National Lollipop Day

woman lollipopDid you know that July 20th is Lollipop Day? Time to celebrate by grabbing something tasty to suck on! Now, you could just drop in at the nearest gas station or search out a gourmet lollipop and relive sweet childhood memories. Or you could live up to your naughty potential by trying some of these:

Lollipop Licks Edible Condoms

edible condoms
With flavors like cherry, passion fruit, banana, mint, strawberry, pink champagne and pina colada, how can you resist? Roll these over your lover’s cock then lick suck, and nibble (gently!) your way to delicious mutual pleasure.

Itty Bitty Titty Lollipop Tray

itty bitty

This reusable tray will allow you to make your own yummy treats in the shape of one of the greatest things on the planet: boobs! Get it this year and use it to make Lollipop Day a naughty day every year.

Comfortably Numb Lollipops

comfortably numb

Want to really wow your lover by treating him to the ultimate blow job technique? While deep throating can be difficult to master, it’s not impossible, especially with a little help from these yummy treats. They offer a mild numbing agent (benzocaine) that helps to reduce discomfort and lessen the gag reflex. They come in a variety of flavors and there’s 2 in every box. Try using it to give your lover a hot preview of all the things you’re going to do to his cock then surprising him with your new skills!

G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop

G spot lollipop

Nominated by the AVN in their 2011 awards, the G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop is a toy to be reckoned with! It’s designed to be able to easily reach and stimulate anyone’s G-Spot (female G-Spot or prostate in males). There are 2 differently sized balls; start with the smaller one and once your body has mastered it, step up to the larger size to experience even more intense orgasms!

– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl ®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide

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Author - Sex Coach - Model - Naughty Lifestyle Expert
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