How To Use Geisha Culture To Help With Confidence, Sex & Dating  |  Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

How To Use Geisha Culture To Help With
Confidence, Sex & Dating

The geisha are a fascinating sub-culture of ancient Japanese femininity. With origins as far back as the 17th century, there is a misconception that geisha (there is no ‘s’ for the plural) were prostitutes trained to serve Japanese nobility. In fact, geisha were highly-educated and cultured women whose main task was to intellectually stimulate and entertain men at high-class social gatherings.

However, because many Japanese cultures were sexually liberated and fidelity was not expected between husband and wife, it was assumed that providing sex was also one of the remits of geisha, especially as prostitution was legal until 1900. In reality, though, the original geisha provided only intellectual conversation and musical entertainment, never sex. More surprising is the fact that the first geisha were actually men who attended pleasure houses (called ‘yukaku’) to provide artistic and literary stimulation to male guests before they saw the courtesans for sex.

It wasn’t until the 20th century, especially in post-war Japan (when prostitution had become illegal,) that the definition of ‘geisha’ became somewhat blurred. Today, the term is used colloquially in the West to mean a high class prostitute or refined escort. In Japan, however, a true geisha remains a woman of high intellect, advanced musical and artistic talent and an intellectually stimulating entertainer of men. They train for years, usually from girlhood, and becoming a fully-fledged geisha is an accomplishment which provides great social status. But just because geisha don’t sell sex, they are still taught to use their sexuality to inform their other skills. They are taught how to entertain men, how to stimulate men and how to behave around men to satisfy them both intellectually and emotionally.

So we can take a lot from the way of the geisha to help boost our self-confidence, improve our own body image, learn how to attract men and keep their interest, and how to make them desire you and want to spend time with you.

How To Use Geisha Culture To Help With Confidence, Sex & Dating  | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

1. Getting that Geisha confidence

One of the reasons geisha are so highly revered is that they are able to use their femininity and, to an extent, their sexuality, to express themselves, even if that self-expression has the ultimate aim of simply ‘entertaining’ men. But knowing that it’s up to you to beguile, amuse and intellectually stimulate your male companion is a huge confidence booster, because you are utilizing all your non-sexual skills to give a man a good time which, to many women, is a huge challenge.

Geisha are very well-educated, they know things about the world and they can initiate and hold conversations about subjects most people are ignorant about. It is their business to learn interesting topics, to know the politics of the day and also to be trained in several musical instruments, songs and other artistic endeavors. Possessing all these talents and skills is a massive boost for one’s self-esteem, because it proves to yourself that you are much more than “just a woman” or “just a sex object.” Discovering your own interests and developing them to such a high level that you could easily hold a conversation with an expert or scholar in the same subject, is very empowering. It also shows potential lovers that there is so much more to you on the inside, than what they see on the outside.

Using geisha culture to get self-educated and to widen your own learning horizons will help stimulate your brain, make you super-interesting to both men and women and enhance your intellectual respectability and sense of self-worth. It will also make you less reliant on others and make you feel more confident about making your own decisions because you will know something more of the wider world than the narrow one most of us inhabit.


How To Use Geisha Culture To Help With Confidence, Sex & Dating  | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

2. Learning Geisha-style sexual confidence

Even though geisha aren’t – and never have been – prostitutes or escorts, that doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to use sexuality to please men. More importantly, being aware of one’s own attractiveness and knowing how to use it, means you’re more likely to find your own sexual match and be able to satisfy your own sexual desires. Sexual confidence isn’t the same as sexual experience so don’t be afraid to adopt geisha tactics to boost your own sexual self-worth – it doesn’t mean you’re going to suddenly start sleeping around or be ‘teasing,’ it simply means you will now be able to own your own sexuality and use it for your own ends.

Geisha are very good at fueling men’s visual fantasies and behaving with a sexual calmness which is guaranteed to drive men crazy. As mentioned, a geisha’s intellectual and educational talents are incredibly erotic to men which, added to their immaculate, colorful appearance and placid demeanor, mean that they are often a total enigma, and this is exactly the image you want to portray if you want to keep guys interested. Keep the mystery!

You don’t have to conform totally to geisha culture to be sexually inspired by them, however, especially as sex is never on their agenda! Instead, simply use a geisha’s sexual serenity, their seductive confidence and the eroticism of their self-education to help you behave in a more leveled, intuitive and sexually deliberate way in front of your lover or date.


How To Use Geisha Culture To Help With Confidence, Sex & Dating  | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

3. Date like a Geisha – how to use non-sexual stimulation

If you’re dating, or are about to, there are several ways to use the geisha model to make your date memorable, or to make everyone take notice when you walk into a room. First impressions are everything when it comes to attracting a lover, so it’s vital to get the balance right between the overtly sexual you and the more modest, sensual and confident personality you want him to remember.

Geisha are beautiful, but they work on this a lot and can spend many hours getting ready for their clients. Everything from their ornate kimono and sleek, perfectly coiffured hair (usually a wig) to the famous white make-up and thin red lips, the geisha is literally a model of beauty. Of course, you don’t have to go to such extremes, but it does pay to spend enough time getting ready for your date, on everything from having perfect nails and fresh breath, to clothes which fit properly and which show off your best assets. When a potential date sees how much time you lavish on yourself, it gives him a hint of how much time you could be lavishing on him, too!

Geisha know how to walk and how to carry themselves. They spend years of training perfecting pace, gait and a rhythm of walking. Even though you don’t have so long to practice this, try and take more notice of ‘how’ you walk and the way it looks to other people. Confident people have a look about them, especially in the way they walk. Do you slouch your shoulders? Do you walk steadily and with purpose, or do you just rush about trying to get from A to B, not caring who’s watching you? Often, when a woman walks into a room, it’s not what she’s wearing or even what she looks like that men will notice, it’s how she’s carrying herself. Does she look confident? Does she look like a woman in control, a woman who knows what she wants? Because that is a woman that men want to get to know. Geisha know how to command presence, how to engage with men and how to maintain their attention, so these three things alone should guarantee you a successful date.

Looking to the geisha, then, can inspire not only sexual and personal confidence, it can broaden your intellectual horizons and help you discover the hidden talents and skills which lurk inside you. Unleash those, and who knows what kind of Naughty Girl you could become!


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Best Buns in LA

Best Buns in LA | Naughty LA

Best Buns in LA

How do you like your buns? Firm yet soft to the touch? Maybe, you’re more into the hot and juicy style of buns. The kind you can really sink your teeth into. Either way, what’s not to love about a delicious pair of buns? Especially, when they’re hot and ready, just waiting to be stuffed with a big piece of juicy meat right in the middle of them. I’m talking about hamburger buns, of course! Below, are a couple of my favorite places to grab a burger in LA and trust me, these two restaurants are serving up the best buns in town!

Best Buns in LA | Naughty LADuke’s Malibu 
21150 Pacific Coast Hwy.

When I lived in Malibu, I used to visit here once a week without fail, and it still holds up as one of my favorite burgers in LA. The hamburger at Duke’s is so mouth watering and super juicy that it’s like an explosion of flavorful burger bliss going off in your mouth. It goes perfectly with a nice and strong Bahama Mama and I can’t think of a more perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day of fun at the beach. During Happy Hour between five and seven they have exciting hula dancers who put on a great show, as you soak in the surfer vibes with that delicious burger and drinks, all while watching a spectacular sunset over the ocean.

