50 Shades Of Candy


I’m guessing (and hoping!) that you’ve all read the erotic bestseller 50 Shades of Grey? If you have, then it’s bound to have given you a few ideas about ways to spice up your sex life. Handcuffs, scarves, blindfolds, maybe even a whip or two. But don’t limit your playtime to just standard sex toys or a little leather here and there. If you want to make things fruitier, then go literal, and invest in some saucy, sexy candy sex toys that you can have some finger-lickin’ fun with.


I’ve been using candy sex toys for years, and I’ve never had a single complaint from any of my lovers. They can’t get enough of my imaginative, edible apparatus, and everything we use offers not just hours of fruity lovemaking, but it also adds to the sexual sensory experience. Using taste and smell as part of your sex sessions will heighten your awareness and double the fun. It can also make foreplay last a loooonnng time, and nobody’s going to complain about that!


So this month, get licking, get sucking and get swallowing, on this range of delicious and very more-ish candy sex toys. I guarantee your sex will be sticky, sweet and explosive, all night long.


1. Candy Gag Ball

If you’re new to bondage, or you want your sub to enjoy the experience even more, then this tasty candy gag ball does just the job. It’s a hard candy ball, so it feels just like the real thing, but as you’re dominating your lover and satisfying your own pleasure, your lover will be getting a delicious little workout in their mouth. It’s tastes divine, and I promise they won’t ever want to take it off. It’s a great way for beginners to get used to the feel of a gag ball, in a sexy, fun and very tasty way.


2. Candy Cuffs

An arresting addition to any toy box, these candy cuffs offer hours of foreplay fun if you like playing cops and robbers with your lover. They’re unobtrusive, and not very tight (the candy is looped over a string of elastic), but they’re heaps of fun in the bedroom. Let your lover nibble his way through the cuffs to release you from your candy prison. You can try placing them around your ankles, too, and make your lover eat his way from your feet to your lips. Excellent for sexy role playing games, or simply as something to tease your lover with, especially if he’s been a naughty boy. Yummy!


3. Whiporice

Time to get really fruity, with these whip-a-licious edible licorice whips. They come in red or black, so you can really turn your boudoir into an action-packed den of iniquity. There are two whips of 18cm each, so you can lash your way around the bedroom teasing and toying with your lover until they beg for mercy. Alternatively, use the whiporices to tie your lover up, and enjoy their torture as you lick and bite your way around their bonds until you’re ready to release them. Then you’ll both really whip up an appetite for more of this sweet’n’sexy bondage play.


4. Edible panties

For the ultimate striptease, try one of these various tickle-tasty edible panties. In flavors like strawberry chocolate and cherry, you can tease your lover to the edge of their sexual threshold by parading around in undies that he can literally eat off you. Make foreplay extra-exciting and let him go down on you, giving him a delicious first course before he’s able to feast on the main event. And all you have to do is lie back and let his mouth go grazing. If you want to be super-fruity, try these crotchless panties, that come in thirst-quenching watermelon and green apple. Guys, use the whiporice and candy cuffs whips to tie up your girl, then go to town on her pussy until she’s begging you to get straight to dessert…


5. Candy Cock Ring

Once you’ve let your lover tease you and please you, it’s time to return the favor, by giving him a blow job that’ll really have him seeing sweet stars. This candy cock ring slips easily over your lover’s cock and helps him maintain his erection for longer (and helps deliver a mind-blowing orgasm), while you go down on him. And the bonus for you? You get to lick and suck on more than just his delicious cock. Treat yourself to something sugary and sweet while you’re down there, and get those senses really working overtime.


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2 Responses to 50 Shades Of Candy

  1. I have been an avid reader of your blog for a while now, but have only just joined wordpress myself. I think that you have a lot of information people tend to gloss over or not think about and you should give yourself a pat on the back!

    I myself will be ordering some edible lingerie. lets face it, its yummy, and when its wrapped around something just as yummy its double the fun!!

    I have an offer as regards wordpress i would like to talk to you about if you have time.


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