re always prepared for some naughty action.

No woman likes to go down on a guy with a huge bush around his cock, and keeping hair short makes your penis look even bigger.

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Naughty San Diego Book Launch

Naughty Guide to San Diego | Naughty Travel Guide

Naughty Guide to San Diego Book Launch

By: Sienna Sinclaire

My “Naughty Guide to San Diego” was released earlier this year, 2017, as an ebook. I decided to have a book launch party for it in San Diego. I didn’t know anyone in LA so I invited people from my Naughty LA group in LA, along with posting on other meetups in San Diego to get people to come out.

I had a great turn out of about 50 people. The book launch party took place at Bar 207 inside the Hard Rock Hotel. I had a huge VIP area where guests received free drinks, free Naughty LA tote bag along with my Las Vegas and San Diego books.

I decided to wear my showgirl costume, from my Las Vegas book launch. And glad I did as it was a big hit! We had a great crowd of people show up with tons of beautiful women.

The venue was perfect and everyone had an amazing time. To find out when my next book launch party will be for upcoming books, make sure to signup for my newsletter.


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Free and Naughty in Los Angeles 


 Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA

There’s always something exciting and risqué happening in the City of Angels.

There is a provocative and seductive quality that feels woven into the fabric of the city itself, something scandalous underneath the sunshine and flowers, the glitz and glamour.

Fortunately, for locals and visitors looking to experience the naughtier side of the city, you don’t have to look too far.

There are a remarkable amount of fun and naughty things to do that are absolutely free!

Outlined below are a few ideas and places to help you start exploring what Naughty Los Angeles has to offer.

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

The Getty Museums


Do you think that art and culture aren’t particularly naughty? Well, think again.

Check out the legendary J. Paul Getty Museum or the Getty Villa in Malibu and you’ll find a titillating variety of interesting erotic art from around the world, dating back through the centuries.

The Getty and it’s sister in Malibu are two of LA’s most beautiful and celebrated museums and the perfect places to spend a day exploring with a date. It’s easy to turn the day into an erotic, cultural adventure by making it fun and seeing how many naughty pieces of art you can find.

Trust me.

You’ll be generously surprised!

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

Pleasure Chest – Free Sex Classes


After spending a day at the museum, you may be inspired to continue your higher education by attending a sex workshop or class at the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood.

Totally free and devoted to a variety of topics designed to expand and enhance your proficiency and knowledge in the bedroom, classes are usually held every Wednesday night in a private area of the store.

It’s a very casual and relaxed environment and the instructors are good at making naughty subjects like oral sex and BDSM a lot of fun.

A great place to come with your partner or simply check out on your own.

You’ll even get discounts on sex toys after class!

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

No Pants Metro Ride


Usually held in January, the No Pants Metro Ride is an event that takes place across multiple cities throughout the world, including LA.

Subway riders everywhere strip down to their underwear and take to the subways in the spirit of naughty solidarity and good times.

What began as a prank by seven members of the Improv Everywhere group in NYC has become an event that thousands of people from around the world participate in.

We happen to be lucky in Los Angeles since our winters are rather mild and riding the metro in your underwear isn’t as chilly or even absolutely freezing like Chicago or New York!

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

World Naked Bike Ride


The World Naked Bike Ride is a similar, annually held event that always draws a large crowd in Los Angeles.

The number of bicyclists and bike enthusiasts has grown in the city over the years and this is a great way for those in the biking community to come together.

While total nudity is not a requirement, but certainly not frowned upon, many use body paint or other creative ways of expressing themselves through costume or turning their bikes into rolling pieces of art.

Is there a naughtier way to experience the city than riding a bike through the streets completely naked with a thousand of your friends?

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

Porn Star Walk of Fame

The Hustler Store @ 6540 Hollywood Blvd.
Studs Movie Theater @ 7734 Santa Monica Blvd.

Almost everyone is familiar with the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and the celebrity handprints of the stars in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd.

But did you know that there are actually two Porn Blocks of Fame in Los Angeles, too?

Check out the handprints of adult film legends like Jenna Jameson, Marylyn Chambers and Ron Jeremy in front of the Hustler store before doing a little naughty shopping inside.

Near the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood at the Studs Theater is where you can find the other one.

Here you can see the handprints of porn legends John C. Holmes and Georgina, among others.

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

Porn Star Karoake Tuesday’s


Another great event to catch happens every Tuesday night at Sardo’s Grill and Lounge in Burbank, where members of the adult industry get together for a very special night called Porn Star Karaoke.

This event is always a lot of fun and a great place to hang out and mingle with real porn stars and others involved in the business of all things naughty.

This is a great venue to go to with a group of friends for drinks.

It usually draws a big crowd so be sure to get there early to grab a seat and sign up if you want to sing!

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free and Naughty in Los Angeles | Naughty LA 

Drag Queen Bingo


Hamburger Mary’s is a restaurant located in the heart of West Hollywood and a neighborhood favorite.