Best Buns in LA | Naughty LABarney’s Gourmet Hamburgers 
Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th St. Brentwood, CA

Located in the stylish and trendy Brentwood Country Mart, Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers is easily my second favorite place to grab a hamburger in LA. After moving away from Malibu, I needed to find a new place near Santa Monica to satisfy my desires for all things meaty and juicy, and I was thrilled when I finally found Barney’s. Unlike Dukes, where they only offer one type of hamburger, Barney’s specializes in a variety of gourmet burger options, all of which are simply out of this world, melt in your mouth good. My personal favorite is the Guacamole Burger which comes loaded with sour cream and jack cheese. Yum! It’s a great place for a meal after a day of shopping at the Mart and you never know who you may see, as so many celebrities hang out and shop there too!

The Naughty Girls Guide

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Safety Advice For Female Travelers

Safety Advice For Female Travelers | Naughty Travel

Safety Advice For Female Travelers

Traveling around the world is such an amazing experience but at the same time it can be very dangerous, especially if you’re a solo female traveler. I’ve been traveling around the world since I graduated from college in 2001. I’ve always been street smart, but I became super-aware when I started traveling, especially since I knew I’d be living alone while I was abroad. Luckily, nothing ever happened to me because I was very careful, but that’s not to say that I haven’t had a close call or two, which is why it’s so important to share with other female travelers some common sense advice, as well as a few of the personal experiences I’ve had, to make sure you stay as safe as you can be.

So, as an independent woman out having fun and keen to meet new people, how do you socialize without putting yourself at unnecessary risk?

1. Don’t get drunk

The thing you need to be careful about, especially if you’re out by yourself or with people you don’t know, is to never drink too much. Always be in control. When I would go out with people for drinks, I knew what my drinks limit was and I stuck to it. I would either meet guys for one drink, feel them out and, if I was enjoying myself, I might have another drink, but that would be it. I never let myself get out of control, or let my guard down through alcohol, with someone I didn’t know.

2. Keep your drink within your sight

There were many times when I lived in London when I was on the Tube, or even just walking down the street, and I’d be approached by guys asking me to go for a drink with them. As much as I wanted to meet people and go out, I had to be smart about it, just as I would be at home. I didn’t mind accepting some invitations if it felt right, but I’d still make sure to head to the bar with them instead of sitting down at a table and waiting for the guy to return with the drinks. Why? Because it’s the easiest thing in the world for someone to slip something into your wine and you’d never know until it was too late.

This might sound cynical and distrusting, but it’s just the world we live in right now and it would be silly not to think of every eventuality. Like anything in life, if you’re prepared for the worst case scenario, or have at least thought about it, then the worst will probably never happen. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security just because you’re in a public place, either. Predators often love to operate in plain sight – if you think about it, it’s the best way to hide what they’re doing. Don’t assume that other people will step in if you find yourself in trouble, because all the guy has to do is act like he knows you and, in the case of a drugged drink, he can easily convince onlookers that you’re his girlfriend and you’ve just had too much to drink. For all the good samaritans out there, people are generally reluctant to get involved in incidents they can easily walk away from. You’ve heard people say it – “it’s just not worth it, it’s nothing to do with me.”

This can happen anywhere – in your hometown, in a public place, but even more so when you’re in a different country because you won’t be as aware of your surroundings as you usually are. Familiarity is everything, and predators are very good at spotting those who are ‘alone’ or ‘just visiting.’ So, back to the bar, always make sure you have your drink in your sight at all times. When I need to use the bathroom, I either make sure my drink is finished (and won’t order another one until I get back,) or I’ll even take it with me. This might sound excessive, but it’s the only way to guarantee that nobody can slip you something naughty. Prevention is your number one defence.

3. Don’t reveal too much personal information

Be careful about how much information you’re giving away, information a guy could use to his advantage. When people hear you’re traveling, it can make them think that they have an upper hand, some leverage they can use to manipulate you into a certain situation. If you’re American, like me, then maybe a guy might try to “take you to a bar that’ll make you feel at home,” or “a great little restaurant that does the best hot dogs in town.” Sure, they can probably tell by my accent without me telling them but, as a general rule, the more personal information you give away, the higher the chance someone could use it against you.

4. Tell people where you are

Always let someone know where you are when traveling. With the internet and cellphones it’s so easy to leave an e-trail. Use Facebook to check into a place, message your friends with your plans for the evening, tell loved ones where you’re going for the night then message them when you get back to let them know you’re OK. Even if you’re staying in a hotel, I always tell the reception or the concierge where I’m headed, just to let ‘someone’ know where I am.

5. Know who you’re with

If you meet someone while you’re out, or someone wants to take you out, don’t be shy about asking to see their ID…and taking a photo of it on your phone. Send the picture to a friend or family member, maybe joke to the guy about your cautiousness but, if he’s genuine, then he won’t have a problem with it. And the guys who do have ulterior motives will quickly realize that you’re not a soft target. I’ve done this many times when traveling solo and in the majority of cases, the guys have actually been impressed by my maturity and sense. They’ve even told me that they’ll suggest the same idea to their sisters and female friends. He could even do the same with you – how’s he to know you’re not a dangerous woman!

6. Never get in his car

If someone asks you out, don’t get in a car with him or even share a taxi, especially if you’ve just met him. For example, as I mentioned before I would have men on the streets of London come up to me and ask me out on the spot. I wanted to explore the city and sometimes I liked to have company when I went to a bar or restaurant, so I accepted a few invitations. But one time, after heading back to my flat after work, this man came up to me and started conversation. He told me about a famous members-only club, somewhere I’d actually heard of and had always wanted to go to. He said he could get us in, so I said I would go for one drink. He flagged down a taxi for us but I didn’t feel safe getting in a cab with him so I said I’d travel separately and meet him there. I was surprised, then, when he gave me a £20 note to pay for the fare. I didn’t expect this, but it was a nice gesture and, true to my word, I did have just the one drink and then came home, which he was fine with. We both enjoyed the company, but I’d made it very clear from the start that I wasn’t interested in hooking up, just in meeting new people.

7. Know the country you’re in

Different countries have different cultures and different rules. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with the way other people live, you’re not going to change thousands of years of culture in one flying visit on your holidays. I went to Morocco with my aunt once. I would never go there by myself as I knew it wouldn’t be totally safe but even with another person it was still intimidating because that other person was also a female. We weren’t hassled as much as I would have been on my own, but we still got quite a lot of negative, uneasy attention. At night, especially, it’s frowned upon for women to go out, because women ‘shouldn’t’ be on the streets after dark. The first night out, we were harassed by some kids, so for the rest of our holiday we hired a chaperone to meet us at our riad or the restaurant, and walk us to our taxi.

8. Always be aware of your surroundings

Knowing where you are and where the nearest ‘exit’ is, is essential when you’re traveling alone. If you’re going out to a place you haven’t been to before, know how you’re getting home. There are people out there trying to prey upon innocent women travelers. Be aware of where you’re walking, don’t go exploring “cute” deserted streets. The age-old saying might encourage us to “choose the path less-traveled” but, as a solo female traveler, just stick to the same paths everybody is walking, it’s safer. Also, be aware of who and what’s around you. I’m good at checking out people around me and if someone makes me feel uncomfortable, I’ll walk into a store to make sure they aren’t following me. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, you never can be too careful.

A cautionary tale

Now for a true story. First of all, I’m more than 99% certain that I would have been raped and/or murdered if I hadn’t made the right choice in the situation I’m about to share with you. That, in itself, is a massive warning.

