Who’s The Naughty Boy?

Who's The Naughty Boy?| Naughty Coaching

Who’s The Naughty Boy?

Every man wishes they were irresistible to women. You know the type – the guy at the bar who the girls flock towards like moths to a flame. He’s usually handsome, charismatic, funny and a little bit dangerous, everything you think you’re not. But here’s the thing… anyone can be that guy. The key to being a Naughty Boy is confidence, pure and simple. It doesn’t matter what you look like or how much experience you’ve had, there’s a Naughty Boy inside you just waiting to get out and I can show you how to unleash him.


What makes a Naughty Boy?

Lots of guys think that, to be naughty, they need to be nasty, because all women are supposed to love ‘bad boys,’ right? But real Naughty Boys are not players. Despite what you might think, women are absolutely not attracted to men who treat them badly. What they are attracted to is intelligence, sexiness and a whole load of confidence. A man who is comfortable in his own skin, who knows what he wants and how to get it, and who isn’t afraid to take risks and explore the world around him, is going to get the girl every time. He also has a mischievous streak, a cheeky side that’s always full of surprises. He is never predictable and makes sure to keep his lovers entertained, excited and fulfilled, especially in the bedroom.


Why women love a Naughty Boy

They say that like attracts like but, as far the laws of attraction go, lots of women will go for a guy who represents their own ideals, even if they don’t live by the rules themselves. For example, some women don’t have the confidence to be bold in the bedroom, but they love being with a guy who is, someone who can teach them new things and how to express themselves sexually. Women also love guys with an adventurous side. Having a lover who likes to push boundaries is exciting and intoxicating to us, because we never know what they’re going to do next. Naughty Boys also represent danger. We love being led astray by men of mystery, as long as you also have the strength to keep us safe. In short, women love Naughty Boys because they make us feel alive, alert, adventurous and sexy.


How to become a Naughty Boy

Being a Naughty Boy isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you think. Confidence is everything, it’s the No.1 attraction for women, so feeling good about yourself and having high self-esteem is going to make everything else happen more easily. To get that confidence, you have to accept who you are, flaws and all, and learn how to make the most of your strengths and maximize your weaknesses. For example, you might not have the best body in the world but you have sexy eyes and a quick wit, so your conversation and flirting skills are what you should be concentrating on. Perhaps you’ve only had a few sexual partners in your life and you don’t want a potential lover to think you’re inexperienced. A Naughty Boy will turn that into a positive and convince a girl that he’s been saving himself for ‘the one.’ Simply put, all you have to do to become a Naughty Boy is be honest about what you want sexually, emotionally and romantically, and always be ready to try new things.


Using confidence to release your inner Naughty Boy

My Confidence Coaching Program will teach you how to build up your confidence so you can approach girls with ease. I’ll show you how to get to know yourself intimately, because knowing who you are is the only way to go after what you want. Once you’ve discovered what really turns you on, I’ll then tell you how to go out and get it. In no time at all you’ll be enjoying a whole new world of naughty adventures and using your new-found confidence to live the lifestyle you deserve.

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My Naughty Nomad Office

My Naughty Nomad Office | Naughty LA

My Naughty Nomad Office

My job lets me work from where ever I am in the world, but that means I need to bring my essentials so I’m always prepared. Even if there’s no internet connection, I can still work from any where until I get some where to can connect to the internet.

I’m either working in a hotel room or by the pool on my iPad, which I’ve turned into a mini laptop with a gold case to match my naughty business. I use to travel with my laptop, but it was too heavy so I decided to downsize to an iPad which is so much easier to fit into my travel bags.

Before I do anything on my iPad or update my websites, social networks or blog…I always write everything down with my gold pen by Kate Spade in my Naughty Travels Notebook, which I had custom made. This is the notebook I take with me when traveling to take notes about what I discover in each city and what my plans are for my work updates. I like having my notebook titled “Travel” on the front so I can easily grab it when I head out on a trip, as it keeps my organized.

My iPhone is a must and something I take with me every where because if I can’t get an internet connection with my iPad, I usually can with my phone. Plus it’s great for photos when I can’t take my camera, especially at night when I don’t want to carry around a bigger camera or I want to be more discreet with my photos.

My favorite camera is my new Fuji! It takes amazing photos but is simply to use for someone who doesn’t have a lot of camera experience. The buttons on the camera aren’t complicated at all and super easy to use. Plus the camera connects to my phone, that way I can easily download my photos to my phone where I can edit and upload to the web right there on the spot.

Another must have are my to white leather covers on the left on side of the bed from The Daily Edited. One is for my iPad with my initials on them and the other one holds my notebook, pen and other work materials I need when traveling. They both fit super easy into my carry-on suitcase.

And every naughty traveler needs a sexy suitcase which is why I choose a red one to match my naughty business by Steamline Luggage. They offer some of the sexiest and cutest luggage out on the market…vintage inspired.

Lastly, my naughty nomad office isn’t complete with my red/gold vibrator from my very own toy line Naughty Toys! It’s a must when traveling as it helps me to relax and focus on discovering naughty things to do around the world.

The Naughty Girls Guide

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LA’s Sexiest Jazz Clubs

LA’s Sexiest Jazz Clubs

11647 San Vicente Blvd

Located in Brentwood, Baltaire is a chic and elegant steakhouse fitted with beautiful mid-century decor and stunning ambience. Next to the main dining room is a low-lit cocktail lounge with plush leather couches, a grand fireplace and full bar featuring both Old and New World libations for your drinking pleasure. Whether it be a full ensemble or just the baby grand piano that comes to life with the mellow sounds of warm, West Coast jazz, the lounge at the Baltaire is the perfect place to meet and enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
108 W. 2nd St. #101

Wednesday nights at the Edison feature the fabulous talents of famed percussionist, Willie McNeil along with a revolving cast of the finest jazz musicians working in Los Angeles today. Located in downtown Los Angeles, the Edison is an ideal environment to experience the cool sounds of classic jazz, swing and the sultry music of film noir. The ambience is created from a unique and sexy celebration of industrial invention and history that fuses the elements of art and science in a display that can only be expressed as pure magic. The perfect place for a romantic escape into another world through music and fine drink, the Edison lights the way.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
The Little Easy  
216 W. 5th St.

