Love Yourself By Pleasuring Yourself

One of the most important philosophies I live by, and am keen to teach, is that you have to learn to love yourself first, before you can expect anyone else to. Beauty really does come from within, and a confident, self-assured person, exudes powers of attraction a thousand times more fatal than someone who is yet to know themselves.

This week I want to focus on the importance of putting aside some ‘me’ time, to concentrate on attending to your individual needs, by self-pleasuring. Regardless of whether you’re in a solid relationship, are happily single, or are on the lookout for new excitement, it’s important to reacquaint yourself with your own body from time to time. Exploring what turns you on, experimenting with different toys, and really using your imagination, can have a significant impact , not just on your love life, but on you as a person. Making time for yourself, is one of the most fundamental ingredients in both maintaining a successful relationship, and opening yourself up to new ones.

Below, you’ll find a selection of great sex toys from my sex shop, for both men and women, that’ll enhance your masturbation experiences. If you can, try and find a little of that ‘me’ time every day this week, and try something different each time, mix it up a little bit. Schedule these sessions into your diary like a business appointment, or substitute your lunch time for play time. If that’s not realistic, even just a couple of times a week will be enough to get back in touch with your inner self, because only when you find what really works for you, can you share those joys with others.

For Men:

Although it’s easy to rely on a quick hand job to get you that fast fix when you need it, guys often don’t realize that there are so many fantastic little toys out there that’ll give you an extra buzz, and will encourage you to think outside the box, making for a more satisfying love life.

The Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring

All guys know their own penises, and cock rings are a great way to prolong masturbation times and enhance your orgasmic experience. Most cock rings fix to the base of the penis, and help men achieve not only a better, more solid erection, but they can also delay orgasm – just the thing for that ultimate climax. Vibrating cock rings, like these, also give variable pleasurable vibrations to your penis during both masturbation and sex with your partner, and can help you learn how to control when your orgasm arrives. Vibrating cock rings are a fantastic way for men to learn more about what their penises are truly capable of.


Beads are great for carrying with you on the go, and they add that extra dimension of
stimulation when you’re in the mood for masturbation. Beads are simply a bracelet of
small balls that you place over your penis and rub up and down your shaft. The texture
of the beads gets every single nerve ending in your penis working overtime, and
they’re waterproof, too, so great for self-pleasuring in the shower or bath.

Masturbation Sleeves

Sleeves are essentially a glove for your cock to slide into, providing padding between your hand and your penis as you masturbate. Many sleeves have beads embedded in them, either just at the base, or along the whole shaft, like this one, and are great for getting the whole penis worked up as you work it the traditional way. The sensation is intense, and because sleeves are very discreet, they’re a popular sex toy for on-the-go masturbation, outside the home, when you need something quick and functional to satisfy you.

Pocket Pussies/Fleshlight

One of the most popular male sex toys on the market, pocket pussies are just that – vagina models usually made from soft silicone, designed to offer realistic penetrative sex simulation. They’re great for men who want to fine-tune their performance, or for those who want to feel more confident about what they’re doing, before heading back to the real thing. In other words, they’re great ‘practisers’, and will benefit both guys in a relationship who want to make sure they’re giving their partner the best in penetrative sex, and also those less-confident in the bedroom, who want to master the basics before testing their technique out for real.

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For Women:

Variety is definitely the spice of life, but with the sheer range of female sex toys out there, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Below are a selection of fantastic, affordable products that all women should try at least once. Some are great for sharing later with your partner but, equally, you’ll want to keep others just for yourself. Let yourself go, enjoy exploring your body and, above all, have fun!


They might be one of the most standard sex toys out there, but it’s still surprising just how many women are yet to discover the wonder of vibrators. From tiny, bullet-sized machines that you can easily secrete in your purse for clitoral stimulation literally at your fingertips, to the large, silicon rabbit models, used internally and externally, there’s a vibrator out there to suit everyone. Mostly made from super soft silicone, the modern vibrators are quieter, cleaner, cheaper and more satisfying than they’ve ever been before, and remain one of the best ways for a woman to explore her body and indulge in some serious one-on-one pleasuring.

One of the best recent inventions in female masturbation, are vibrating briefs, fitted with a clitoral stimulator and operated by remote control, so you can give yourself a mind-blowing orgasm literally at the touch of a button, wherever you are, at any time, without having to lock the door or dive into the bathroom. No more waiting for the right time, as ‘me time’ can be ‘any time’, leaving you totally in control of your own orgasm.


Although there are plenty of penis-shaped internal vibrators on the market, sometimes only a good, old-fashioned dildo will do, and they often feel more realistic inside you than a vibrator does, so they’re great for practicing different sex positions on your own before showing your partner what you’ve learned. Dildos with suction cups are just fantastic for some solo shower play. Fix it to the bottom of the bath and enjoy a saucy splash around, or maybe attach it to the wall underneath the shower head and enjoy a little extra stimulation as the water cascades over you. Either way, it’s a safe, clean and fun way of exploring your body and treating it to realistic ride.

Kegel Exercise Pleasurers

Kegel exercises, or pelvic floor exercises as they’re also known, are great for strengthening a woman’s inner muscles to regain tightness and heighten internal stimulation during sex. Toys like this combine these important exercises, with the added bonus of an orgasm, so they’re becoming increasingly popular not just with those who like to use vibrators, but also older  women who are keen to recapture the tightness and solidity they had in their youth. Kegel exercise pleasurers have electrostimulators which strengthen the pelvic floor muscles while inflating inside the vagina, to get every other muscle up there working, and they deliver the most incredible orgasms. Many products have different speeds and intensities, and they’re very easy to use. Kegel exercise pleasurers are becoming one of the most popular personal sex toys
in the female market, for women of all ages.

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– Sienna Sinclaire Naughty Lifestyle Expert

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  1. You are quite amazing and quite knowledgeable on these matters.
    I have a question. Do they make a dildo just for men? if not, can you recommend one of which will bring the ultimate pleasure to a man?

    Thank you;

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