I was working and living in London and the nature of my job meant that I always got a three-day weekend – great for being able to go off and expore new places without having to rush back. So this time I decided to visit Portugal. I flew into Faro, on the south coast; a gorgeous region of sandy, white beaches, lush green golf courses and a picturesque town center. But I wanted to see more of the historical side of the country so I decided to take a last-minute bus to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

I had a very limited budget and was traveling smart by trying to spend only $20 a day on food and tourist stuff etc (quite a reasonable amount back in 2001,) so when I got off the bus in the middle of Lisbon, I found a map of the city and, because Lisbon is very walkable, I strolled from the bus station to the main fortress, Castelo de Sao Jorge – around a ten-minute walk. I was used to London, remember, where I could walk for miles and miles between places, so this was just a short hop for me. At the Castelo, I had a great time exploring and aterwards I spent a bit of time in the gift shop and coffee shop outside of the walls. It was very touristy so I felt safe enough but, as I’ve mentioned, I never feel 100% safe anywhere.

So in the gift shop I was looking at postcards to send to family and friends. I didn’t really use the internet and neither did they, so we were staying in touch the old-fashioned way. Plus, I loved writing postcards as it gave me something to do while eating or having coffee.While I was browsing, this tall, dark, handsome guy came up to me and said how much he loved my outfit, how it brightened up what was actually a cloudy, gray, cold day. Strangely, I remember exactly what I was wearing; camel bootleg pants, red boots, beautiful red jacket down to my knees, reddish long-sleeve shirt that had a line pattern on it, camel scarf that matched my pants and red gloves to match. I was looking very stylish and definitely stood out compared to everyone else who were wearing dark colors. So the guy complemented me and I was flattered, but didn’t pay that much attention as I wasn’t looking to meet anyone. He said a few more things I can’t remember now, then asked if I wanted to join him for coffee in the cafe next to the gift shop. I thought about it and, because I felt safe enough, I said yes. As I mentioned, I do love meeting new people as you get to know more about their culture and that’s part of traveling for me, along with trying out the food and seeing the sights.

Once inside, we sat down and he got up to get us some coffee, but I quickly joined him as I wanted to make sure my drink was safe. I knew I was only going to stay for one coffee as my bus back to Faro was leaving soon. We chatted and I remember him telling me almost straight away that I could feel very safe with him as he was gay, so he wasn’t a sexual threat at all. I thought this was a very strange thing to say and it got my warning bells ringing immediately. Why? Because if he really was gay, he’d be looking to chat with other guys, to flatter and complement them, not me. So my guard went up immediately although I tried to stay friendly and civil while finishing my coffee as quickly as possible.

So he kept talking, telling me he was a photographer and that I was beautiful and should model, which was another red flag, an obvious way to make girls feel comfortable, because what girl doesn’t want to be a model? Well, that’s the way he was thinking. I was wise to it, but many, many other girls will fall for that line. I didn’t want to model at the time and I didn’t care. I kept drinking my coffee to hurry up (I wasn’t going to waste the coffee!,) and he began showing me photographs he said he’d taken of other girls, as though to prove he was a genuine photographer. The pictures were negatives (they didn’t have smartphones back then) but even an amateur like me could see that the pictrues weren’t that great.

We didn’t sit long as I needed to get out of there to catch my bus (and because I just wanted to get the hell away from this guy.) So I finished my coffee and politely excused myself. As I did, he asked me if I wanted a ride in his car to the bus station. I never (and I mean never) get in a car with someone I don’t know – that’s what taxis are for and that’s why I walk so much. I politely declined his offer and we continued to walk out the door. I said goodbye, said it was nice to meet him and thanks for the coffee etc, but that I really had to go. He asked me again, would I like a ride? Again, I said no. Very persistent for a gay guy, right?

As he walked away to get in his car, I stayed behind at the gift shop, which was outside on the street. I wanted to kill time and to make sure that he’d gone. He drove up in a small car, this big, tall guy looking stupid, like a comedy clown sitting in a toy car. He stopped at the gift store and asked me again if I was sure I didn’t want a ride “as it’s a long walk [to the bus station].” I remember looking back at the gate to the Fortress, where I’d exited about an hour before. There was a guard there who was looking at me. I looked around just left about an hour ago and there was a guard standing there looking at me with a look that I can only describe as “wary”, like he was trying to tell me telepathically “I hope you don’t get in that guy’s car.” Of course, I had no intention of getting in the car, but I’ll never forget that guard’s look, it was weird, like he was giving me a premonition of what might happen if I went with this guy. We both locked eyes for a second. Then I looked around the area to check out my surroundings and I said no again…but the guy still didn’t get the message! It was like he thought he could just wear me down until I said yes!

After refusing for the hundredth time, I quickly turned away and walked back into the gift shop. I waited awhile before I walked back to the bus station, which was on a busy street, but the whole time I walked back I was constantly looking around for that stupid clown car. I know for a fact, whether it was instinct or that guard’s telepathic look or just my general, well-tuned self-awareness for these things, that something bad would have happened to me if I’d gone with that guy. The signs were all there; I was a single girl traveling in another country and he knew that he could probably get away with it and no-one would know where to find me. There were no iPhones, like now. When I was traveling, there was no instant way for me to keep family and friends up to date on where I was or what my plans were that particular day, so it would have been easy for me to get lost.

It was very scary, to say the least, and something I will always remember. I was always very careful (which probably saved me in the first place) but now I am super-super-vigilant. As a traveler, you have to be so careful as people are looking to take advantage of you and prey upon you.

Hopefully, this story and the other advice I’ve given will help you feel more confident when you’re traveling solo. Even if you’re traveling with others, you can never be too vigilant. Sometimes groups of people are just as at risk as solo travelers because you tend to let your guard down around people you’re comfortable with, giving others the chance to pounce. What’s important is that you have a great trip and a naughty good time, without something happening to you. You can only be ‘so’ safe, there are no guarantees, but you can do a lot to maximize your safety, so why not do what you can? Bon voyage!


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Women of The World: Brazil Confidence, Dating & Sex  |  Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles

Women of The World:
Brazil Confidence, Dating & Sex

It’s easy to look around at other women and think “where do they get their confidence from?” When it comes to Latin cultures, especially, the women seem to just exude sexiness as though it’s in their DNA. Whatever size or shape they are, they seem to just ‘know’ how to hold themselves, how to act around men, how to go after what they want, and how to enjoy great sex lives.

In Brazil, there are many ways in which women use their Latin temperament to build their self-confidence and live the life they aspire to, and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. So take some hints and tips from ‘the Brazilian way’ and learn how you can also take life by the scruff of the neck and inject some much-needed energy and confidence into your own life.

Women of The World: Brazil Confidence, Dating & Sex  | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles


Why are Brazilian women so confident? Because from an early age they’ve been taught to respect themselves and accept who they are, flaws and all. Unlike many other Western cultures, which are so obsessed with beauty, celebrity and wealth, Brazilians are way more grounded. It’s a relatively poor country, so learning to appreciate what little they may have, and also knowing the importance of family, are both huge factors when it comes to understanding their own self-worth.


1. Treat others well and feel good about yourself

As mentioned, Brazilians (particularly Brazilian women) are big on family and are very loyal to their friends. It’s not so much that they believe in karma, but they definitely believe that treating others with respect breeds confidence within themselves. Brazilians know that self-esteem comes from within, it can’t be given to you by someone else, so by treating others the way you want to be treated yourself, makes them feel good and boosts their self-confidence.