New Orleans comes to life in the heart of downtown inside the Alexandria Hotel at The Little Easy bar and lounge. This intimate venue, with a nod to the seductive atmosphere of the South is a shining jewel amid LA’s many hidden treasures. A winding hallway gives way to a beautiful indoor courtyard which contains an impressive bar and ample seating to watch the jazz unfold from the stage within. The music is pure New Orleans, invoking the smoke, magic and warmth of summer nights and the promise of temptations and good times under the Magnolia shade. The Little Easy is a fantastic destination for a romantic night of fantasy, intrigue and good old fashioned fun.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Four Seasons  
300 S. Doheny Dr.

Located in Beverly Hills, The Blvd Lounge inside the Four Seasons Hotel is the perfect locale to catch live jazz and sophisticated cocktails in a chic, romantic atmosphere. With its large windows that overlook the intersection of Wilshire Blvd. and Rodeo Drive, and its large, loft style ceilings, this lounge makes for perfect people watching and fine dining. Whether you want to stop by for dinner or just have drinks and soak up the classy atmosphere, The Blvd is one of LA’s most celebrated night spots. Music is featured Thursday through Sunday nights.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Vibrato Grill and Jazz  
2930 Beverly Glen Circle

The Vibrato Grill is one of LA’s premiere jazz hot spots. Owned and conceived by the legendary musical icon, Herb Alpert, this venue provides the ultimate dining and entertainment experience rolled into one hip package. Featuring top performers from around the world on a nightly basis, the Vibrato Grill offers stunning, low-lit ambience and clear sight lines of the stage from every angle of the venue. Everything about the Vibrato experience speaks to pure style and class, making it an excellent selection for a romantic evening for two on the town.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Pips on La Brea 
1356 S. La Brea Ave

Specializing in tantalizing, authentic Italian cuisine and out of this world, live Jazz music, Pips on La Brea has steadily made a name for itself with both foodies and music lovers alike. An intimate and stylish venue with a newly renovated patio, Pips is a comfortable place to stretch out and make yourself feel perfectly at home for a relaxing night of food, music and drink. While excellent for a dinner date, it also serves well as a great meeting place for wine or cocktails before embarking on your further adventures into LA’s sexy nightlife.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Catalina Bar and Grill
6725 Sunset Blvd

With a stage that’s been blessed by the presence of legendary jazz greats, of which there are simply too many to name, and with its charming supper club style, Catalina Bar and Grill is well established as one of the finest venues for seeing the best and brightest stars of jazz in Los Angeles. In the darkened glow of candle light and surrounded by seductive tones of deep red, Catalina Bar and Grill is everything one could want to fulfill the modern experience of an old school jazz club. Excellent for the beginnings of an intimate night of romance, the music and atmosphere truly capture the imagination, allowing for an evening nothing short of pure magic.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
The Tap Room
1401 S. Oak Knoll Ave

Located in Pasadena inside the iconic, Langham Hotel, The Tap Room is like stepping back into a grander, elegant and more luxurious era. Chandeliers, stunning dark wood walls and posh seating create a warm space and a feeling of ease and grace while sipping award winning cocktails and listening to the sounds of upbeat, swinging music. Featuring live jazz, starting Thursday nights and throughout the weekend, The Tap Room is the perfect place to hide away and reinvent yourself or celebrate a decadently, classy night of romance with that special someone.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Riviera 31 at the Sofitel 
8555 Beverly Blvd

Nestled in the grand Sofitel Luxury Hotel, Riviera 31 is a lounge that conjures and reimagines the feel and atmosphere of the iconic French Riviera. Framed in deep reds and contrasting black, legendary photographer Edward Quinn’s images abound through the room. A blend of French style and contemporary Los Angeles, the Riviera is also an excellent room to experience live jazz and music as the evening unfolds. Mouth watering, hand-crafted libations, an extensive wine list and stellar French cuisine add that extra special something for a beautiful night of luxury, romance and seductive jazz.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Sunday Night Jazz at the W Hollywood Hotel  
6250 Hollywood Blvd

The long running and popular Sunday Jazz Night at the W Hollywood Hotel has reinvented itself as the Sunday Soul Revue but still retains its sexy, jazz influence. Held at the Wet Deck lounge by the W’s rooftop pool, you can revel in the sounds of soothing soul and experience the phenomenal dancing of Brooke Lynn’s Burlesque Show. With its rooftop views, electric atmosphere and the abundance of beautiful people who flock here every week, this is a great destination for bringing friends together, hanging out and enjoying the cool vibes of the city at night.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
11700 Wilshire Blvd

A long standing favorite in the Brentwood neighborhood, Bandera features live jazz music every night of the week along with an incredible menu and outstanding wine and drink list. Soft lights illuminate modern art, as patrons converge at the bar and sip expertly crafted cocktails and engage in quiet conversation as the jazz ensemble provides the perfect soundtrack for the evening. An intimate and sophisticated venue, Bandera is perfect for simply grabbing drinks with friends or sharing a beautiful meal with that special person in your life.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
The Varnish 
118 E. 6th St.

