Create Your Own Holiday Traditions As A Single Person

Single Holiday 2Being a single gal presents its own unique set of challenges. No matter what your single situation may be, dont ever let the holidays get you down. Holidays are especially tricky when living single or some place new where you dont know anyone yet. Remind yourself that it is okay to be alone on the holidays (or hang out with other singles). It doesnt make you a loser or less of a woman. It just means you are a unique, independent woman who chooses not to settle for less than the best. So instead of letting the holidays make you feel lonely or unloved, start creating our own holiday traditions. No matter what the occasion, always celebrate yourself!



Here is how I spend my own holidays. Take some of my suggestions and make your own rituals!


Valentines Day Even though we choose to live as single women, we cant help but avoid Valentines Day. We get bombarded with magazine articles, television advertisements, and radio announcers telling us we need to be coupled up to be happy and feel loved. In my opinion, Valentines Day is a horrible holiday, created by companies that rake in millions convincing people to participate. It can make even the most confident single girl feel bad about herself for not having a date on this otherwise ridiculous holiday. Plus, if you have a man in your life, this shouldnt be the only time your guy showers you with attention. He should be doing it on a daily basis. So, if you need Valentines Day for a man to prove his love to you, then you have other problems in your relationship. Valentines Day will not fix it.


If Im dating someone and they want to take me out, then Im fine with that. However, if Im not dating anyone, I choose not to celebrate Valentines Day because I think its such a silly holiday. But its up to you to find out how you want to celebrate it, if at all. (Keep in mind that it is okay to skip it completely!) Maybe you choose to go out with your girlfriends for the evening. Or maybe have a sexy night in where you watch a sexy movie and cook for yourself. Whatever you do, make sure to create your own holiday so it makes you feel good about yourself. You can even do something for yourself everyday leading up to V-day. One day buy yourself some flowers, chocolates, lingerie, take a bath, cook dinner, etc.


Single Holiday 3Your birthday Some singles live nowhere near their family and others are new to town and havent made any real connections. Maybe you dont even like to celebrate your birthday because its not your thing. Nevertheless, if youre so inclined, you can still do something for yourself. Celebrate how fabulous you are and how much you appreciate your own singleness. Maybe you have friends but you dont want to wait for someone else to throw you a party throw your own party!


I dont have a lot of friends here in Los Angeles, as my really good ones live on the East Coast. So every year I throw my own b-day bash. I dont wait for someone to do it for me. I have my friends fly out and we all go out to dinner then get bottle service at a night club. Birthday cake? I have no problem getting my own. This year I wanted a penis cake so I went ahead and had one made for me. There are sometimes I dont want a big celebration so I do something low key for myself and buy myself something nice. The older we get, we begin to notice that our parents arent buying us presents as they did when we were kids. I dont wait for someone to buy me something, I treat myself to something nice.


Halloween I create my own Halloween tradition by decorating my house and yard for the month. (I get tons of compliments from my neighbors and the kids love it.) Also, throughout the month Ill do Halloween themed events such as going to a haunted house or party. Then on Halloween night Ill dress up and hand out candy to the kids. Sometimes afterwards Ill go out or have friends come over for drinks. Come up with your own tradition for the month whole month or just for the evening.


July Fourth I dont like crowds so usually for July Fourth, I like to spend it somewhere quiet such as a spa resort. I might go with a girlfriend or lover to a resort where I know we can view the fireworks from the balcony. Or maybe you have friends over for an afternoon barbeque or head to the beach, etc.


Thanksgiving Sometimes I might visit family for Thanksgiving. Sometimes I just stay in L.A. I usually get invited over to friends house, which is fine because it means they are cooking.not me. But, you could start an annual Thanksgiving dinner with friends. Sometimes single people decide not to travel and visit family so invite anyone whos not traveling. Make it known that its a yearly event and see about alternating where you eat each year. Be sure to express your gratitude for being a single woman.


Christmas I celebrate on my own by decorating my place with lights. I put up a fabulous tree with all the trimmings. I buy gifts for myself and dog. I wrap them and keep them under the tree until Christmas comes and then we open them together. Sometimes I celebrate with someone Im dating and Ill have them over for a cozy evening by the fire. Sometimes I just stay in by myself or I might travel somewhere exotic for the month.


New Years Eve As Ive gotten older, I dont really care to go out on NYE. Places are crowded, its expensive, there are long lines everywhere you go and there are drunk people everywhere. I usually only go out if Im in another country. If Im here in L.A., I like to stay home with my dog and watch the New York Times Square ball drop on TV. I celebrate with some wine and enjoy a quiet evening in by myself or with a lover.

– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl ®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide


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