2. Loving yourself makes it easier for others to love you too

When you’re confident, it shows on the outside as well making you feel good on the inside. Some people think that loving yourself means you’re being arrogant and self-centered, but it’s actually the opposite. Some cultures and societies make you feel bad for loving yourself, they want to keep you ‘down there’ socially, so you’re more easily controllable. Brazilians, however, have a natural outgoing nature and they don’t feel ashamed to treat themselves or spoil themselves. From an early age, they are taught to be the best they can be, to do things they love and to not feel guilty about loving themselves and showing the world who they are. These are the people it’s easy to be around, because their own inner lights can shine onto you, too. Being around people who are so effusive and loving is infectious, and to get some of the same you just have to learn to love yourself and not feel guilty about it.


3. Ignore criticism

We all want approval in life, whether it’s from a parent, a friend or a boss. We aspire to succeed, but the mistake we make is to let others decide what ‘successful’ actually means. Is it the amount of money you have? The car you drive? The house you live in? Or is it something more spiritual, like inner peace or an acceptance of who you are? Because we crave approval from our peers, it’s easy to feel hurt by criticism, we take it very personally and it can stunt our emotional growth because we become afraid to show our true selves in case we get shot down or told we’re no good. Brazilians don’t seem to suffer with this problem, because they know that criticism doesn’t matter. If they get negative criticism, they either turn it into something positive or they ignore it completely. They are confident in the decisions they make and that confidence comes from accepting that they are not going to please everybody all of the time, so the important thing is always to please themselves. You can’t control what other people think, you can only control what you think. Knowing that, leads to stronger confidence and a sense of freedom which lets you grow as a person.


4. Listen to your mother!

Brazilians worship their mothers. They know that mothers are the heartbeat of every family and, without them, the family is poorer. Even those who may have lost their own mothers, will have another female in their life who is on the Mother Pedestal – an aunt, an older cousin, a sister, maybe a friend’s mother. Mothers are so revered in Brazil because they are wise, patient and, most importantly, they’re always right! Having a strong mother as a role model is crucial to nurturing a Brazilian’s sense of self-worth. Mothers are the glue that holds Brazilian families together and they continue to influence their children throughout their lives. More importantly, they give their children the confidence to go out and be who they are.


5. Don’t be afraid to take risks

Most of us are taught to be wary in life, to always take the safe road and not rock the boat or upset the status quo. Brazilians, however, are taught to walk to the edge of a cliff and not be afraid to jump off into the water below. It’s not about being careless, it’s about weighing up options and not being afraid to make the riskier choice. Brazilians always ask themselves “what’s the worst that could happen?” They have a great sense of perspective and, because they’re already immune to worrying about what other people think, they’re more likely to make a decision that suits them, and that’s usually the right decision because they don’t have needless emotional obstacles put in their way. They also trust their instincts. Even if their head is saying one thing, they’ll ask their heart to shout louder and it’s usually the heart that they will follow. So next time you’re faced with what you think is an impossible decision, listen to what your gut says and ask yourself what the worst case scenario would be if you went ahead. You’ll probably realize that the worst thing you imagined, isn’t really so bad.


6. Lose your ego

It’s easy to think that Brazilian people have big egos as they hold themselves confidently and are never afraid to say what they think. This confidence is often mistaken as arrogance but it’s completely the opposite. Egos are bred from a desire to get approval from other people. Those with egos are desperate to feel accepted by others, they want people to look at them and be impressed, they want to be taken notice of because their own self-esteem is so low. But because Brazilians don’t really care what other people think, they don’t have egos. They love themselves, they treat others with respect and they take care of their family and friends. There’s no ego involved with that, it’s purely self-love and love for others which drives them through life. Brazilians don’t have unreal expectations and they don’t aspire to false ambitions like being famous or having more money than their friends. The bottom line is, they have nothing to prove to anybody, and that’s exactly what makes them so confident.

Women of The World: Brazil Confidence, Dating & Sex  | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles


When it comes to dating, Brazilian women can be just as unsure and insecure as any other women, but they’ll never show it. Because they’re naturally confident, they can use that inner security to create a dating persona; a fearless, but gentle soul who isn’t afraid to dip her toe in the dating pool and see what’s out there. And, once she’s secured a date for the night, she will have a definite idea of how she wants that date to go, and will make sure her potential lover dances to her own particular tune.


1. Take time to prepare

Because Brazilian women know how to love and feel good about themselves, they like nothing more than to pamper and spoil their bodies at every opportunity. When they’re preparing for a date, they love to take hours making sure every part of themselves feel beautiful and sensual. This isn’t necessarily for the benefit of their date, it’s for themselves. Brazilian women know that, if they feel great, then that’s going to ooze out of every pore when they arrive for their date. Brazilian women will often spend more time preparing for their date, than on the actual date itself. They don’t have to have long beauty routines, they just like taking their time, enjoying every minute of their pampering. This is why Brazilian women are so good at things like massage, manicures and pedicures, because they worship their own bodies just as much as they will pamper yours. By the time they arrive for their date, they look and feel fabulous, and it would take a pretty bad evening to ruin that.


2. Maintain eye contact

In US culture, it’s not the done thing to look directly at people, we’re kind of taught that it’s rude or that it invades a person’s personal space, to focus all of your attention on them, all of the time. Sure, it can make some people feel uncomfortable, especially if it’s a stranger who has approached you and is staring right at you as they speak! But in Brazilian culture, maintaining eye contact is common, whether you’re paying the cashier at the grocery store, getting on a bus or going on a date. You might feel shy and self-conscious during your date, which is understandable, but if you adopt the Brazilian attitude then you’ll find your date being much more responsive and you will feel more confident as the night progresses. When you first arrive, smile and look him straight in the eye as he greets you. Then keep that eye contact going, all through the date. Listen as he speaks, and keep looking at him. When it’s your turn to speak, use your eyes to add feeling to what you’re saying. It might feel strange at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it feels and the more responsive he’s going to be. It makes you look more interested (even if you’re not) and it will encourage him to be more open himself.


3. Ask questions

When dating, it’s easy to sit back and let the guy do all the work. Some women like to maintain an air of mystery, thinking it makes them appear more sophisticated. But Brazilian women don’t do this, they don’t need to. Instead, Brazilian women will ask questions, all of the time. They like to keep conversation flowing and they like to know the person they’re speaking to. By asking questions, you’re telling your date that you’re interested in them, which makes them feel fantastic. It also shows them how confident and intelligent you are, how open your personality is and how rounded as a person you are. For the man, it will be a refreshing change to find himself on a date with a confident woman who knows who she is and isn’t afraid to peel away his own layers. That’s an incredibly sexy, erotic thing for a man, so make sure you have a lot of questions to ask him!


4. Don’t be afraid of going on a bad date

Dating is scary, period. Even if you’ve met the guy before, going out with him in a ‘date scenario’ is entirely different to socializing with him in a group of friends. Blind dates, too, are uncharted waters and you just don’t know what you’re going to get. Of course, you want the date to go well, to discover your Prince Charming and look for the nearest sunset to ride off into. But chances are that’s not going to happen, not yet, anyway. Brazilian women know this, and they just go with it. Before they even leave for the date, they have already accepted that it might not go the way they hoped, but they’re willing to do it anyway. This doesn’t mean they are going out with a negative attitude, they’re just good at being realistic. If the date does go bad, they won’t blame themselves, they’ll just accept it for what it is, and move on. They might feel disappointed for a while, but they’ll pick themselves up and get ready for the next date instead of dwelling on something they can’t change. If a guy stands you up, or the date is so bad you just don’t want to stay there, don’t be afraid to leave and do something more constructive with the rest of the evening. You don’t have to stay in a situation you’re not comfortable with. Brazilian women will happily leave a bad date and ring some friends to go out with or just go somewhere else on their own and talk to other people.