A speakeasy style bar located in a refurbished storage room of Cole’s, LA’s oldest restaurant and public house, The Varnish is the epitome of classy cool and sophistication. Live jazz is featured every Tuesday after nine o’clock as well as Sundays. The music enlivens the low-lit and intimate space with a well added touch of authenticity that creates the sexy, distinctive feel of LA’s classic, golden era. A moving piece of living history with its eyes set firmly to the future, The Varnish is an excellent night spot for award-winning cocktails and a chic, stylish ambience set in the heart of downtown LA.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Casa del Mar 
1910 Ocean Way

Built in 1926, the beautiful Casa del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica offers the opportunity to experience delicious cocktails and cool jazz with an ocean breeze twist at its Terrazza Lounge. This is definitely a place to enjoy a spectacular view of the sunset, looking toward the ocean with the silhouette of palm trees in the distance. The ambience at the Terrazza is subtle, warm and inviting, the music providing that special air of romance and mystery as you enjoy drinks or light dinner fare for the evening. This beachside treasure is a captivating hideaway from the daily grind, perfect for both spending time with friends or more romantic interludes.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
448 S. Hill St

It would be difficult to imagine a better a place than Perch to soak up excellent jazz and the authentic syle of true bohemian, Parisian flair. Located downtown with stunning views of the LA skyline, this French rooftop bistro is a deliciously sexy and romantic venue that is perfectly designed for both casual drinks or an enchanting dinner date. With its antique furnishings, ornate fireplace and posh seating, Perch has expertly captured the magical ambience of Paris, bringing something truly unique and special to downtown LA.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
The Dresden
1760 N. Vermont Ave

A true Hollywood landmark, The Dresden has been featured in numerous films and is a well-known celebrity hot spot. Part classy continental restaurant and part swanky lounge, jazz legends Marty and Elaine have been performing here five nights a week since 1982. Playing a tight set of classic standards in the old showbiz style, witnessing a performance by Marty and Elaine at the Dresden has become an absolute rite-of-passage for any newcomer to Los Angeles. Fantastic food, excellent service and captivating entertainment create a distinct and remarkable night of excellence at one of Hollywood’s greatest places to see and be seen.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Seven Grand
515 W. 7th St.

Boasting one of the largest selections of premium whiskey in the West, Seven Grand has redefined the classic cocktail and bar experience in downtown. With the appearance of a vintage hunting lodge, the darkened interior reveals various taxidermy and an abundance of deer head trophies lining the walls. Jazz and blues bands play near the main bar giving the vintage ambience a dramatic and authentic weight, as you select from an almost impossibly large selection of fine whiskeys. With its classy aesthetic, intimate corners and small lounge areas, Seven Grand is the perfect escape from the everyday with a group of friends or romantic interest.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Now Boarding
7746 Santa Monica Blvd

Located in the bustling heart of West Hollywood, Now Boarding is a vintage, aviation themed bar that echoes the style and luxury of the golden era of air travel. An intimate space decked in mid-century modern decor, the low-lit interior is fantastic for sipping classic cocktails, sampling the “in-flight’ dinner fare and enjoying the live music that contributes to the vintage ambience. This a great destination for having pre-dinner drinks before a night on the town, given its ideal central location. Get your tickets now because this is one flight that you will definitely want to catch!

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
West Restaurant and Lounge at the Hotel Angeleno
170 N. Church Ln.

The stunning, panoramic views from the seventeenth floor of the Hotel Angeleno at this simple, yet elegant restaurant and lounge are both breathtaking and inspiring. West is an environment to explore local boutique wines and delicious California cuisine while relishing the view. The live jazz music creates the perfect accompaniment, setting a romantic mood which is perfect for a special evening for two. Sunset is the best time for drinks or dinner as you’re able to watch the sun sink low in the western sky and watch as twilight gives way to the warm twinkling of the electric lights of Los Angeles below.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
The Culver Hotel
9400 Culver Blvd

The luxurious and historical Culver Hotel is home to a fantastic music scene as the main lobby transitions into everything from a piano bar, a supper club or swank speakeasy with ease and grace. The distinctive vintage atmosphere, a reflection of the Culver’s long history, is present with the glow of candlelight, flickering projector screens and shabby chic furnishings. Perfect for a first date or relaxing with friends, the Culver Hotel offers an authentic and stylish night life experience embellished by the cool sounds of swinging jazz and hand crafted cocktails.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Bonavista Lounge
404 S. Figueroa St.

Located downtown in the Westin Bonadventure Hotel, the BonaVista Lounge offers some of the most dazzling views of the city by night. Chic and stylish, this rotating cocktail lounge located all the way on the 34th floor is a sexy and sophisticated space, ideal for an evening of romance. The appetizers and drinks are superb as the subtle sounds of a sultry jazz band or a single piano fill the room, lending a soft and sensual ambience that blends perfectly with the majestic views of the sparkling city lights.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Le Petit Paris 
418 S. Spring St.

Found inside the classic El Dorado Building, Le Petit Paris is a beautiful restaurant that takes full advantage of its size by creating a stately tribute to elegance and style, all the while retaining the allure of its vintage history. Featuring two bars, a mezzanine level and large outdoor patio, the atmosphere at Le Petit Paris is ideal for a sexy, cosmopolitan dinner affair or drinks. Decadent crystal chandeliers illuminate the way toward a grand staircase which leads to an intimate lounge above, completing the romantic picture with fireplace and candlelight. The sounds of jazz echo from inside as you sip expertly made cocktails, share good times and bask in the artful luxury of this downtown treasure.

LA's Sexiest Jazz Clubs | Naughty Guide
Townhouse and The Del Monte 
52 Windward Ave

One of LA’s oldest bars with a scandalous and colorful past, The Townhouse and The Del Monte in Venice were first established in 1915. With two distinct floors, the Townhouse located above has a warm, friendly neighborhood feel, a gathering place for locals and tourists alike. Downstairs is The Del Monte, an original prohibition-era speakeasy and noted bootlegger rendevouz point, that features live music and jazz during most nights of the week. Vintage booths with dim, decorative lighting and a beautiful bar set a nostalgic and romantic mood as the music moves through this once secret and forbidden space. The service here is excellent and there is always a tremendous amount of talent that graces its stage. The perfect venue to explore after a romantic day at the beach.

