Celebrate Rabbit Week

This week is Rabbit Week, where all sex toy lovers should be celebrating with their big-eared, battery-operated friends. But don’t just keep it to yourself, go spread the word to friends and co-workers, and let them know just how magical these plastic pets can be to any home. Most of us are familiar with the famous scene in “Sex And The City”, when prim and proper Charlotte discovers her naughty side, thanks to a Rampant Rabbit, but things have moved on a lot in the last few years. Rabbits come in various shapes, sizes and materials, so if you’re still new to these amazing devices, you need an introduction….right now.

Rabbits are simply dildos with clitoral (and/or G-spot) stimulators. The clitoral vibe part looks like a pair of rabbit ears, hence the name. The rabbit was first developed in the early 1990s in response to a demand from women (long overdue), for a more sophisticated sex toy that catered specifically to their needs. An important part of the 1990s female sexual revolution, rabbits quickly became must-have additions to millions of boudoirs, and they remain a perennial sex toy favorite today. Modern, advanced versions have clitoral, anal and G-spot stimulators, variable speeds, and can be waterproof and allergy-proof. Whatever size, shape, color and feel you desire, there’s a rabbit out there to suit you. Whether you like playing on your own, or sharing the fun with a partner, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the breathtaking range of rabbits out there, so let me help with the decision-making, and offer up 7 of the best.

triple stim

Total Ecstasy Triple Stim Rabbit Vibrator By Pipedream

The Triple Stim is a latex-free, multi-speed vibe that stimulates just about everything you’ve got going on down there. One flick of the switch, and your clit, G-spot and anus will be massaged to the height of sexual pleasure. It’s pink and playful, and a guaranteed pleasure giver. It might take a while to get used to if you’re an experienced rabbit user, but once you get the hang of it, there’s no going back.

hoppin rabbit

The Hop ‘n Rabbit Stroker Vibrator By Doc Johnson

The Hop’n Rabbit Stroker is the ideal rabbit for those who like as much variety as possible. It has multi-controls, on multi-speeds, so you can choose how fast, slow, hard or soft you want your experience to last. Whether you’re a fast mover, or a slow burner, this animal will have a program to suit you. The shaft moves up and down, as well as having a rotating head and fierce clitoral flutterer. Basically, it’s got everything covered – great for first timers and for those who just want to lay there will your vibrator does everything for you.

waterproof bunny banger

Waterproof Wall Bangers Deluxe Bunny By Pipedream

Mixing things up a bit, the Wall Bangers Deluxe Bunny adds a different twist on using rabbits, literally. It has a suction cup on the bottom, so you can stick it to any clean surface, and just get fucking. Fix it to the bottom of the bath, the floor, the bed post, even the wall, whatever position you like, then just switch it on and jump on board. It’s waterproof which doubles the erotic possibilities. A great travel-vibe and the perfect rabbit on which to give your guy a show.

wireless rockin rabbit


Wireless Rockin’ Rabbit By California Exotic Novelties

The Wireless Rockin Rabbit is a global best seller, and it’s easy to see why. It looks a lot different from most rabbit vibes, and is designed for couples, to aid simultaneous orgasms. It’s a stretchy plastic rocker, with a cock hole in the center. As your guy fucks you, the motorized rabbit clit and anal stimulator will work you up at the same time, and give you heaps more control about when you both come. It used to only come as a mains-powered toy, but this battery-operated version offers more flexibility and is a hundred times more user-friendly.

happy rabbit g spot

Happy Rabbit G-Spot By LoveHoney

The Happy Rabbit G-Spot does exactly what it says. Specifically engineered to go to work on your internal pleasure points, this vibe has a deliberately designed head that will hit your G-spot every time. But don’t worry, you also get the rabbit clit stim to work your outsides, too. With 5 different vibration levels, a sleek, sexy shape and rechargeable batteries, this honey will have you climbing the walls in no time. It’s ideal for solo play, because it’s near-silent and each charge gives up to 2 continuous hours of mindblowing pleasure. The perfect night in.

2 fingers and thumb

Two Fingers and a Thumb By Fukuoku

For something even more fun, the Two Fingers And A Thumb will have you smiling before you’ve even switched it on. It’s shaped like a hand, for some proper fingering action, with a super-thick thumb that will work your clit like it’s never been worked before. Start off with inserting just one finger, then graduate to both, rotating and vibrating, for a full and filling rabbit experience. Great to use with your partner, or on your own for some imaginative solo play.

jelly dolphin

Jelly Dolphin Tickler Lavender By Nasstoys

Finally, the Jelly Dolphin Tickler is a fun rabbit that thinks it’s a dolphin. It has ballbearings in the shaft to give extra ‘oomph’ to the rotating vibe and the clitoral stimulator has raised nubs, so it’s double the pleasure on your bud. What’s more, it illuminates when in use, so go switch off the lights, lie back and watch this little magic dolphin set you on fire in seconds.

– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl ®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide

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2 Responses to Celebrate Rabbit Week

  1. writingthebody says:

    Hi – I am a male, and ended up with a woman’s vibrator (I call it the aqua angel), to use on my prostate. Well it does that quite well. But then I started using it as a stimulator for my penis….and while it takes me ages (I mean an hour or more) to get there, when I do my whole body seems to shudder with it. And it seems I am wearing it out….so I am now looking at another one. The top two have a penis-like shaft – is that for the vagina and the hooked part for the anus – or is it the other way round? Sorry if I sound stupid, but I am learning….and my god I have fallen in love with my vibrator…I get htard just writing abou it….sorry. You probably did not need to know that…:)

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