Naughty Travel Guide to the Singapore Airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport is a common layover point for reaching many destinations. Sometimes you may have particularly long layover there. Never fear, your Naughty Lifestyle and Travel Expert is here to tell you how to make the best of your downtime.  The airport is one of the biggest and voted one of the best in the world as it has so much to offer, including many opportunities for naughtiness. So instead of heading out into the city, only to have to travel back in a matter of hours, stay in the airport and get naughty!

ambassador-transit-hotel 300

 Airport sex – it may be difficult at times to have sex on a plane but you can at Singapore airport by renting a room in the Ambassador Transit Hotel. They have hotels inside the airport so there’s no need to go out. You can rent by the hour for a quickie or longer for those who are extra horny.

 vs 300

Naughty Shopping – before checking into your hotel room, head over to Victoria’s Secret for some naughty shopping.

Increase Your Libido – You may not be thinking of sex as soon as you get off the plane as you may be a bit jet lagged but there are ways to get yourself in the mood by following the suggestions below which will help you to increase your libido…

  • Get some vitamin D – this is a great way to get some vitamin D after being in a plane for hours on end. Plus sunshine can lighten your mood, making you more likely to want to have sex. Also, seeing you in your bikini is bound to get a rise out of your lover!

 singapore_airport_pool 300

Changi Airport Rooftop Pool

Aphrodisiacs – chocolates are great for increasing your mood and libido…

sochocolate_changit3_apr2013 300

 Visit So Chocolate to get your fix.

  • Workout – working out definitely gets increases your libido….doesn’t have to be a long one…20 minutes…then head back to the room for a shower and sex… The Changi Airport Gym
  • Drinks – sometimes relaxing with a drink can put you in the mood…head over to one of the music bar lounges for music and drinks before heading back to your room…

lounge-changi 300

Harry’s Lounge

Unwind – what better way to put you in the mood than a massage…the number one libido killer is stress so de-stress and get in the mood by having a massage…

massage-changi 300

Changi Airport Spa Services

fish-spa-changi 300

Fish Spa & Reflexology

– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl ®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide

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