Movember – Love Your Man’s Prostate

It’s time to get the girls involved in Movember! Hopefully by now, your guy will have become a lot more familiar with his prostate, both for health reasons, and for some seriously sexy pleasure reasons, too. So now you should think about joining in. With a good selection of toys, and your guy’s new found butt-confidence, you can both enjoy some wild and naughty playtime, and finally break down some barriers. By loving your guy’s prostate, too, you’ll also be an extra pair of hands, who might be able to help spot prostate irregularities.

Prostate play is a great way of adding to your lover’s pleasure during sex. It doesn’t mean you have to put your fingers inside him – it might take a while to feel that comfortable with each other – but just by playing around and perhaps using some toys, that confidence for both of you will grow quickly, and you’ll have a whole heap of fun along the way.

A great way to get intimate with your lover’s anal area, is to toy with his taint (perineum). Run your fingers, or a toy, from underneath his balls, along the line towards his anus. It’s a very sensitive area for him, and he’ll love how it feels as you stimulate him. You can even use your tongue, for some light tickling that’s sure to drive him wild. Playing with his taint will make you both feel more comfortable about going further, and exploring his ass. If he’s already bought a prostate massager, use it on him, but just be aware of how comfortable he is, all the time. You should be able to gauge the level of his pleasure (guys don’t always speak to us during sex!) by his reactions, so just go with your instinct, and explore his ass with the massager or vibe, and maybe push against his asshole gently, but purposefully, until either you feel, or he tells you, that he’s ready for you to push a little further. If he’s practiced massaging his own prostate, then it shouldn’t feel that strange to him, for you do the inserting. And once you see how much his prostate can arouse him, that’s going to turn you on, too.

To relax you both before beginning any anal play, try this book, for plenty of hints and tips on how to both get familiar with prostate play (and other things!). Or widen your toy box to include some luxury helping hands like these naughty prostate toys; prostate massagerprostate vibe, and love pacifier. To tease his taint, try a kinky feather tickler crop, or a bullet vibe (never insert this in his ass as it will get lost, it’s only for the outside on his taint or balls), that you can secrete in your hand, so he gets to feel your fingers as well as the machine.

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– Sienna Sinclaire – Your Naughty Lifestyle Expert

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