The Naughty Girls Guide

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How To Become A Naughty Traveler

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

How To Become A Naughty Traveler

It’s no good being a naughty girl if you’re going to confine your fun to when you’re at home. Naughtiness is a lifestyle, so wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you need to be in a naughty mood 24/7. That includes vacation time, too. In fact, the holidays are the perfect time to indulge your inner naughtiness, so do your homework and, next time you’re planning some well-earned time away, think naughty!

Below are some ideas about how to turn yourself into a Naughty Traveler. It’s not just about what you get up to when you’re away, it’s about informing and educating yourself about all the exciting things on offer. You also need to get clued up about which destinations are naughty-friendly. That is, respect local laws and do your research before embarking upon your naughty vacation. Not everywhere will welcome your beautiful naked body on their beaches, or appreciate your fetish outfit in the local bar. If you want be enjoy the most erotic, sensual vacation possible, it makes sense to research the places you know will embrace your naughtiness and even encourage it.

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Read all about it

To give you some ideas about where to go, get a hold of my naughty guides to two of the world’s most decadent cities, to give you a head start on that road to mischief. In The Naughty Girl’s Guide To Las Vegas , I offer over 300 pages of advice, tips and tricks on where to go and how to get the most from this sultry City of Sin. Vegas is a naughty place anyway, but I’ll show you the places nobody else knows about; the sexiest bars, the steamiest spas, the kinkiest clubs and the perkiest parties. Learn about Vegas’s raunchy past and discover plenty of erotic fantasies to fulfil every naughty traveler’s most intense fantasies. I spent two years researching this ultimate naughty travel guide so, trust me, no other book is going to let you as deep inside Las Vegas’s sultry underbelly, as this one.

In The Naughty Girl’s Guide To Los Angeles , I’ll help you navigate this exciting city in the sexiest way possible. Whether you’re after a boutique fetish hotel which caters for your very specific needs, or you want to know where to attend the city’s most fashionable naked pool parties, this book is for you. It lists everything from burlesque clubs and swinging events, to the best sex shops and naughtiest restaurants. You’ll also learn about how the City of Angels came by its naughty reputation, as well as treating you to some sumptuous, super-erotic photographs of the people, places and personalities which make Los Angeles such a hotbed of decadence.

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Naughty TV

To get you even more in the mood for some naughty LA adventures, check out my own video channel on Vimeo . Based on my book, I’ll show you tons of things to do while you’re here, from the cute and tame, to the dirty and very naughty! Get a first hand look at some great bars, clubs, hotels and dining dens, so you can decide which ones you’d like to investigate further.

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Follow my blogs

If you want to stay up to date about where the latest naughty bars are opening up, or where the hottest event is happening tonight, sign up to my Naughty Travel Guide Blog, where I’m constantly adding the latest naughty news. Although I specialize in naughty events in LA, there’s a lot of global stuff on there, too. So whether you’re kissing your way through Paris or flirting your way through Florence, there’s bound to be something here to point you in an even saucier direction.

You can also follow my Naughty Lifestyle Guide Blog, which offers fantastic tips on where to shop for the sexiest lingerie, which cities are the world’s naughtiest, how best to spend a sexy hour in Paris, sexiest airports (yes, airports can be very sexy!) plus news, reviews and information on things like Naughty Girls Meetups and nights out.

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Facebook & Twitter

We’re in the digital age, people, so if you want to keep up with me and my naughty lifestyle, you’re very welcome to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll keep you in the loop about all my naughty travels and offer advice and tips on the best places to go and what to do when you’re there. You can also sign up for my regular Newsletter, to stay in regular touch with the best naughty travel finds around the globe.

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Naughty Holiday Tips

Have you been thinking about taking a vacation lately? Are you sick and tired of the same hum-drum routine – go to work, come home, rinse and repeat….all just to pay more bills and spend more hours at the office? Girlfriend, it might be time for you to take a naughty holiday!

But how do you get started? Where should you go? What should you take with you? And what should you be doing once you get there? Don’t worry, because I can answer all these questions, and more, to make sure you have the naughtiest vacation of your life. You can choose to go with like-minded friends, a lover, or (my favorite) just go on your own. Holidaying by yourself means you open yourself up to so many more adventures than you would if you were with friends or a partner. There are no limits, nobody to ask permission from, and nobody to check up on you. Sounds like heaven, right? Well that’s because it is, so read on.

1. Decide what kind of sexy holiday you want to enjoy

When it comes to spending your valuable time off, forget about the usual trip to the local rollercoaster park, staying in and doing laundry or visiting yet another zoo. This year, you need to create a vacation experience you’ll always remember. If you have a week’s worth of vacation time saved up with work, book a naughty holiday. But, before you begin your naughty holiday plans, you must first decide what kind of memories you want to create and where you want to create them. In other words, what excites you?

Have you always wanted to go to a swingers club? Or maybe a fetish gathering? What about a brothel or strip club? Or maybe you’re keen on the idea of being a voyeur and watching someone else’s naughty holiday, rather than creating your own? No matter what you decide, determining what kind of naughty adventure you want to experience will make it easier to plan your trip.

2. Choose a naughty destination

Now that you know what type of sexy holiday you’re looking for, you can decide which city should be blessed with your presence. For example, if you’re looking to frequent a brothel, do your homework and find out where they’re located. Legalized prostitution in the U.S. is available only in Nevada. If you’re looking for foreign adventure, then Paris has some super swanky (and legal) swingers club. If you want to go hardcore fetish, then London or Berlin are great places to check out. When selecting the right naughty destination, you can easily do your research online or follow my blog at www.naughtytravelguideblog.com . If you want to find out what’s available by city, buy my naughty city guides at http://www.naughtytravelguide.com

3. Research local laws

Sure, we’re naughty girls who like to live on the edge, but nothing will ruin a vacation faster than a night behind bars. Before you go traipsing the world looking for a good time – or in our case, a bad time! –make sure to do your research. For instance, if you want to enjoy a topless stroll down the beach, make sure the beach you select welcomes this kind of naughty behavior. If you’re looking for a nudist colony, make sure you look into the laws that govern the area when you find one. In some countries, a violation of sexually-based offenses is a big deal. Remember, just because a nudist colony (or brothel, etc.) exists, doesn’t mean it is legal. Imagine your surprise when a certain naughty locale gets raided and you’re hauled off to the slammer in nothing but your birthday suit! Don’t let this happen to you.

