Naughty Halloween Decorating


Halloween gives people a reason to show their mischievous side, without others thinking anything of it. You can get away with things during Halloween that would probably be more noticeable at any other time of year. Of course, what you get up to the in the bedroom, is always your business, but make the most of Halloween by maybe accentuating other areas of your life to show off your naughty side.

Gone are the days when Halloween was just about pumpkins and monsters. Today, we can look and act how we like. So for us girls it gives us a chance to really push the boundaries and take the sexy lingerie beyond the realms of the boudoir, and out onto the street. At the very least, we should make the most of having a Halloween home, so push the boat out and give your house or apartment a proper Halloween feel, and invite your friends and lovers round to join in the festivities.

Pumpkin Carving

Don’t let the kids have all the fun. Buy a special naughty ‘pornkin’ carving kit, and hold a party for you and your friends, to see who can be naughtiest. Carve your pumpkins into different sexual positions, and have a sexy prize for the winner – a vibrator, dildo, or naughty party game that everyone can join in with. You don’t have to display these perky pumpkins outside your home (unless you want to!), but you can always put them in the bedroom, for inspiration later on.

Red Sheets

What better time of year to get all steamy and hot in the bedroom, than at Halloween? Invest in some luxury satin sheets for your bed, and feel the inner vampire burst out of your body once you’ve got your lover right where you want him. To me, there is nothing more erotic than the feel of satin sheets rubbing against my naked body. And when those sheets are blood-red, it makes me feel even lustier.


Add black or red netting to your bed to make it more Halloween-ish. It’s just great for putting you in the mood for some supernatural fun, and you could maybe add some cobweb fabric, too, which is easy to find in most drapery stores. Girls, try and get a hold of some cobweb-effect stockings, which you should be able to find in fancy dress stores. Your guy will not be able to resist the sight of you writhing around on top of those satin sheets, in your sexy witch’s lingerie.

Red Lights

Lighting is always important, especially in the boudoir. But try adding that red glow throughout your home at Halloween, so the whole place has that air of forbidden pleasure and supernatural temptation. It can even look scary, which we all know can help crank up the sexual tension. You can buy red light bulbs, or maybe some vintage red lampshades. Red candles are always a winner, and have the advantage of being mobile, so you can bring the redness from room to room, quickly and easily. If you’ve got time, try rummaging about in flea markets or antique shops, for something unusual, like a skull lamp, pumpkin shade, or something truly Gothic.


For the Halloween season, try changing your wall art for a month. You should have erotic art all around your home, anyway, but try mixing it up by hanging scary Halloween pictures, or ghostly photographs. Sexy vampires, Halloween cuties and fantasy art, are very easy to get a hold of, and always think about your colors and the atmosphere you want to create. From the moment you walk through your front door, you want to see something dangerous and alluring, to instantly put you in the mood for some spiritual fooling around.

Black or Red Curtains

A drastic, yet easy, Halloween effect, is to change your curtains for the month. Curtains frame not just windows, but the whole room, so you can achieve instant results by just swapping your usual drapes for something sexier, darker and naughtier. Try these affordable options, and notice straight away the dramatic effect they can have on your home.

216″ Black Sheer Voile – polyester, sheer black drape.

Set of 2 x 84″ Tailored Black Drapes – beautiful and sweeping, for instant effect.

216″ Burgundy Sheer Window Scarf – instantly turns a room into a boudoir.

Set of 2 x 84″ Red Voile Curtains – great for turning any room into an 1980s soft rock video! Sultry and sexy.

– Sienna Sinclaire – Your Naughty Lifestyle Expert

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