5. Accept that perfection does not exist

This might sound ironic, because Brazilian women are famed for their beauty and confidence and many of us might aspire to be as perfect as the Brazilians. But the reason Brazilians come across as so perfect is because they don’t actually believe in perfection – that’s their secret. There’s so much pressure on women to be beautiful and slim and everything that comes with it, but Brazilian women don’t succumb to this, they’re just themselves. You might be worried about what your date will think when you show up, about what you say during dinner, or you might be paranoid that you don’t tick all of his boxes, but if you were Brazilian then you wouldn’t care. The most important thing is to be true to yourself, to not try and be someone else. Sure, you can adopt a fun ‘date’ persona to make things more fun and inject yourself with a little extra confidence, but don’t try and ‘be’ the perfect date, because she doesn’t exist and what men actually love about confident women is their flaws and the way women accept themselves. Don’t forget, guys have hang-ups, too, so if you can show him you’re happy the way you are, it’ll not only make him forget his own imperfections, but he’ll want to be around you all the time.

Women of The World: Brazil Confidence, Dating & Sex  | Naughty Sex & Dating Coaching Los Angeles


If you ask any guy what country or culture has the sexiest women, Brazil will definitely be very high on their list. That’s because Brazilians have that natural air of eroticism and an overt sexuality which is intoxicating and addictive. But how do they achieve – and maintain – this in the bedroom?


1. Learn the value of foreplay

This should be a rule whatever culture you’re from, but Brazilian women have turned this into an art form. There’s a reason why Brazilian women are so sexy and that’s because they know sex isn’t all about, well, sex. From kissing and touching, to massage, sexy talk and mood setting, Brazilian women recognize that great sex comes from great preparation. The brain is the sexiest organ in the body and they know that it is the brain which needs the most stimulation if great sex is to happen. To Brazilians, sex is a 24-hour pleasure. Foreplay can happen when you’re on your way out of the door, kissing your lover with a promise of what is to come later. Foreplay is cooking a romantic breakfast or dinner, or filling the house with flowers. Foreplay is telling your man that you love him, it’s sharing a bath, it’s reaching for his hand when you’re passing in the doorway. Being tactile 24/7 is the best way to get you and your lover in the mood for sex at any time, in any place. And when you do get down to it, just take your time, arousing each other’s minds as well as your bodies. Use smell, audio, touch and visual stimuli to excite the senses and learn to read each other’s reactions so you can go with one another’s flow. When you get to the actual act, you should both be so turned on that your animal instincts simply take over.


2. Communicate your sexual desires

One of the biggest problems within a relationship is lack of communication. Sometimes, you just need to spell things out. Brazilian women aren’t afraid to ask their lovers what they want in bed. They’re also not afraid to tell guys what they want in bed. It’s simple and saves an awful lot of time if you can just communicate with your lover about your sexual desires. Even if you’ve been with each other for a long time, that doesn’t mean that you know everything about each other and, when it comes to sex, there’s often a whole load of things that you just haven’t talked about, either through embarrassment or an assumption that the other person should already know. In a lot of cases, your sexual needs (and those of your lover) might change during the course of your relationship, but you might be reluctant to discuss this in case your lover thinks he isn’t satisfying you in the usual way. Brazilian women are rarely afraid to just say what’s on their mind. They don’t see the point of wasting time or feeling embarrassed because it doesn’t get them anywhere. Communicating your sexual desires might not always end the way you want to (your lover might not want to do the stuff that you do,) but at least you’ll know one way or the other. If your lover doesn’t want to join you on your sexual adventure, then maybe he’s not the one for you. If he does, then what a bonus!


3. The Brazilian wax!

Yes, an actual Brazilian woman invented the Brazilian wax, and there are many reasons why you should get one, not least because it will improve your sex life and boost your sexual confidence to impossible heights. A Brazilian wax removes every single hair from your genitals and ass. Many women think it’s very painful but, when done properly and professionally, it’s pretty much pain-free and the results will astound you. You’ll feel instantly cleaner, smoother and infinitely sexier. Lingerie feels silky and fluid and you won’t ever have to worry about stray hairs peeking out from your panties. Removing the mental worries that many women have over how clean they are ‘down there’ will instantly pep up your sexual self-esteem and instill a sexual confidence which is going to have men flocking to you. The quality of your sex life will also improve infinitely. Being completely hairless means there’s no obstruction when accessing any of your sensual areas. Your clitoris, vagina, labia and ass will be much more sensitive and there is evidence that orgasms are much more powerful for women who have had a Brazilian wax. Why? Because feeling cleaner and smoother makes your brain feels sexier and your inner sex goddess is able to show herself unhindered. So no wonder Brazilian women swear by the Brazilian wax!


4. Use food as a sex aid

Brazilians love food, but they also love themselves, so they rarely abuse their bodies with unhealthy food like processed junk food or too much sugar. They eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, but they also love meat, too. Their rule is ‘eat a little of what you fancy’ and don’t deny yourself treats and pleasures. At Brazilian barbecues, for instance, you’ll find plenty of red meat but there will also be lots of fruit, salads and water. They love to use food as a sex aid, too, whether it’s oysters and asparagus as aphrodisiacs in a sexy meal, or ice cream and champagne to drip over their lover’s body. To Brazilian women, sex and food are part of the same equation, so learn how to use food as foreplay and your sexual appetite will soon be satiated.


5. Cater for his sexual needs…then make sure he sees to yours

Brazilian women are all about sharing. They like to impart wisdom and love like no other culture on earth, especially when it comes to sex. And because they’re very comfortable with communicating their own needs, they expect their lovers to do the same. There’s no use expecting your lover to satisfy you, if you have no idea what they want themselves. So take some time to ask your lover what he likes he bed, what his fantasies are, and then ask yourself if you’re prepared to help him realize them. Men are notoriously bad at communicating their sexual needs, so it will be up to you to just ask him straight out. Once you have, he’ll be delighted you even care and you’ll probably find that he’s curious about trying lots of different things. Do your best to accommodate him – find some mutual fantasies you can both indulge in, and take it from there. Once you’ve shown him that you want to please him in bed, turn the question around and tell him what you like. There will be things that one of you likes more than the other – anal sex, oral sex, different sexual positions etc, but the important thing is to be open to suggestion and not to discount anything until you’ve actually tried it. Once you’re both on the same page, you’ll find your sex lives rocketing off in another direction entirely, and you’ll become closer and more intimate sexually, which means you’re more likely to stay together.


6. Know yourself intimately

Identifying your own sexual needs means knowing your body and your mind better than anyone else. Not enough woman explore themselves sexually, not enough women masturbate regularly, and not enough women are comfortable with really getting to know themselves ‘down there.’ A lot of women worry that they are unclean, or that their lover will not like how they smell or taste, but take it from me, men love how you smell naturally, and they love how you taste, even better. Brazilian woman are not afraid to get really intimate with themselves. Don’t understand how your lover can go down on you and find it pleasurable? Try tasting yourself. If guys love it so much, then find out why. Next time you’re in the shower, or just lying on your bed, insert a finger inside yourself, then taste it and smell it. It’s incredibly arousing, and your natural scent is what drives men crazy, so get used to it and don’t be afraid of your own smell. It’s one of the things that makes Brazilian women so sexually confident, because they don’t ask lovers to go places they haven’t been themselves.

