How Men Feel About Fake Boobs

Fake Boobs

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Tom – I like natural breasts. I have never been a chest man, anyway. Legs, please.

Glen – Honestly, it makes no difference to me. If you want new boobs, get them. If you have nice, natural boobs, count your blessings and enjoy them. My take on fake/natural boobs is this; if I can squeeze them, that’s real enough for me.

Todd – I hate fake boobs! I won’t date a girl who has fake boobs, no matter how hot she is. I’ve fucked girls with fake boobs before but they were horrible. They feel horrible, I don’t care how “natural” they say they feel. They’re not natural feeling at all. ANd most boob jobs look bad, there’s a 1% of boob jobs that look okay but they are still fake. Plus I want a woman who is confident enough in herself not to want a boob job. If a girl is beautiful and comfortable with herself she won’t seek a boob job because she knows it’s not the boobs that attract a man. If it is then he’s only after your boobs.

Dennis – I don’t have a preference. I just like them firm. Real boobs are great but the sag if they are too big. Fake boobs are nice as long as they are done right. If she is on her back and they slide to her arm pits then she had a bad boob job.

Bradley – I don’t necessarily dislike fake boobs, but smaller real boobs, trump huge fake tits any day. I honestly just wanted a woman to feel confident. The sexier she feels about her body, the more open and confident she will be with me, and honestly; the more I will like her body too.

Anthony – I don’t discount fake boobs, but It depends on the reason, if it’s because of insecurity or they’re trying to be a model, I am not a big fan. If it’s because of medical reasons; breast cancer, accident or deformity, then I am all for them. I rarely like fake boobs, they look fake. I have seen a few that looked natural but they are rare. But in the big picture, it’s how I get along with someone that really makes me decide.

Devan – Natural is always preferred. That said, some women get an amazing boost of self-confidence with fake boobs, so I’m not against it, if it’s well done. That said, most fake boob jobs are not that great. Then again, Cleavage is My Kryptonite.

Blake – I prefer natural breasts because they are natural.

Jake – Boobs in general are just great. I tend to favor the natural ones because they have total sensitivity and if you enjoy getting slapped in the face with a boob, the natural ones will do that. The fakes tend to be firmer with less movement. When squeezing a handful of boob, that is what you want to feel. You don’t want it to be like squeezing a rubber ball.

Pierre – I prefer real but fake is not bad especially if it is well done. For some women fake works. Size of breasts is not a big deal. I am interested in the IT factor – sexiness of the woman. But fake boobs can always equal fake person.

Manuel – I prefer natural boobs. Fake boobs are a sign of lack of character. Strong women accept their faults.

Frank – When I was younger (in my teens and early 20s) I used to be totally against breast implants. I thought most of them looked too fake and “globe-like” and appreciated the look of natural breasts much more. But honestly, now that I’m older and have been with girls with both natural and fake breasts, it really doesn’t make much difference to me now. I still slightly prefer great-looking natural breasts, but I’ve also seen some boob jobs that look and feel natural enough, so they wouldn’t bother me at all. As long as the person I’m with is happy with their boobs, that’s all that really matters to me.

Steve – Natural are always the best. I would much prefer small natural breasts to large fake ones. For some reason, breasts with implants never look right to me. I enjoy seeing the natural “hang” (for lack of a better word) than what I see with implants. Plus there is a more wonderful softness that comes with natural breasts. I understand why women want to get implants and that’s fine. I would never turn down a date or evening with someone who had obvious implants, but my preference is and allways will be natural.

Shawn – Not a boob guy at all. I’m into pretty faces, fantastic thighs and magnificent tasting vaginas. I used to date my next door neighbor, who was a porn actress (a crazy neurotic one at best) and she had fake ones – but they never really fazed me all that much. My center of gravity is in between her thighs. Fake boobs sometimes add up to unnecessary egotism and power plays.

– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide 

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2 Responses to How Men Feel About Fake Boobs

  1. onet1me says:

    Boobs are not just Boobs. Some men like big ones and some don’t.

    But think of it like being a car lover. I like all cars from originals to kit cars. Big muscle cars to small sports models.

    Just love them.

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