Sex Up Your Space With Your Senses: Sight

Sex Up Your Space with Your Senses
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Decorating your house with a focus on the senses can change the way that you experience your home and feel about yourself. By making your home inviting to yourself and your guests, you can transform your space into a sexy retreat from the outside world. By being aware of how the elements in our home stimulate the senses, we can manipulate them to make the most sensual environment for ourselves, our friends, and our lovers.

A beautiful home can restore and replenish both visitors and the people who live there unlike anything else. Every time I open the door to my home, I want a wave a pleasure to wash over me, leaving me feeling instantly sexy and luxurious. I want guests who cross my doorstep to feel worries melt away, as all of their senses become consumed with calm sensuality. This is especially important for my lovers, who I want to leave with a desire to come back for more.

The qualities I desire out of my home are not unique. Across history and cultures, people have used home design to cultivate sexy spaces. Hosting guests with grace and abundance takes the form of art in many places today, as hosts strive to pamper guests with utmost generosity. Unfortunately, the mainstream focus on interiors can be uptight and keen to gloss over sexuality rather than to cultivate it, an unfortunate turn of events for naughty girls and their guests.

For my home, I turn to the sensuality-soaked designs of France, where people have never shied away from the sexy side of life. Through French design, we can learn how to engage all five senses in our homes to maximize the erotic potential for ourselves and our guests. In “Fatale: How French Woman Do It,” author Edith Kunz sets up some ground rules by stating, “it all starts with the grand welcome. The flattering acknowledgement at the door…surpasses any greeting given in public. And the reception of guests is a studied art in Europe.”

I incorporate her advice into my home by attending to the entrance, greeting my guests with fuzzy slippers to wear and offering them a choice of seating: by fire or fountain, to suit whatever element my guests’ nerves require. By ritualizing how we let people into our homes, we enhance the home’s spa-like power. You can emphasize your hospitality by catering to all of the senses. Edith Kunz sums it up best when she writes, “To set the stage for sublime moments one can activate all the forces of sight, smell, taste and sound to arouse the anticipation for the final explosion.”

The next time you get an urge to nest or redecorate, be mindful in what you choosing, taking care to pick items that suit your tastes and make you feel sexy through all of your senses. By being true to yourself, you can become the best host possible by harnessing your confidence and feminine power. Not only will you feel sexier in your own home, you can let your inner femme fatale out to play in all of her glory.

Remember, it all starts at the door. To truly entertain guests with genuine hospitality, give a grand welcome. Be attuned their needs and your own to genuinely leave the world at the door step and enter the naughty oasis of your making.

Sex up space pic 2Sight

It’s our most relied-upon sense. We have visions, foresight, hindsight, and insight. We gather most of our information from our sense of vision, and sight goes hand in hand with understanding. As such, using imagery and visual design is one of the most obvious, but least understood ways to make the home more sensual.

French Technique: Candles Everywhere
The easiest way to inject some visual oomph into your home is to use candles to your advantage. Kunz tells us that “Frenchwomen have no intention of giving up candlelight just because electricity is so abundant.” This is due to the simple candle’s extraordinary light, whose flickering flames seduce, flatter, and smooth. In “Fatale: How French Woman Do It,” we’re told that lovers entering a French woman’s home will encounter “dim lighting and candles, hiding the cracks in the ceiling and softening any lines on the brow of the lady.”

For Your Home
Candles are inexpensive and effective, so adding them to your home can make a huge impact on a small budget. Candlelight makes me feel so sexy that I’ve covered my house and patios with 117 candles. I even have candles on my stairs and in my hallway leading to my bedroom. This creates a very erotic atmosphere for what’s to come for my lovers. This sounds like a lot, but majority of them are battery-operated candles that illuminate via a timer, so I’m not forced to spend time lighting and extinguishing them every night. Since I still love the glow of real candles, I keep several in each room, lighting them as needed to set the mood for myself and my lovers.

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French Technique: Creating Visual Abundance through Fabrics, Textures, and Ornamentation
A quick Google search on French interior design yields page after page of beautiful homes showcasing luxury and visual opulence through cascading fabrics, ornate chandeliers, plush seating areas, and textiles of varying patterns and textures. Everything about French design cultivates visual luxury, coaxing you inside, seducing you, influencing your desires, making you want to reach out and touch. One of the most famous French design elements is Toile de Jouy, a fabric or wall paper in muted colors depicting rather detailed scenes. Toile de Jouy is genius in how it attracts attention; it’s not flashy, but it compels you to search through its scenes for an underlying story.

For Your Home
My home has tall ceilings that create a feeling of grandeur. White, sheer curtains and cascading chandeliers add visual interest, texture, and luxury, while two separate living spaces cater to my guests. A fireplace invites lounging and conversation over tea, while a couch area invites guests to snuggle up to window-side along a textured, furry rug. My space is designed to welcome and allure with rich fabrics, textures, and light.