4. Choosing a naughty hotel

There are countless hotels around the world that specialize in naughtiness. Since you’re looking to have a naughty holiday, I would recommend that you stay somewhere you’ve never even heard of, just for the sake of adventure. Or, perhaps you want to stay at some ritzy hotel complete with five-star facilities. For many women, spending a lot of money on a hotel makes them feel sexy, which in turn makes them want to be naughty. Before choosing a hotel, do some preliminary investigation. Find a place to stay that is located in or near the city you plan to visit. Every major city has an established naughty side, so use TripAdvisor or another hotel review site to check out what other naughty people have said about the same hotels you’re looking at.

5. Plan a naughty itinerary

Once you have decided where to go and where you want to stay, be sure to have naughty things planned for your trip. Being naughty is something that usually happens spontaneously, but when you’re going on a naughty holiday, it’s best if you know what you’re going to do when you get there. You may want to book tickets to a sexy peepshow or nude play. Or perhaps you want to go to a swingers bar. Remember, you don’t have to wait until the sun goes down to be naughty. I give you permission to be naughty 24-7! There are a lot of things a girl on a naughty holiday can do during regular business hours. Check out the advice in my Naughy Girl’s Guide To Los Angeles for ideas about what to do not just in the City of Angels, but inspiration to kick start your naughty vacation wherever it is you’re planning to go. And don’t forget to visit my Naughty Travel Guide blog to help you pick a city where I know you can get up to all sorts of naughty things!

6. Packing for Your Getaway

This one is really a no-brainer! We are women of the here and now, so we’re always ready and prepared for anything, no matter where we go. Be sure to pack according to the nature of your naughty holiday. Of course, you’ll always want to pack lots of condoms, and if you’re headed to a fetish club, then you’ll want to pack your best latex outfit and bring some leather whips (be sure to pack latex properly so it doesn’t ‘spoil’ on the journey.) If you’re looking for topless or nudist beaches, you need to pack your bathing suit because you’ll need to wear something before you get to the beach. If you’re headed to a swingers club, pack a sexy dress and lingerie outfit. So it’s really just about thinking ahead, not just to the events you want to attend, but also the ‘pre’ and ‘post’ times, so don’t be afraid to pack a few comfortable sweats to lounge in for the mornings after your naughtiness. And if you really want to make this holiday memorable, splurge a little and buy a first class plane/train ticket, or rent a fancy car as you travel about on your trip. This should be the trip of a lifetime, so make it as memorable as possible – every minute of it.

7. Sex toys

You can’t have a naughty vacation experience without the proper essentials. And who ever heard of a holiday without toys!? There are plenty of sex toys on the market that have been designed for those who are traveling. For example, there are bullet vibes which fit discreetly into your evening purse and toys that have been made to look like something else so you won’t be embarrassed by the nosy security guard who searches your bag. Take your favorites, but also splash out on a few extra-spicy sex toys to experiment with while you’re away.

Here are 10 of my favorite travel must-haves: 

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

I Rub My Duckie Travel Size – ParisA real best seller, a rubber duckie is a must-have for any naughty girl’s case. This sexy white one is about half the size of a standard duckie, so it’s a real space saver, and it even comes with a sassy feather boa to put you in the mood. But it doesn’t compromise on power, making a great massager as well as a vibrator. It’s quiet, too, so you can have some sexy bath time fun in your hotel room without worrying about the noise you’re going to make.

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Vibrating Pantie SetJust because you’re in transit doesn’t mean you should go without some between-the-legs stimulation. Take these panties on the plane or train and get added thrills on your trip. The person sitting next to you will be left wondering just what has put such a smile on your face! If you have a fear of flying, then these naughty panties are the perfect distraction, making air travel a whole lot more fun.

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Travel Vibrator KeyringGet off any time, anywhere, with this handy keyring vibrator. You can even attach your hotel key to this nifty little number, letting your fellow guests know exactly what you intend to get out of your holiday. A cheeky addition to any naughty girl’s carry-on bag.

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Shades of Love Bondage SetIf you’re planning on visiting a fetish or BDSM club, you’ll need to look the part. This sexy set has everything you need to make an impression. There’s a seamless lace & satin dress to show off every inch of your curves, as well as a silky eye mask and some super-sexy silk restraints to really excite any potential partners.

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Sweet Obsession G-Spot VibeIf you like your orgasms intense and internal, then you need to pack a good G-Spot vibe. As opposed to G-Spot dildos, many of which are made of glass and so perhaps unsuitable for travel, G-Spot vibes are mostly made from soft silicone and are hardwearing – perfect for those long journeys. This one is rechargeable, so no need to worry about packing loads of batteries – one will do!

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Mini Nipple SuckersOur nipples are super-sensitive, so packing a pair of these handy little suckers will ensure that wherever you’re headed, you can enjoy the erotic sensation of bullet-hard nipples, which is sure to get a few heads turning. Made from PVC, they’re soft and pliable, so you and your new playmates can play for hours, teasing your nipples to attention.

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Dominant Submissive Fur HandcuffsYou might get a few suspicious glances at airport security with these naughty cuffs, but that’s half the fun, right? And trust me, there’ll be no mistaking what type of holiday you’re headed for when the security guard gets a look at these. Beautiful red fur cuffs come with 2 release keys plus a free blindfold, so the possibilities are endless once you get going. Be prepared!