Avoid cosmetic cleaners which claim to freshen you up – your natural smell is what men want, so don’t use fragranced soaps or cleansers, just warm water. It’s OK to get aroused by your own scent, the same way men do when they taste you, so get used to it, and fall in love with it!


Brazilian girls are always women first, lovers second. Ask questions of your lover, be inquisitive, be interested. Make him laugh, remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place. Be spontaneous, it’s in a Brazilian woman’s DNA. Brazilians take the lead, in bed as well as in conversation. Be schizophrenic – adopt multiple sexy personalities and don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometimes you may not be 100% in the mood for sex or seduction but if you assume one of your sexy personas, it can help ignite the passion. Indulge in fantasies, as sex doesn’t have to be final, it doesn’t have to end in climax. Kissing, touching, foreplay, caressing, oral sex, mutual masturbation – there are plenty of things you can do that don’t involve penetration and which can still blow your mind…because your mind is the ultimate sex organ. Sex is intimacy, sex is trust, sex is being close to who you love and when you feel so intimate with someone, your confidence goes through the roof.

Be a woman, not just a wife. Brazilians are big on respect, they’re big on commitment, they’re big on love and they’re big on sharing. Finally, accept your men, warts and all. You can’t love the good bits and moan about the bad bits. You’re not perfect yourself but it’s the acceptance of your flaws which draws men to you, and helps you improve your own self-esteem.

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Naughty LA Spa

Naughty LA Spa

Naughty LA Spa | Naughty LA

Creative Chakra Spa

A stone’s throw away from the gentle roar of the surf and sand, the Creative Chakra Spa in Marina Del Rey is one of the country’s most top rated holistic spas and a longtime favorite retreat for celebrities and industry insiders. The spa’s original roots were born from a line of celebrated aromatherapy products created by Sandie West, whose growing interest in massage, yoga and personal training eventually blossomed into the opening of the Creative Chakra Spa. Offering quiet solitude and peace, this hidden treasure by the sea is a fantastic oasis of healing with luxurious massages, wraps, scrubs and facials. A private, infrared sauna, jacuzzi and baths are all yours for a blissful getaway at this oceanside shrine to tranquility.

The Naughty Girls Guide

Naughty LA Spa | Naughty LA

Couples Massage

The Creative Chakra Spa also caters especially to couples and offers some of the most romantic and magical couples packages found in Los Angeles. There are many opportunities to share special moments with your partner and also find the private time and space for indulging in your naughtier sides. Available in most couples packages are the options for a private jacuzzi bath, aromatherapy steam room or sauna experience for two where you can get as naughty as you would like. There’s also private, ozone hydro-therapy showers that couples can share. For an even more romantic touch, you and your partner should consider timing your spa retreat so that you can walk the short distance to the beach and take in a magnificent, ocean side sunset before or after your massage. It’s the perfect way to capture the deep energies of the natural, healing experience that await you.

The Naughty Girls Guide

Naughty LA Spa | Naughty LA

Indoor/outdoor Massages

Other luxurious amenities include indoor and outdoor massage and meditation venues, lounging areas, a yoga studio and a romantic garden perfect for soaking up the ocean breezes. Organic treats and a tea bar are also on hand to help make the cycle of rejuvenation complete. The Creative Chakra Spa’s dedication to creativity, healing and spirituality create the ultimate environment and ambience for experiencing true and natural peace of mind and contentment for you and your partner. The liberating journey into mind, body and spirit that this spa offers is a unique and sexy way to share those intimate moments of connection and sensuality with your lover in a blissed out, beach side, zen wonderland under the sunny, warm skies of California. Don’t forget that this can also be as naughty as you want it to be, so have a little mischievous fun while you and your partner are bathing in the subtle waves of light and love that the Chakra Spa so readily gives.

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Attaining Pleasure Every Day


Attaining Pleasure Every Day | Naughty Coaching

Attaining Pleasure Every Day

For some reason, the pursuit of pleasure in Western society is seen as selfish, hedonistic and self-indulgent. It’s drummed into us from an early age that enjoyment, especially sexual enjoyment, is somehow wrong or sinful, that it has to be earned and doesn’t come ‘free.’ But who decided that? Suppressing pleasure is simply a form of control, but you don’t have to live that way. The key to discovering self-fulfillment and being a good person is by looking after your own mind, body and soul, and that means being happy…. which means giving yourself pleasure every day. There’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself in things which make you feel good, particularly when it comes to sex, so you should make the pursuit of pleasure one of life’s priorities. Here’s how.

1. Lose the guilt

Pursuing pleasure should be as natural as breathing to you. Let’s be clear – you deserve pleasure, it’s your birthright and it helps you to know yourself completely. Men who are in tune with themselves make better lovers, friends and mentors. Things like religion and social conditioning demand that we feel guilty every time we go after something for ourselves, but think about it – why is seeking pleasure a bad thing? It isn’t. As long as you’re not hurting others on your journey towards self-pleasure, then there’s nothing wrong with actively seeking pleasure every day.

2. Worship your body & train your brain

If you want to attain true pleasure, then you have to start looking after yourself. When it comes to sex, many men think it’s a case of just fitting physical pieces together, but true pleasure is about so much more than that. You need to start thinking like women, who know that total pleasure comes from a combination of a sound body and a sound mind. Not only should you be keeping yourself in good physical shape – so you can last longer in the bedroom – but you should also be training your brain to engage in the pursuit of pleasure. For instance, did you know that you can ‘think’ yourself to an orgasm? Your brain is the most sensitive, sexual organ you possess, but most men never use it properly. Pleasure is an holistic concept – you have to look after all the sum parts to achieve the ultimate whole.

3. Keep an open mind

Attaining pleasure every day means always being on the lookout for new things to try. Ask yourself what gives you pleasure, both sexually or emotionally, then explore other options. Maybe you’ve always had sex in a certain position, so try a new one. Perhaps you should investigate things like chakra healing, libido-boosting teas and herbs, erotic massage and even yoga. Yes, I know you’re a guy but this is exactly why you should be thinking outside the box. Sexual pleasure, especially, is not just about the physical, and that’s why you need to change the way you think. By paying attention to other areas of your mind and body, you’ll realize there are dozens of other ways to attain pleasure.

4. Use your 5 senses

In my experience, men are not very in tune with their senses, which means you’re missing out on some incredible ways to experience pleasure. Think about all the things which arouse you – women, music, food, maybe even your car – and use those objects to fine tune your senses and have you thinking about sex all day long. For instance, take time over a meal, savoring every bite. If you’re cooking for a lover, make a showpiece of it with aphrodisiacs and fine wine. Stimulate your sense of sound by putting on soft, sexy music in the background, light scented candles to get your sense of smell working overtime, then get tactile by giving each other an erotic massage. Foreplay isn’t just something you do before sex, it’s a 24/7 thing which will heighten your ability to find pleasure in everything you do.

For much more information on how to attain pleasure every day, check out my Confidence Coaching Program.

