Naughty Travel Guide to Lake Como, Italy

villa d'este

Your Naughty Travel Guide to Lake Como, Italy

In June, I found myself in the Lake District of Northern Italy. Specifically, I was staying on Lake Como, which is often said to be the most beautiful lake in all of Europe. The area has been a popular home and tourist attraction to the world’s most rich and famous since the Roman times due to its mild Mediterranean-like climate and gorgeous scenery. It boasts many beautiful villas, gardens, and lots of fantastic art. The area could probably be classified as more romantic than naughty…but you know me, I can make anywhere naughty! Remember, it’s  more difficult to obtain adult toys in some areas than others, and like a Girl Scout, a Naughty Girl is always prepared:

Pack For Your Naughty Trip to Lake Como

Travel Bag for all your sex toys

Bags for your dildos and vibrators

Travel-size sex toys 

Carry-on sex toy bags

Discreet carry-on sex toys

Naughty By Day

Naughty Photos – Schedule a private photo shoot with former model and Playboy Bunny Victoria Cooke ( She does amazing photos reminiscent of the high glamour of 1940s-1950s Hollywood. Have sexy photos done of just yourself in an Intimate Boudoir shoot or have photos done of you and your partner.  She even shoots weddings!

 VC photography

Erotic Art – Visit hotel Villa DʼEste (or stay there) not only because itʼs gorgeous but to visit some of the naughty erotica around the property. Whether youʼre inside having tea or outside touring the gardens youʼll notice naughty artwork everywhere.


 Al Fresco Sex – If you visit during the weekdays then itʼs pretty quiet. There were

many villas where I visited the gardens where you could easily have sex and not get

caught. Lots of bushes and nooks to hide behind. Or visit hotel Villa DʼEste where

there are tons of private places to get naughty. If youʼre up for it, walk to the top of

the hill where itʼs pretty quiet. Or rent a boat and get naughty!

Naughty By Night

Sexy Hotels

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

 villa serbelloni

Classic Luxury

Villa D’Este

 villa d'este

Super Luxury

 Grand Hotel Tremezzo


Boutique/Designer Hotel

Sexy Restaurants

Grill at Ville D’Este

 grill villa d'este

Northern Italian cuisine proudly paired with the perfect Italian wines

La Terrazza

 la terrazza

Romantic lake-side setting with seasonal menu

Sexy Nightlife

Lido di Lenno

Lido di Lenno (111) Nightclub on the beach

 T Bar

 Grand-Hotel-Tremezzo T Bar

– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl ®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide

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3 Responses to Naughty Travel Guide to Lake Como, Italy

  1. mik1999 says:

    I love this — my wife and I are always trying to find exotic or erotic activities when we travel to a new city and it is surprisingly hard to find things that are sexy and couple friendly. And, coincidentally, the Lake District in Italy is on our short list for a kid-free vacation next summer. Thanks

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