You can add some of this visual sensuality to your own home by hanging ceiling-to-floor curtains that visually extend the length of your walls and add a dimension of texture and richness, choosing lighting fixtures that tantalize, and selecting textured rugs for designated seating areas. Don’t cover your house in Toile de Jouy if that doesn’t inspire you or suit your own taste; choose colors, fabrics, textures and patterns that appeal to you.

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Sex up space pic 4Sight

French Technique: Wall Art for Seduction
Throughout history, French artists have obsessed over the female form and the erotic. Even when confined by social decorum, artists expressed their intentions creatively. Edgar Degas’ ballerinas, Eugène Delacroix’s exotic costumes and nudes, Henri de Toulouse-Latrec’s Moulin Rouge girls, and the abstract dancers of Henri Matisse all celebrate a woman’s body in a classically French way. Women can channel the sexual undertones of the French masters just as readily with modern art, erotic photography, and suggestive designs. Used to entice, titillate, or hint at what’s to come for lucky guests, sexy wall art can set the tone for a naughty girl’s home.

For Your Home
Seductive photos of Hollywood starlets greet those lucky gentlemen who receive invites to the floor of my house containing my bedroom. Marilyn Monroe, wearing nothing but lingerie, smiles suggestively, leading the way to my most intimate room. Vintage nudes from the 1920’s hung like museum art adorn the wall of my bedroom itself, along with suggestive lotus flowers, symbolizing the divine womb, fertility, and the vagina. The lotus flower is also known as “padma” or “kamala,” and can be a good choice for ladies who need to be more discreet with their imagery.

I use photos and lotus flowers beyond the bedroom as well. Starlets from Hollywood’s golden age mingle with contemporary women whose sex appeal and confidence I admire, like Dita Von Teese. While some of these images are overtly sexy, with stars clad in lingerie and sprawled across fur rugs, others are sexy because of their personal meaning to me. For instance, many guests might not know Dita Von Teese as a burlesque star, so her headshot might not be seductive, where as I feel sexy and glamorous each time it catches my eye. I also take sexual energy from a portrait of Marilyn Monroe sitting with her legs crossed, chin on hand, laughing. The photo is innocent enough, but her beauty and carefree nature appeal to my sexy side. A picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris that I have hung in my bathroom is extremely suggestive to me, as well.

Curating wall art that ignites your sexuality across your home is an important step in creating your own naughty oasis through visual stimulation, but you have to match your own aesthetic. While not everyone loves large-scale nude photography, anyone can find images that seduce, even if it’s your own dirty little secret. Perhaps you find inspiration from Japanese Geisha culture, the bustling red light district in Amsterdam, or the mythical feminine power of Cleopatra. The key is finding what revs your engine and meets the needs of your home.

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French Technique: A Boudoir Bedroom
The visual abundance described earlier doesn’t stop in the living room. The French bedroom design is all about the ritual of sex, with mirrors for light play and visual stimulation, dressers to house lingerie and conceal secrets, and fluffy spaces for pillow talk. Here fabrics are as important as ever, given their ability to turn the visual into the tactile. A typical French boudoir design capitalizes on the relationship between fabric and color. Colors associated with sex cover the walls and bed linens, while canopies and curtains add extra visual interest and enhance the desire to touch.

Kunz says French women “dress their beds with the same care and consideration that they give to their selection of underwear. They place great importance on the art of visual coquetry, thus setting up an atmosphere to best frame all their other practiced flirtations. The extra effort is not considered an imposition, but an opportunity to participate in the agreeable art of allure.”

For Your Home
All of my linens are white, providing the perfect blank canvas for naughty deeds. I use the finest sheets and bed dressings everyday to make my bedroom a luxury all the time, and to aspire to the “visual coquetry” noted by Kunz. Dressing up your bed is one way to visually stimulate the senses, but what you hang over your bed is just as important. I have used mirrors in the past, but today I have mounted a beautiful, wooden lotus flower to stimulate my sexual energy. And let’s not forget the most important item everyone needs in their bedroom, a fan for all those hot steamy nights. While saunas have a place in this world, I want my lovers to find my bedroom an exotic, sensual oasis, not a steam bath.

The rest of my bedroom is furnished with useful and beautiful items. I have a Venetian mirrored dresser topped with flowers, candles, an erotic Buddha figurine, and sensual framed images all positioned under another mirror. This is not an ordinary bureau, as it packs in three whole drawers of sex toys! In another corner sits a white chair and ottoman that match the boudoir aesthetics I love while providing a place to relax and, of course, working as props on certain nights. Combined with candlelight and my erotic photos on the walls, all of the items in my bedroom facilitate sex through visual stimulation.

You can give your own bedroom a makeover by taking a look around your space and asking yourself, “What makes your feel sexy?” Add décor, linens, or furniture that allures you. If you can’t get rid of an ugly dresser or terrible feature in your room, get creative with solutions, looking for paints, fabrics, or décor that masks the problem or draws the eye elsewhere. With a little bit of creativity and soul-searching, you can make any room sensual.

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Look for more blogs in this series.  Up next is Smell!

– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl ®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide

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