Erotic Massage


 There’s nothing more relevant to ‘the Power of Touch’, than eulogizing about the effect of a proper massage. Obviously, massaging can be erotic for couples, but even if you’re on your own having a masseuse work their hands over your body can be a great precursor for masturbation later on. The important thing is that massage is a natural relaxant. And a relaxed body makes for fantastic sex. Making your lover feel wanted and loved by stroking, caressing and exploring their skin and secret parts, is hot as hell.

Massage is still hugely underused. The hands are often neglected during lovemaking, because too many people think that sex is just about penis and vagina. But women, particularly, need more stimulation. Massaging your partner, and having them massage you, is a bonding activity that allows couples to get better acquainted with each other’s bodies and what they like sexually. Even if you’re by yourself, spending an extra half an hour caressing your body with oils can help you to learn what turns you on sexually along with finding your hot spots.

The key to any massage is taking your time. Don’t rush, just to get ‘down to the dirty’, otherwise you’re going to miss out on all the best bits, of both of you. Take off your watch, lock the door and lose yourselves in each other as you let your hands do the talking. You never know, you might just learn something.

massage oil

Massage Oils

Seductive and aromatic, these erotically-scented massage oils are guaranteed to get foreplay off to a sensuous start. Plus they are great when giving your partner an erotic massage as your hands will glide effortlessly over your lovers body and naughty bits.

heart heat massager

Heat Massager

Heated massagers give that extra switch-up when it comes to arousing the senses. As well as smelling great, these cute little heart-shaped pouches feel amazing when stroked over the body with oils.

warming massage oil

Warming Lotions

Warming lubes feel even hotter when you blow on them. Imagine your partner rubbing this love lotion into your skin, then gently air-kissing your body from top to toe – you’ll literally heat up on the spot. Incredibly erotic.

erotic massage cards

Erotic Massage Cards

A great bedtime accessory for getting your imagination working overtime. This pack of sexy cards combines ancient wisdom with modern lifestyles, with over 50 sensuous massage techniques to try out in the bedroom. Ideal for winding down after a tense day at work.

erotic massage book

Erotic Massage Books

Massage isn’t just about caressing the skin and squeezing in all the right places. Technique and communication is key. Here, you can learn how to use your hands to bring your partner right to the edge of sexual satisfaction…and keep them there, all through the power of your expert touch.

– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl ®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide






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