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Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Naughty Guide to Iceland

Perhaps not the most obvious place to go for a sexy holiday, Iceland sits in the North Atlantic Ocean between Greenland to the west and the UK & Scandinavia to the east. With a population of only 330,000, there’s plenty of space to enjoy the dramatic volcanic scenery and fairytale forests. Despite the isolation, Iceland has many hidden charms which can beguile and seduce. It’s a spiritual place, where sex and nature combine to produce a sensual mix of heady eroticism. The home of elves, magic and the Northern Lights, Iceland knows how to play to the senses. Don’t be fooled by this distant island’s glacial image, because Iceland is anything but cold when it comes to sex. So get ready to enjoy some hot and steamy action in ‘The Land of Fire And Ice.’

Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Equality and Gender in Iceland

Famous for their progressive attitudes towards gender and sexuality, Iceland was the first country to have a political party formed and led by women. They were also the first country to have a directly-elected female head of state. Then, in 2009, they went one better and elected the world’s first openly gay head of government, Johanna Sigurdardottir.

Iceland has always paved the way for women’s rights and it’s one of the few places where women are encouraged to speak out about prejudice, chauvinism and sexual harassment. Every year, there’s a “Slut Walk” in downtown Reykjavik – a peaceful march which protests against slut-shaming, sexual violence, victim-blaming and other sexual and legal issues which are a product of modern ‘rape culture.’ Marchers are encouraged to wear what they like (some even turn up nude) and walk loud and proud through the streets of the capital to show that women should be able to wear what they like without fear of verbal or physical abuse.

In general, Icelanders venerate women. Rudeness, disrespect and anything which makes a woman feel uncomfortable in public, will not be tolerated. For instance, when I was in Reykjavik recently, I saw signs in restrooms telling women that if they were being harassed or felt threatened, to tell the staff immediately. I tested this theory when I was being bugged by one guy, told one of the wait staff, and the guy was asked to leave the premises straight away. I was quite shocked, but reassured at the same time and I felt much safer walking around Reykjavik for the rest of my stay, knowing there was this automatic ‘protection policy’ towards women.

Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

The Sex Trade in Iceland

Proclaimed as the world’s most feminist country, stripping and profiting from nudity were both outlawed in 2010, although this had an obvious impact on the sex trade (prostitution is also illegal) and many strip clubs, bars and brothels were forced underground and became unregulated.

When it comes to sex tourism, too, Iceland often gets a bad rep, with many websites insinuating that Icelandic women are easy and slutty, which obviously attracts a certain type of tourist. Once they land on Icelandic shores, however, they soon realize that the locals here will not stand for disrespectful or threatening behavior towards women, whatever their profession.

Because all paid-sexual activity has been forced underground, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for if you’re after a little BDSM, swinging or fetish role play. Many Icelanders use the website Einkamal to hook up with like-minded people, but be patient as Icelanders can be a little cautious and furtive when it comes to putting their heads above the sexual parapets.

Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Elf Sex

Yes, you read that right. Did you know that Icelanders believe in elves? To the locals, elves (or “hidden people” as they are more commonly known) are very real and some women even claim to have had sex with them, declaring that they are better lovers than mere mortals. So if you want to experience sex with an elf or two, the best way is to wander into one of the forests or through a volcanic valley, tune into nature and wait for an elf to come and whisper naughty things in your ear. According to one elven sexpert, elves are tall and slim and emit light from their bodies. They can read your sexual mind and know exactly what you want in bed, and they’re very skilled in performing oral sex (“they have very long tongues.”) What’s not to like?

Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

LGBT in Iceland

As mentioned, Iceland is very open about homosexuality, transgender and other sexual identifiers. The main scene is obviously in Reykjavik, but Akureyri in the north has a growing LBGT community with new bars and clubs opening all the time. The annual Gay Pride march through the capital is one of the highlights of the cultural year, for all persuasions, with 85,000 turning up for the celebrations – that’s a quarter of the entire population!

Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Iceland’s Penis Museum

More formally called The Iceland Phallological Museum, it holds the world’s largest collection of penises and penile parts. Most exhibits are animal penises, including whales, bulls, seals and even a hamster. The museum also claims to own elf and troll penises, and it acquired its first human penis in 2011 when a 95-year old Icelandic man died and donated his member to the museum. You can also visit an exhibition of penis casts of the silver medal-winning Iceland Olympic Handball team from Beijing 2008. The casts are shown in a different order to the team photograph on display, so their identities are known only to them and their wives!

Strip Clubs in Iceland

As mentioned, strip clubs are illegal in Iceland but they get around this by having ‘Lingerie Bars’ instead. Inside, they look like a normal strip club, complete with pole, but the staff aren’t allowed to use it, only the customers are! You’re also expected to buy drinks for the girls and this is how they make money – the more drinks customers buy, the more commission the girls make. They have private rooms you can go to where the girls dance for you, naked. There’s a no-touch rule but things like spanking are allowed if you ask. You also get to play your own music and can take photos, so go prepared and you should be able to get a decent, personalized experience for your krona. Iceland is expensive, for everything, so get saving now.

Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Smidjuvegur 14 – Kopavogur, IS-200
9pm-1am weekdays, 9pm-5am weekends

Located just outside Reykjavik in the town of Kopavogur, Goldfinger is an ‘erotic dancers nightclub’ with a full bar and private rooms. Because paid-sexual activity is banned, you buy the girls drinks as your payment, and they get money from the establishment in the form of regular wages. You are allowed to buy some private time, though, roughly $150 for 15 minutes or $500 for an hour. Of course, you have to be discreet about what you’re going to be getting for your money, nothing is advertised or spoken about in the open.


Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Shooter’s Coyote Club 
Austurstaeti 12
9pm-1am weekdays, 9pm-5.30am weekends

Formerly known as VIP Club (which got shut down,) Shooters is a lot seedier than Goldfinger but you can still get some naughty action if you’re willing to pay insane prices for shots of very watered down alcohol. They have private rooms and presidential suites, and lots of bachelor parties come here. You’ll need at least 20,000 ISK ($180) to even get through the door here.


Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Crystal Club 
Tryggvagata 20
9pm-1am weekdays, 9pm-5am weekends

A champagne bar with an impressive wine list, it’s the caliber of the vintage bottles on the menu which provides the ‘mask’ for the other stuff that goes on here. It’s a typical strip club interior – purple neon lights, black, chrome and purple decor, black chairs and sofas and gaudy chandeliers, but you’ll be treated to an air of exclusivity, plus a variety of dancing girls who can dance privately for you in one of the VIP booths. Again, you’ll need around $150-$200 to start off your night.

Sex Toy Stores

Surprisingly, there’s a dearth of sex toy stores in Iceland so you really have to do your research. The main one is a little outside of the city center, so take a taxi.

Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Adam and Eva 
Kleppsvegur 150

It looks like the last place you’d find a sex shop – industrial and surrounded by office buildings and busy freeways but it has everything you need in here. From fetish wear and tons of vibrators, to BDSM, lingerie, massage oils and anal toys, they’ve got it covered. You can also order online for delivery, if your Icelandic adventure has taken you to somewhere more remote (to try Elf Sex, perhaps?) You can also try to get sex toys delivered to your hotel.


Iceland Burlesque

They don’t have burlesque shows as you’d know them in the US, but you can get something pretty close with a drag show, especially during Gay Pride season (first two weeks in August.)

Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Drag-Sugur @ Gaukurrin 
Tryggvagata 22
3rd Friday of the month, 9pm-late
Entry: 1000 ISK ($8)

Taking place on the second or third Friday of every month, they hold public viewings of RuPaul’s Drag Stars with their own drag show afterwards using local talent and special guest stars, plus occasional comedy and lots of raucous fun. It’s not a big place and can feel a bit ‘divey’ but if you get there early enough to bag a table, you can easily settle in for the evening.

Sexy Bars

Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Jacobsen Loftid 
Austerstraeti 9
4pm-1am weekdays, 4pm-4am weekends

Any bar with a dress code should ooze elegance and sophistication, and Loftid doesn’t disappoint. Meaning ‘Air,’ Loftid is as sexy as they come, full of mahogany furniture, plush booth seating chandeliers, Chesterfields and an army of cocktails with a 1920s Art Deco vibe. Iceland’s beautiful people come here to see and be seen, and you can get some gorgeous light bites to go with the expensive drinks. It feels formal, but it’s not stuffy.


Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Lebowski Bar 
Laugavegur 20a

There’s a bit of a dive-bar feel to this place but it still has a seductive sexy side thanks to a rocking atmosphere, friendly staff and a modern, hip crowd. They have DJs playing retro music to get everyone in the mood and the walls are covered with thousands of sexy little pin-up pictures and photos which make great conversation starters. There’s two floors, with a staircase bordered by tons of Playboy covers, as well as famous album covers on other walls. You can grab a burger, sample a milkshake, or try a local beer on quiz night.

Sexy Restaurants

Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels


Perlan (The Pearl in English) is a unique restaurant with stunning views over the city, mountains, coast and countryside. It has a very futuristic look, like something from a sci-fi film – a large glass dome sitting upon six huge water tanks. On the fifth floor, diners can eat under the stars and be treated to super-sensual dishes such as salmon with asparagus and hollandaise sauce, langoustine soup and dark chocolate mousse. There’s a viewing deck outside (perfect for catching the Northern Lights) plus a Winter Garden where you can catch art shows, photography exhibitions and classical concerts. The staff treat you like royalty and the ambiance exudes romance, passion and a touch of Icelandic naughtiness. Overall it’s a one-of-a-kind restaurant which appeals to all five of the senses, making it the perfect place to go with that special someone.


Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels 

Austurstraeti 16

This used to be home to one of Reykjavik’s main pharmacies, hence the name, but there’s nothing sterile or medicinal about the place now. The building was designed by an eminent Icelandic architect and the current decor reflects his Art Nouveau and Romantic styles – parquet flooring, brown, black and chrome furnishings and lots of plush drapery. Nestle into one of the tall booth-style tables and enjoy an interesting mix of cuisines from Iceland and Argentina. There’s a 6 course tasting menu if you want to try a bit of everything, or you can go for the luxury Iceland Gourmet Menu with aphrodisiac appetizers, sultry mains and devilish desserts. Seafood is the specialty here, so don’t waste the chance to sample some of the city’s finest fish.


Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Grill Market 
Laekjargarta 2A

Classic Icelandic local cuisine meets modern, sexy design in this rustic restaurant that’s a favorite with the city’s environmentally-conscious gourmets. Obviously, meat is a specialty here, so expect luxury burgers, reindeer steaks, whale, lamb and chicken, all cooked on the 1,200-degree Celsius smoldering coals of the kitchen. All ingredients are locally-sourced from farms in the area and you won’t see an electric oven in sight. The decor is wood, stone and rock-themed, so you can’t get much more Nordic than this. For aperitifs and digestifs, relax in the seductive lounge and enjoy a sexy cocktail or two before the main event.


Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Kolabrautin @ HARPA 
Austurbakki 2

One of the country’s most elegant restaurants, every dish here is designed to seduce. It’s part of the HARPA Concert Hall and has a gorgeous view over the water. Combine a concert with a meal here and you’ll soon be feeling up for something very naughty later on. The food oozes style with dishes like gnudi with ricotta cheese and truffle zest, strawberries & chocolate, and trout roe with Parmesan. If you want to splash out, this is the place to come, so dust down your ballgown and prepare to be dazzled.


Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Fish Company 
Vesturgata 2a, Grófin, 101 Reykjavík

The Fish Company is located in the historical and quaint Zimsen building, but more specifically in the old stone cellar which has been eclectically designed to captivate the imagination with shades of whimsy and warmth. A favorite among locals and travelers alike, the Fish Company has deftly reimagined traditional Icelandic cuisine with tantalizing elements of Nordic fusion and adventurous traditionalism. The striking blend of the rustic and the sophisticated are seamlessly reflected in both its menu and decor. The perfect locale for an intimate evening for two, the Fish Company is sure to delight with one of Reykjavik’s most outstanding culinary experiences.


Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Dill Restaurant 
Hverfisgata 12, 101 Reykjavík

Simplicity, locally sourced ingredients and the traditional ways and means are but a few of the concepts that make Dill a unique and pleasantly satisfying dining destination. In the evening and dinner hours, the soft lighting creates a particularly stunning romantic atmosphere which couples nicely with the clean and imaginatively prepared New Nordic Cuisine. Utilizing their on-site garden, the Dill experience is rooted in freshness, and is absolutely one of Reykjavik’s most popular dinner venues. With the explosion of new culinary ideas being melded with traditional elements of Icelandic cuisine, Dill stands as one of the innovative forerunners of the New Nordic movement. Establishing and ambience of sexy and alluring, while still being warm and receptive is not always an easy blend to maintain, but Dill passes it off effortlessly with wonderful charm and flair.

Sexy Hotels


Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Hotel Borg 

A few minutes away from the HARPA Concert Hall, Hotel Borg was opened in 1930 and maintains that Art Deco style and glamor. Bathrooms have heated marble floors and all the decor has movie star chicness. The bar is glamorous and cocktail-centric, and there’s free Wifi and a small spa. Perfect for pampering.


Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

Hotel Kvosin 
Kirkjutorg 4

This is a gorgeous and surprisingly spacious hotel in the center of Reykjavik which still manages to retain a sexy boutique feel. The rooms are actually apartments with quirky names ranging from ‘Big’ to ‘Biggest’ and there’s a fabulous Mountain Suite, too. Each apartment has a private balcony and is decorated to the height of sparse Icelandic style with nice touches like fur throws, black and white framed prints, Nespresso coffee machines and Soley organic toiletries. It’s classy, sexy and simple Icelandic elegance and if you want to really up the romance, the Mountain Suite has a cool roof terrace with views over the snow-topped roofs of the city.

Attached is the Klaustur Bar, a sexy little cocktail lounge which serves tasty local dishes as you sip on gin & tonics, exotic whiskies and a great wine list – hard to find in Iceland. Sit up at the bar or melt into the rustic woodwork as you snuggle up to that special someone and watch the snow outside.


Naughty Guide To Iceland | Naughty Travels

101 Hotel 
Hverfisgata 10, 101 Reykjavík

Located in downtown Reykjavik, the 101 Hotel is an ultra stylish, modern boutique hotel and magnet for artists, hipsters and the contemporary jet set. It is the ideal sanctuary to experience and explore one of the world’s most creative and unpretentious cities. Black and white dominate the color scheme, with a very sexy minimalist and open design space in the guest rooms. Sleek Nordic furniture is elegantly contrasted with contemporary Art, creating an intriguing ambience of seductive sophistication. The 101 Lounge is also a vibrant and sexy night-life destination where pleasure seekers congregate to mingle and celebrate the dynamic and unique energy of historical downtown Reykjavik.

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