Naughty (Erotic) Louvre Tour

By: Sienna Sinclaire – Your Naughty Travel Guide to Naughty Cities

If you’re looking for something naughty to do while in Paris then you’ve come to the right city. Paris is full of naughty wonders just waiting to be discovered. You don’t have to go very far or anywhere seedy to discover eroticism. You can easily visit the Louvre and find so many naughty little treasures all around you. But if you’re not looking or don’t know what to look for you can easily miss them, which is why I decided to hire a tour guide who specializes in naughty Louvre tours, Jean-Manuel.

For a reasonable price he’ll take you on a private tour of the Louvre, not including admission. But the great thing about the price is that it doesn’t matter how many people you bring, which can easily bring the price down if you’re in a group and splitting the costs. Plus he speaks perfect English, is a great storyteller and knows a lot about erotic art as he wrote a book on it called Guide érotique du Louvre et du musée d’Orsay.

You can easily contact Jean-Manuel by emailing him at and asking for his availability. He’s available for other tours including naughty D’orsay tour and tours that aren’t naughty. But you wouldn’t be reading this blog is you weren’t interested in something naughty.

Below are just some of the statues and paintings he’ll show you on your Naughty Louvre tour with a brief description. On the tour he goes into much more detail about each one as he’s an amazing storyteller and knows a lot about history. So if you want to take a Naughty Louvre tour and learn more about all the naughty statues below and more then make sure to contact Jean-Manuel on your next visit to Paris.

Naughty, Erotic Louvre Tour

Our first stop was this naughty statue where the man is sucking on the woman’s breast. At first look, he’s in chains so it can look a little S&M. But if you know the story behind the statue it’s not erotic at all…learn more about it on the tour with Jean-Manuel.

At first glance, this is a sexy statue of a woman resting with her nice, little bum showing and a side boobie…oh la la! But you have to go around to the front of the statue to see that things are not always what they seem….

What do you notice? Boobs and a penis! The story behind this statue? Take the Naughty Louvre tour….

This is an Egyptian statue with a penis. It’s the only one in the Louvre that has a penis still entact. And if you don’t know where to look you’ll miss this one as it’s not at eye level for adults, only small children. But most Egyptian art doesn’t show penises even though the Egpytians were very erotic and sexual. Even in the afterlife they drew on the walls photos of erect penises to show that there was sex in the afterlife. Not sure why they don’t show penises on the statues…sometimes museums can take these off when they are being displayed. Or sometimes they just fall overtime like arms, fingers and noses do on most old statues.

This statue was made like this so that the viewer could easily see the female form from different angles. Very clever!!!

And the same with this sexy photo of three naked women. This way the male viewer can see all angles of a female body without moving. They were even lazy back then!

At first glance it looks as if a naked woman is taking a bath. But at closer look you’ll notice what looks like a peeping tom with an erection.

This statue is the naughtiest statue in all of the Louvre because it shows the man/horse fingering the woman. And he’s not just using one finger but two which could mean he’s fingering her ass and vagina. What’s not shown in the photo is the huge penis of the man/horse because of the angle I took the photo. But he has a huge erect penis. This statue is very naughty!

Below are naughty statues in the Louvre that I found sexy with no description.

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