Chocolate For Lovers

Aphrodisiac Chocolate Warming Oil

Aphrodisiac Chocolate Warming Oil

I thought I’d share some of my favorite candy sex treats so you can spice things up in the bedroom – oral fresco! You’ll be amazed at all the different products out there that let you lick and suck your way around each other’s bodies, so why not try a bit of everything! All of these candy sex toys are available through my store, where you’ll also find hundreds of other edible, fun-size playthings. Make June your ‘Candy Sex Month’ and go experimenting with different flavors, textures and foodstuffs, and discover some extra little titbits that you never realized were going to turn you on quite so much!

For Chocolate Lovers, there are a whole host of treats to try, including massage oils, chocolate dildos, chocolate sipping straws, pasties, and even chocolate thongs. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Black Cock Dream Vibe

One of my favorites is this chocolate cock vibrator, an ultra-realistic jelly vibe that’s big and meaty and always delivers on filling satisfaction. For all your special fantasies, it never disappoints. You can also use it to practise your blow job technique.

2. Spiced Chocolate Deep Throat Mints

Then, when you’re ready to show off your new-found skills, try popping one of these spiced chocolate deep throat mints into your mouth while you pleasure your lover, and watch how wild it drives him. The mints slightly desensitize your tongue while you blow him, enabling you to take him deeper and fuller. And they’re a tasty treat for you, as well as giving your lover a cock-tingling experience!

3. Cocktail Sucker Chocolate Liqueur

If you’re after a little aperitif before you get down to the main course, have fun sucking on this fun lollipop shaped like a cock. It’s a delicious chocolate liqueur-flavored penis that’s just about as suggestive as it gets. Use it as a flirting tool in the bar, and make sure the target of your affections can see just what he might get treated to later if he plays his cards right. Great for bachelorette parties, or some naughty come-to-bed foreplay action.

4. Aphrodisiac Chocolate Warming Oil

Get into the mood for massage with this wickedly erotic warming oil. Rub it all over your body, enjoying the sensuous warming sensation both on your hands and your skin, then make your lover take his time on you as he explores your body, licking it all off. This is one of the most erotic products I’ve ever used and I always keep a bottle in my bathroom cabinet.

For some real taste adventures during Oral Sex, there are dozens of sweet’n’sexy products to help make that blow job or pussy pleasure ten times more rewarding, for both of you. Make him eat you out, literally, by treating him to some edible underwear, or place some discreet sweeties by your most sensitive areas and send your lover on a titillating candy covered treasure hunt. Here are some suggestions:

1. Oral Sex Candy

Available in strawberry, cherry and green apple, this popping candy can work two ways. Either put it on or near your pussy, breasts, ass and let your lover go walkabout with his tongue, kicking up his sweet treats along the way. Or, let him place it in his mouth while he eats you, and feel those little pops explode over your clit as he works you over. You can use it in your own mouth, too, to give your lover a tingling, tight blow job. It’ll drive him wild, feeling his cock enter its own world of fireworks in your mouth!

2. Candy Condoms

These are so naughty! Choose from strawberry, chocolate or pina colada (all in the same box) and give your lover an awesome blow job, while satisfying your own taste buds at the same time. Gone are the days of industrial, chemical-tasting condoms and lubes – get totally fruity instead! If you’re going to be doing all the work, then it makes sense to have an ultra-tasty time while you’re doing it. Hooray for candy condoms!

3. Edible Undies For Men

If you thought it was only us girls who got to wear picnic panties, think again. These cotton candy briefs are perfect for sizzling sex sessions, as they actually get softer the hotter your man gets. Use your hot tongue to lick him all over, and indulge in a real midnight snack. The cotton candy flavor promises you all the fun of the fair…and more! Or, this candy thong will have you going down on in him in no time. Nibble your way around his cock and balls as each bite reveals a little bit more of the final prize inside. If your man fancies himself as a bit of a male model, then indulge his fantasies by getting him a candy posing pouch. After he’s finished parading around the bedroom, it’ll be time for you to feast on his sweet, sexy package. Take as long as you like!

4. Edible Bras

Edible bras bring a whole new meaning to the word ‘cupcakes’. In various flavors, such as champagne, strawberry chocolate, pina colada and even Mai Tai, you could start off by doing a striptease, then let your lover get closer and let him eat his way to unveiling your breasts. A guaranteed passion pleaser, these edible bras make great gifts, for both of you.

5. Edible Panties

The ultimate in edible lingerie, these delicious panties always sell like hot cakes. Either full briefs or crotchless panties, they make oral sex just about as passionate as it’s possible to get. Your lover won’t ever want to come up for air as he eats you out, literally, while you get to let him take his time discovering your sweet spot. What’s not to like? Various flavors available, such as watermelon, peach, cherry and chocolate.

6. Body Candy

Foreplay aficionados know that timing is crucial. The longer you can go working yourselves up to the point of no return, the more explosive and intense your orgasms will be. Using body candy to intensify your massage and oral sex foreplay, will help take you both on infinite journeys of passionate self-discovery. Whether it’s a flavored body glaze, a fruity nipple elixir, or glow in the dark body paints, you can really turn up the heat just by being a little creative. I love this kissable body shimmer powder, that makes me sparkly and soft, and drives my lover wild as I’m writhing under him while he licks it off. For very intimate candy-coated contact, you could also try a flavored and scented lipstick, like this glamorous (and naughty) Cock’n’Candy 4-pack, or the ultra-erotic, pheromone-infused Mistress Mysterious Lip Gloss.

– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl ®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide

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