Get Her Off From Across the Room

Guys, do you enjoy teasing your partner? What if you could be in control of her pleasure from across the room? What if you could spend the evening getting her uncontrollably hot, without ever touching her, so that by the time you made it somewhere private she was literally panting and ripping your clothes off? If this sounds appealing, just read on to find out about your new best friend: Remote Controlled Vibrators

Booty Parlor Turn Me On Vibrating Panties

vibe panties

These side-tying silk and lace panties may look sexily innocent but they have a naughty side! Tucked securely into a secret packet, there is a 10 function wireless vibrating bullet ready to make her weak in the knees. The remote works from up to 20 feet away!


We-Vibe 3


Try the We-Vibe 3 if you want a toy that’s a little more versatile. It can be worn discreetly by a woman in her panties but it’s original design is to be worn during intercourse. This fascinating product is made to slip one end into the vagina while the other stays outside on the vulva. This allows it to deliver stimulation to a woman’s most sensitive areas (her clit and her G-Spot), totally hands-free, while enjoying her lover’s cock. The We-Vibe 3 is water-proof and sports a wireless remote that works from up to 10 feet away. Have her wear it to dinner or out for drinks, then enjoy the blissful vibrations on your cock while you’re inside her!


Present her with one of these awesome toys on your next date and spend the next few hours ensuring that her pussy never forgets who she’s going home with that night!


– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl ®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide

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