Nude Recreation Week 2013: Celebration for the Shy

sleep nude

Want to get in on the spirit of the naked fun, but not quite ready to take the plunge by being naked in public? That’s perfectly ok as naughty fun can be tailored to fit each person specifically. Today I thought I’d give some suggestions for those of you who may be a little more shy:

  • Try sleeping in the nude
  • Walk around your house all day in the nude.
  • Do something you normally wouldn’t do naked and feel sexy while doing it! 
  • Run errands in the nude! Go naked under your clothing – wear a sexy sundress this week with nothing under it or men go commando. Go grocery shopping, go out on a date, etc…no one has to know but you.

Can you think of other ways to participate in Nude Recreation Week? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl ®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide

About siennasinclaire

Author - Sex Coach - Model - Naughty Lifestyle Expert
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