It’s also a great venue for free entertainment which include fabulous drag shows and performers, karaoke nights and a fantastic bingo night that’s not to be missed!

This is a great place to hang out with a group of friends and take in the festivities.

A relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes it a welcome destination for both gay and straight couples who are looking for a fun and naughty evening of delicious entertainment and celebration.

Be sure to check the website for their upcoming calendar of events.

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

Burlesque at The Edison


Located downtown, The Edison is one of LA’s sexiest and unique night spots.

Chic and sexy, the atmosphere presents itself as an interesting intersection of the city’s sultry past and it’s innovative future.

It’s a swirling homage to both art and science, demonstrated by their attention to craft and detail in their signature cocktails.

But, it’s also a great venue to catch one of the hottest burlesque shows in town.

There’s always hot entertainment happening at the Edison, which also hosts amazing live jazz and aerialist performances.

It’s the perfect place to bring a date for a hot and naughty night on the town.

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

Swinger Events at Plush


For the more adventurous naughty enthusiast, I recommend checking to see if there are any free swinger events in the area being hosted by Plush, a fantastic party and event group that hosts some of the most lavish and naughty parties in town.

Sometimes, there are free events available.

Simply go to their website and signup for their newsletter.

Their free events can be their mixers, or if you’re a member and you’ve attended some of their events, they offer a free events to current members.

Plush parties are perfect for beginning couples who are curious about the Lifestyle or for those already well acquainted, and also a great forum for meeting other like-minded people in the area.

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

Naughty LA Parties


Be sure and check out what’s happening under the Calendar section of my website along with joining my meetup group.

This will give you more information on events that I personally host and some of these events are totally free!

I hold mixers at sexy hotels and bars in Los Angeles and these can be a great opportunity to meet like-minded and fun people.

Other events I host might include burlesque shows or sex classes.

I’m always changing to keep things fresh and exciting!

I also host exciting private parties at various locations around Los Angeles, but these events are not free.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and link to my Meetup Group so you can stay up to date.

Stay naughty!

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

The Parlour Room of Hollywood


Tucked away off of Yucca Avenue in the heart of Hollywood, this unassuming bar looks like a complete dive from the outside, but inside it reveals itself as a swank and chic throwback to the glitzy and smoky era of Hollywood’s seductive past.

Every Thursday night, the bad girls of Dollhouse Entertainment put on one of the sexiest and naughtiest burlesque shows in town.

The best thing is that its absolutely free! Perfect for a date or a midnight soiree with friends, Thursday nights at the Parlour Room are a perfect bet for a truly naughty night on the town.

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

Room Service 360 Drag Show


Aptly billing itself as a “five-star drag show in a five-star venue”, Room Service 360 brings its unique blend of cabaret, burlesque and drag performance to the chic Riviera 31 club located in the posh Sofitel Hotel of Beverly Hills.

With song, live percussion and stunning dance perfected with a whole lot of sass and fabulous music, Room Service 360 is a must-see performance set inside a luxurious setting of elegance and sophistication.

This is definitely a show thats not to be missed and a fantastic destination for a date which aims to satisfy both fun and class.

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

Riviera 31


Saturday nights at the Riviera 31 are definitely a hot place to be and the perfect location to catch one of LA’s best and sinfully naughty burlesque shows.

Inspired by the sultry French Riviera and featuring a decadent menu of Mediterranean cuisine and sparkling cocktails, its a wonderful venue for a romantic evening for two and the perfect setting to get lost in the mysterious atmosphere and electricity of a wild night of sexy burlesque done right.

Riviera 31 is an absolute must-have on anyone’s list of fabulous and free events in the city.

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

Britannia Burlesque by the Doll Face Dames


The sexy and naughty Dollface Dames invade Third Street Promenade at the Britannia Pub every Monday night.

A relaxed and casual Brit pub makes for a great place to catch one of the Doll’s legendary burlesque performances.

With three shows per night starting at ten o’clock, the Dames put on a theatrical and seductively fun show that leaves audiences always demanding more!

Great for a group of friends as you’re out exploring Santa Monica for a night, or perfect for a casual date, the Britannia Burlesque is classic, naughty British themed fun.

The Naughty Girls Guide 

Free Naughty Things To Do in LA | Naughty LA 

Red Light Burlesque at the Townhouse


The sexy and naughty Dollface Dames invade Third Street Promenade at the Britannia Pub every Monday night.

Step into another era at the Red Light Burlesque show held downstairs in the Del Monte speakeasy at Venice’s legendary Townhouse bar.

Featuring the notorious Bootleg Bombshells who offer a dazzling array of cabaret style burlesque, aerial and performance art, the Red Light Burlesque is every Wednesday night at eleven-thirty and absolutely free!

Perhaps the ultimate location for such a show, this speakeasy was once home to a well-known bootlegging operation during the Twenties and the history of the bar is rich with mystery and danger.

A stones throw away from the beach, its the perfect show to catch after a long day of surfing waves and hanging out in bustling Venice.

The Naughty Girls Guide 

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