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

Chiffon Bell Sleeve White RobeHolidays are all about relaxation, so be sure to pack something sexy, but soft, in which you can spend your lazy days looking sultry and feeling erotic. Just because you got in late from that club last night, doesn’t mean your down time has to feel any less sexy than your night time. This sassy chiffon lace robe will have you feeling in the mood for naughtiness all day long. And, if you wake up next to a hot new bedfellow, what better way to keep him turned on through the morning as you enjoy coffee and croissants on your hotel balcony?

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

8. Playing it safe

I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay safe on your vacation. Condoms are essential, they should be the first things you pack, because you don’t want to come back with a gift that keeps on giving – like chlamydia, or worse. Many naughty vacation locations (brothels, fetish clubs etc.) will supply them, but don’t rely on this – it’s always advisable to take your own so you’re sure you’re covered (or rather, he is.) Even if you’re just performing fellatio, use a condom. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Also, whenever I return from a naughty holiday, even though I’ve been safe, I always get tested for STDs. Remember, there are still things you can get even if you use a condom, like herpes and genital warts.

How To Become A Naughty Traveler | Naughty Travels

9. Don’t forget your naughty souvenirs!

When your holiday is over, you don’t need to come home empty handed. Aside from the naughty photographs and videos I hope you’ve taken, you should also treat yourself to some Naughty Travel Girl souvenirs that you can use again and again, to remind you (and anyone who knows you) what a fantastically naughty time you just had. Take your pick from my selection of branded ‘Naughty Travel Girl’ favorites.

Naughty Travel Girl Sticky Notes 

We all have notepaper and Post-It notes dotted around the house, so why not theme yours to remind you of your holiday and make you plan your next one sooner rather than later. This block of sticky notes is a cute way of making lists and even sending notes to someone you’ve got your eye on.

Naughty Travel Girl Eiffel Tower iPhone 5 Case 

You take your phone everywhere with you, so it makes sense to add a little Naughty Girl reminder to it so you can remember your naughty holiday every time you text or call someone. Just holding it will make you smile, and it’s a fantastic ice breaker next time a hot guy starts talking to you.

Naughty Travel Girl Tote Bag 

Get the gossips going at the grocery store with this sassy tote bag. Wear it on your shoulder with pride as you browse the fruit and veggies, and watch the admiring, jealous, or even suspicious glances from other women who wish they had the courage to be as naughty as you. And you never know, this bag might be the secret weapon you need to get that cute guy you’ve had your eye on to come over and talk to you.

Naughty Travel Girl Gym Bag 

What better way to boast about your recent naughty holiday than by turning up to your next gym session with this cheeky gym bag? Girls and guys will be fascinated by the sexy woman striding across the gym floor on her way to the changing rooms, showing off her confidence for all the world to see.

Naughty Travel Girl Fridge Magnet 

An inexpensive reminder of your naughty holiday, is to put this cheeky magnet on the fridge (or anywhere you like) so as you go about your normal day, you can smile to yourself at the memories of every little thing you got up to while you were away.

Naughty Travel Girl Toiletries Bag 

I have one of these to take on vacation, not just to remind me of a great time from holidays past. I love seeing it every time I walk into the hotel bathroom, because it’s an instant reminder of naughty times, plus it’s a promise of naughty times to come, especially if you keep naughty things inside it!

Naughty Travel Girl Laptop Skins 

Most naughty girls take their laptop or iPads everywhere with them, so make sure you’re all kitted out to attract attention in that Parisian cafe or Jamaican beach bar, with these on-trend laptop skins. I guarantee that no-one else for miles around will have one, so be prepared to field questions from fellow sunseekers as to why you think you’re such a naughty girl!

LA Naughty Girl Glass 

If LA has been your naughty destination, relive those gloriously heady nights in the cocktail bars and nightclubs, with this souvenir Naughty Girl glass. Mix your favorite drinks in the comfort of your own home, then live out the holiday memories once more as you sip and smile.

Las Vegas Naughty Girl Business Card Case 

What better way to mix business with remembered pleasure than with a Naughty Girl Business Card case? It’s a shiny, glamorous and very fun way to introduce yourself to new clients, who won’t be able to help but wonder what makes you so naughty. This is a great item to take on nights out, too. Any hot guy you get talking to won’t help but be impressed if, when they ask for your number, you present them with a business card from this sassy case.

Las Vegas Naughty Girl Duvet Case 

For the ultimate holiday memories, go to bed with your Naughty Girl persona every single night, with this sensual duvet cover. And when lovers come, it’s a great way to introduce them to your bedroom. Their imagination will be working overtime as to what further delights the night might hold!

So go through the list above and prepare for your naughty holiday with confidence. This is a real opportunity for you to indulge those fantasies and make them real – at last! Whether it’s a sinful weekend in Vegas, a fetish fantasy in Frankfurt, or a peep show in Paris, the world really is your oyster, so make sure to spend those hard-earned hours, days and weeks somewhere you’ve always wanted to go so you can indulge in some super sexy extracurricular activities.

I hope your naughty holiday is everything you hope it will be. Enjoy yourself and your sexuality. Remember, this is your life to live, and you only get one chance to do it right. Don’t apologize for your naughty holiday, relish every moment!

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Naughty Events Around the World


Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

Naughty Events Around the World

Nudes-A-Poppin’ Pageant

Held in Roselawn, Indiana and organized by the legendary Ponderosa Sun Club, family nudist resort, the Nudes-A-Poppin’ Pageant is an annual event for nude men and women competing in various styles of erotic dance and other contests. Originally started in the mid-seventies, the pageant has continued into the present day with great enthusiasm and spirit, attracting nudists, strippers and porn stars to celebrate the fun of exhibitionism and naughtiness. A fun and interesting mix of celebrities host the day’s events and awards are given out to the best performers. Bring your camera and check out one of the hottest adult festivals in the States!

