Naughty Halloween Guide To Los Angeles

‘Tis the month to make mischief, so let Sienna Sinclaire take you on a wicked tour of Los Angeles  and show you the very naughtiest things you can get up to in the city. Sienna’s an expert in all things scary, sultry, spicy and downright sexy, because she literally wrote the book. Naughty Girl’s Guide To Los Angeles contains plenty of Halloween tips and treats to try out while you’re here, so to get your hands on your own copy, visit Amazon, or get a limited edition signed copy by visiting her website at

There are loads of naughty and sexy Halloween things to do in L.A., so get planning your trip right now with some suggestions from Sienna’s Halloween Tour.

– Go to an all-out naughty Halloween party

Looking for something naughty to do this month or on Halloween night? There are tons of things to do in Los Angeles. Check out one of my naughty events at Naughty Guide to Los Angeles or here. 

– Stay at a haunted hotel

Los Angeles is full of gorgeously sexy hotels, especially around Hollywood, full of glitz, glamor, and bundles of stories whispering through the bedroom walls. But the best is by far the Hollywood Roosevelt, which has all the cachet of the golden Hollywood era, and is also known for the many hauntings that go on here. Book in with your lover (or even by yourself) and soak up the ghostly atmosphere. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to rent Cabana 229, the suite that Marilyn Monroe used to stay in, and which is reputed to be haunted by her ghost. Alternatively, get a room on the 9th floor, where poltergeists reside in many rooms, and a ghost thought to be Montgomery Clift, has been seen walking through solid walls. The Blossom Ballroom is also a hotbed for hauntings. You’re spoiled for choice in this hotel, if you like being scared out of your wits.

– Visit Marilyn Monroe’s grave

No other actress was, or ever will be, as sexy and alluring as Marilyn, and she should be every naughty girl’s favorite pin-up. While you’re in L.A., go and pay your respects by visiting her grave at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery. You’ll find her remains on the North Side, called the Corridor of Memories – Crypt 24 –  alongside dozens of others, but it’s a really peaceful place, and not very big, so very tranquil. Without sounding morbid, this is the perfect place to come on Halloween, to channel Marilyn’s spirit in preparation for a sensual night ahead.

– Go naughty costume shopping

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a sexy little outfit. It’s the perfect time of year to indulge your role-playing fantasies, so if you’re new to dressing up, this is the ideal time to try it. Los Angeles has literally hundreds of naughty costume and lingerie shops, so use your imagination and put together a cute ensemble that’ll have the guys just dying to get down and dirty with you. Trashy Lingerie is full of scanty costumes and sizzling hot lingerie. They’re cheap, too. Get kitted out in a naughty waitress outfit, or a cute Tinkerbell that leaves nothing to the imagination. Pure Delish specializes in erotic dancewear, and they’re your one-stop shop for tight leather and PVC, plus lots of pink feathers and fur. If you want your costume to have a theme, go to Bizzy B, which has everything from a very tiny Wonder Woman outfit, to Parisian showgirl, saloon bar whore and barely-there army costumes. Also check out Sienna’s own online shop, Sienna Sinclaire Sex Shop, which has hundreds of costumes and accessories for Halloween, from angel wings and PVC nurse outfits, to spray-in hair color and sexy cobweb or skull pastease.

– Book yourself a naughty Halloween photoshoot

Every naughty girl should be eager to show off her assets, and what better way to celebrate Halloween, than by spoiling yourself with an erotic, mischievous photoshoot? Act out your favorite fantasies, dress up in sexy garters, stockings and get astride that white broomstick. Make-up artists and hair experts will transform you into a wicked witch, feverish fairy, or sexy schoolgirl, before the talented photographer gets to work, creating erotic works of art for you to display on your wall, or give to your lover as the ultimate Halloween gift.

– Scare yourself silly at a Murder Mystery Dinner

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween in L.A. on your own or with a lover, book onto one of these entertaining and unique Murder Mystery Dinners and feel what it’s like to star in your own whodunnit. It’s a great chance to take part in something unpredictable, and you can use the evening to create a character for yourself. If no-one else there knows you, then why not spice things up by playing the complete vamp and seeing where it leads you? The Halloween Murder Mystery Dinners are the best, because you and your fellow diners can dress up in ghoulish costumes. It’s a whole heap of fun, and a great way to bring your inner naughty girl to the attention of others.

– Attend a Haunted Event

If you’re with your lover, it’s always fun to find a reason to cuddle up even closer to them. For Halloween, get even more intimate with each other, by visiting one of L.A.’s many atmospheric, spooky events and sites, that’ll be sure to get your hearts racing. And everyone knows that a pumping heartbeat increases sexual desire and, ultimately, sexual satisfaction. So, prepare to get scared!

* Visit Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, where mazes and monsters await you on this spooky, ghost-laden Halloween night of fun. Music, cocktails, food, and at least 45,000 scares an hour, are promised here, so book your place on one of the 15 nights the Scare-Fest is open for. Halloween night itself is when they hold the spectacular Costume Ball – not to be missed!

* Head to Universal Studios for one of their creepy, yet thrilling Halloween Horror Nights, Scare Zones, mazes, monsters and terrifying rides await you, so if ever there was a time to be holding on tight to your lover, this is it. Don’t forget to reward him later, with a naughty thank you of your choosing.

* For the truly disturbed, or just plain curious, why not hop on board the Dearly Departed Tragical History Tour of L.A.’s infamous murder scenes and hauntings. See where the Manson murders took place, plus other shocking crime sites. For Halloween, they do a dedicated horror film location tour, with Michael Myers at the wheel! Guaranteed to kick-start those naughty horror-lust cravings on any night, never mind Halloween!

* Continue the erotic blood lust, by signing up for the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, a grown-ups’ ghost train through forests, backwater villages and spooky churches, which takes you on a storytelling journey of ghosts, devil-children and murder most bloody and foul. Not for the faint-hearted, for great for those who like to be frightened.

* If you and your lover like the darker side of life, then go watch a horror movie in a graveyard! You can’t get more Halloween than that. Cinespia put on regular scare-fests at Los Angeles cemeteries, including the famous ones like Hollywood Forever. Imagine lying on top of dead people as you watch zombies and vampires up on the big screen, celebrity gravestones all around you. It’s like being in a real movie, so you’ll definitely want to snuggle up nice and close to your lover, to make sure the ghosts and ghoulies don’t get you.


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