Halloween Sex Toys

Halloween Sex Toys Dildo

Every night is a good night for playing around with sex toys – either alone or with your lover. So with Halloween approaching, there’s an added excuse to maybe experiment with something a little spicier, something you may not have tried before. Include different outfits, too, in your night of experimentation. Sometimes, when you’re dressed for the part, it can enhance your confidence and make you feel more willing to try new things. It’s all about having fun and letting yourself go. You can indulge fantasies with your lover, or just treat yourself to a new sex toy that you can enjoy all by yourself. Scare yourself!

Halloween Sex Toys For Women:

Alien Dildo

This is a real monster, made from latex-free, platinum-cured silicone. It’s incredibly realistic, and the weird and wonderful color makes it literally stand out from any other dildo or dong you may have used before. You’ll get some real out-of-this-world fun and games with this, and the detail in the design is just amazing. Don’t be frightened!

Dracula Dildo

Another amazing dildo from Fleshlight. It’s a rocking red color, with intricate cock detail, and is ideal if you’ve got a vampire fetish going on. Get your lover to use it on you, or have some hardcore fun yourself. It’s big enough, and realistic enough, to induce some seriously erotic Dracula role-play.

Treasure Chest Vibrator

This multi-speed vibrator is the ideal addition to your pirate toy box. Start some steamy Pirates of the Caribbean action by getting your lover to use this toy on you, or enjoy some solo high seas adventure of your own. It comes in a very cute, matching treasure chest that you could just have sitting on your night stand, and no-one will guess what’s inside it. It’s got easy button control, and is  a perfect size for traveling. A very beautiful, erotic sex toy.

Pirate Vibrating Duckie

Every girl needs a vibrating duckie in their bathroom, and this one adds a little more adventure. It’s a very cute pirate duck that just asking to be played with. Enjoy this handsome fella in the shower or bath (or even just in bed – he’ll make you come anywhere). The motor is powerful and surprisingly quiet, but he’ll whip up those bubbles in no time. He even comes with a gorgeous little satin-lined treasure chest, so you can hide him away from plunderers.

Frankenstein Dildo

This dildo from the Fleshlight Freaks range is a gigantic 10.25 inches of pure pleasure. The shaft is so realistic and detailed, your eyes will pop out on stalks at the sight of it. It’s made from silicone (so is latext-free), and is guaranteed to reach all those hidden places many dildos can’t reach. Instead of simply being called ‘Frankenstein’, it should really be named ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’.

Halloween Sex Toys For Men:

Alien Pussy

You can rely on Fleshlight to come up with some scarily steamy sex toys for guys. This alien pussy has a double clitoris and combines three different textures for multiple sensations. The vortex canal sleeve gives way to a Lotus node, and then you’ll be able to finish off with the intense STU (stamina training unit). It’s one of the most intricate pussies out there, and will help you to last longer when you’re inside the real thing. Use it with your lover for dual fun, or just practice to your cock’s content.

Dracula Pussy

Made from Fleshlight’s famous SuperSkin, this pussy has amazing internal texture that’ll make you want to come after just a few strokes. Let your lover use it on you as part of some sexy Dracula role-play, or simply enjoy discovering your own inner vampire.

Zombie Pussy

This is Fleshlight’s best seller, and it’s not hard to see why. The SuperSkin sleeve feels awesome so you’ll have to practice a bit to stop yourself coming too quickly. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back to using just your hand ever again. There’s 10 inches of pussy to lose yourself in, too, so that’ll really zombify you.

Jesse Jane Stroker

Famous for its appearance in the porn movie, “Pirates”, this CyberSkin stroker is 6.5 inches of masturbation nirvana. Let ‘Jesse Jane’ take your cock on a journey of ultimate pleasure – she’s tight, tantalizing and ready to get your rocks off.

Pirates Cock Ring

You and your lover will both find your hidden treasures with this beautiful cock ring. The intricate copper bullet vibe slips in and out of the ring with ease, and there’s a clitoral stimulator, plus 3 speeds and 2 variable vibration modes. It comes with a stunning little velvet travel pouch, so you and your lover can become pirates whenever and wherever the mood takes you.

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