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

Folsom Street Fair

The Folsom Street Fair is one of the largest, leather subculture and BDSM lifestyle events held anywhere in the world. Drawing upward of some four-hundred thousand spectators and participants in a single day, this annual San Franciscan festival has become a tradition of near legendary proportions. An open and friendly environment for everyone to exhibit and explore the naughtiest sides of sex, the Folsom Street Fair is a place where BDSM activities are not only performed but encouraged in a public environment. This is a spectacle that any naughty enthusiast wouldn’t want to miss!

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

Running of the Nudes 

Taking place in Pamplona, Spain just days before the traditional Running of the Bulls, the Running of the Nudes is an animal welfare inspired event that was created to bring attention to the cruelties of bullfighting. The event began in 2002 with only a handful of participants but has quickly grown to encompass thousands of nude runners, usually only wearing a red scarf or bull horns. The Running of the Nudes is a fantastically fun and festive way to get nude and naughty under the warm, Spanish sun and support a great cause at the same time.

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

Wreck Beach Bare Buns Fun Run 

Located in Vancouver, Wreck Beach is one of the largest clothing optional beaches in North America. A celebrated destination for naturalists of all types, Wreck Beach is a beautiful and popular locale for nude recreation. The Wreck Beach Bare Buns Fun Run is an annual five kilometer run along the gorgeous shore that draws hundreds of nude participants together in the spirit of fun and naked solidarity. If you are already a practicing naturalist or simply interested in letting your inhibitions go and experiencing the power of nude recreation for the first time, the Wreck Beach Fun Run is a great, safe place to have fun the natural way.

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

The World Naked Bike Ride 

An annual event held in multiple cities around the world, The World Naked Bike Ride is dedicated to celebrating cycling and the human body as well as bringing attention to the vulnerability of cyclists and to protest car culture. This yearly bike ride has quickly turned into a naughty tradition and it’s quite easy to find support and information regarding the event in most of the world’s larger, more contemporary cities. There’s a delicious, mischievous freedom in riding a bike in the nude, although you can be as nude as your comfort level allows. Many participants paint their bodies and bikes for fun, reveling in the creative and festive atmosphere.

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

German Fetish Ball 

The German Fetish Ball is one of the greatest and largest, international, annual celebrations of BDSM and fetish culture found anywhere in the world. Drawing massive crowds from around the globe, the Fetish Ball is an event where clubs, DJs, performers, models, designers and artists of all types convene together to create a vibrant, electric atmosphere of celebration and fetish freedom. The event’s program features bondage shows, acrobatic displays and a variety of unusual performances that you won’t see anywhere else. This event is an absolute must for those who love to walk on the wild side. It’s one of the naughtiest parties of the year.

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

Fremont Solstice Parade 

Held in the thriving and dynamic Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, the Fremont Solstice Parade is a stylish, bohemian flavored event held on the Summer Solstice of each year. Well known for its creative floats and political humor, one of the truly eye-catching spectacles of the event are the Solstice Cyclists, a group who ride in the nude and display a dazzling artistry of body painting and creative art bike design. At one point, a certain degree of controversy was held in regard to the nude cyclists, but they have come to be an accepted and much anticipated element of the Parade. Come and check out the fun at this liberating and artistic summer fest where nudity, body paint and cycling converge together!

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

New Orleans Burlesque Festival 

Celebrating the Golden Age of Burlesque in a town noted for it’s deep history and roots in the world of burlesque dance is a real treat for those looking for a great naughty vacation escape and adventure. Held annually since 2009, this festival has sought to rekindle the original passion and glamor of one of America’s greatest strip-tease capitals and has succeeded brilliantly, offering a wide selection of showcases, workshops and performances over the course of a weekend. Be sure to check out the main event and see who will be crowned the ‘Queen of Burlesque’, an event that draws the best burlesque dancers from all over the world to compete.

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

Rio Carnival 

Considered the largest carnival in the world, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a festival that has been held every year since its humble beginnings in 1723. A delight for all senses, this action packed festival-celebration is brimming with samba and of course, beautiful and sexy Brazilians. Drawing crowds of millions from all over the world, Rio Carnival is one of the brightest, shining stars on the naughty traveler’s map. The call of sultry and passionate adventure in one of the hottest and sexiest cities on Earth, make this experience an absolute must.

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

Seattle Erotic Art Festival 

Produced by the Foundation of Sex Positive Culture, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is a brilliant and dazzling event which displays a unique showcase of erotic art and performance. Promoting freedom of expression and a sex positive culture, the festival celebrates the erotic through many diverse media such as painting, photography, sculpture and interactive installations. Other forms of art and erotic expression are represented as well through various performance arts such as dance, music and film. This is the perfect festival for that special naughty weekend with your partner.

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels


With its origins stemming from the Dionysian Celebrations of Ancient Greece, the Phallus Festival in the beautiful town of Tyrnavos, Greece continues the tradition of the penis parade into modern times. Long ago, these processions served as celebrations of the coming spring and fertility but now are usually reserved as a day of fun, festivities and comedy right before the fasting and prayer of Lent. Penises in every shape and form imaginable are to be found all over town in the form of art, food and jewelry, with many people hurling obscenities at each over the course of the day! The Phallus Festival is probably one of the most unique cultural experiences that the naughty traveler could experience.

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

Shinto Kanamara Matsuri
(The Festival of the Steel Phallus) 

Held each Spring, The Festival of the Steel Phallus comes from the celebration of an ancient Japanese shrine and a story from Japanese legend whose tale involves the creation of a steel phallus in order to break the teeth of a demon who had hidden in the vagina of a young woman. Today, it is one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations and the proceeds from it are used to promote research for HIV. Penis shaped foods, art and sculpture are everywhere, as thousands descend to watch the parade of the giant, pink penis and take part in the local color and naughty fun.

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels

Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex

Bringing together sex experts and educators from around the world, the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex in Australia is probably the most workshop intensive of any sex festival happening today. With a massive variety of talks, panels, films and performance as well as both hands on and off workshops, this festival is truly about discovering what sex means to you and the best ways for you to give it expression. This is the perfect festival to experience with a partner if you want to have fun and explore elements of intimacy and sexuality that you may not have known you were capable of.

Naughty Events Around the World | Naughty Travels


Sexpo is the longest running adult consumer exhibition in the world and brings an amazing number of local and international performers, vendors and sex educators together in a relaxed, friendly and fun, party atmosphere. This health, sexuality and lifestyle expo presents a fantastic opportunity to indulge yourself in a naughty paradise filled with fetish demonstrations, exotic male and female stage acts and a carnival where all of the rides have been turned into serious Adult Only fun! Next time you plan a trip to Down Under, make it a naughty adventure and check out the internationally acclaimed Sexpo.

Sienna Sinclaire ~ Naughty Travels 

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How to Use A Vibrator

How to Use A Vibrator

Infograph provided by CarVaka 

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10 Ways To Beat Cellulite

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite

The bane of every woman’s life, cellulite is an inevitable part of growing older. It used to be the case that, once you got it, you had it forever, and while that’s true in part, there are still plenty of ways to both prevent it and minimize the effects once it arrives.

Here are 10 ways you can hit back against cellulite: 

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

1. Body brush

Cellulite loves to gravitate towards static parts of the body where fat can accumulate. Inside the fat, toxins gather, so you need to get these toxins moving in the right direction towards your waste channels. One way to keep the blood pumping around the body so cellulite just doesn’t have time or space to settle is by using a body brush on areas like the thighs, bum and calves. The stimulation will keep the lipids and toxins moving and also exfoliate your skin to keep it feeling super soft and strokeable. Start off slow, don’t just dive straight in with a rigorous brush workout – your skin will not thank you for it and it can be quite painful. Build up the brushing until you reach a level you and your skin are comfortable with.

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

2. Water

Hydration is key to fighting cellulite. Flushing out the toxins will prevent new cellulite forming and also help reduce the appearance of existing cellulite. Think about something else that’s dehydrated like dried fruit, how shriveled it looks. Well that’s exactly the same effect dehydration has on your skin, so always drink plenty of water to ensure your body looks fresh and your skin looks glowing. Don’t give those cellulite lumps a chance to make themselves at home.

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

3. Diet

What you eat has a direct impact on how bad your cellulite can get. Fresh fruit and fresh green vegetables are excellent warriors in the fight against cellulite because they contain high amounts of water and alkaline compounds, which draw out the nasty acids which can encourage cellulite to form. Vitamin C also boosts collagen production, so your skin feels thicker and more elastic.

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

4. Creams

There are so many “miracle” creams on the market which claim to cure cellulite, but make sure you’re using the right ones. Some of these creams contain steroids which can thin your skin and actually make cellulite look worse. Look for creams and serums which contain caffeine and antioxidants – these will tighten and firm your skin and push the cellulite deeper down and away from the surface. No cream will eradicate cellulite, they can only improve or disguise the appearance. Use coconut oil afterwards to keep skin supersoft and seal the moisture in.

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

5. Exercise

Cellulite is a form of fat, so excess fat is only going to make the problem worse. Regular exercise not only helps you maintain a healthy weight, it also gets the blood pumping around the body to keep the toxins moving in the right direction, and exercise also releases feelgood chemicals in the brain which help motivate you and boost oxygen to the brain, speeding up the detoxification process.

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

6. Oily Fish and Nuts

Yes, oil is a fat, and so is cellulite. But Omega-3 fatty acids like those found in salmon, mackerel and other oily fish are “good fats,” which help the body metabolize itself and get rid of the “bad fats” like cellulite. Nuts, too, are a fantastic source of essential fatty acids, as well as being full of fiber, so your ‘waste management system’ can work at its optimum level and expel cellulite before it has chance to take hold.

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

7. Swap Your Salt

Salt is salt, right? Wrong! Most kitchen cupboards contain refined salt (aka table salt,) which we gleefully throw into our cooking and sprinkle liberally over our meals. This salt, however, is very high in acid and harmful toxins which dehydrate the skin and accumulate inside the blood. This not only encourages cellulite production but also increases your chances of suffering a heart attack, a stroke or high blood pressure. But not all salt is bad. Natural salt, like Celtic salt or Himalayan pink salt, is naturally alkaline, not acidic. It encourages hydration, banishes toxins, and helps promote healthy blood flow, thus preventing cellulite from even forming in the first place. All you have to do is replace table salt with sea salt, and you’re good to go.

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

8. Use Self-tanner

For many women, it’s too late for prevention, so the next best thing is reducing the appearance of cellulite by using color and tone. Cellulite is much more obvious under pale skin, so use a good self-tanner to minimize the appearance of those dimples.

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

9. Technology

It’s not cheap, but there are some impressive professional treatments on the market which do have a marked effect in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Something like Cellutone is a process whereby shockwaves are sent through the surface of the skin to penetrate the affected area. These shockwaves break up the clumps of cellulite so a lot of it can then get flushed out naturally. Your skin will also look and feel firmer afterwards so it does the work of a good cream, as well. It can be expensive, but once you get past the first few sessions, you won’t need as many to see the same effect.

10 Ways To Beat Cellulite | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

10. Use a Derma-roller

Some women hate derma-rollers, others swear by them. One thing is certain, though, and that’s that derma rollers are proven to boost collagen production and improve the skin’s firmness and elasticity. This in turn can help prevent cellulite and improve the appearance of existing cellulite. A derma roller is a handheld device which contains a nubbed or needled roller head. Rolling it across the affected areas stimulates blood flow, increases oxygen emissions and breaks up the fat deposits which constitute cellulite. It can be uncomfortable and, for some, even quite painful, because the tiny needles attached to the roller head pierce the skin, aerating it and kick-starting the collagen production process. But if you have a high pain threshold, the results are definitely worth it.

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