Creating Your Own Rules For Dating

Variety isn’t just the spice of life it’s the very life blood of my sex life. I’ve never been a “one penis” girl. I tried it a few times, but it didn’t really work. There was something missing in my sweet vagina hole and in my heart; something only one dick would never be able to fill. At 24, I finally figured out why. I had been trying to adhere to society’s “dating rules.” I guess I need more balls to play with.

From then on, I wanted to make my own “dating rules.” I wanted to forget what society, family, friends and other people had to say. There are no universal laws for dating. Not everyone is supposed to get married and produce children (I would never put my lady business through that!). My advice? Come up with your own rules. March to the beat of your incredibly horny lady drum. That’s what I did. My pussy thanks me every day. Here are a few of the rules I follow for myself:

Open relationships – I need to play with other bats. It takes a lot of action to keep me satisfied. One dick will never suffice as there are so many different penises in all shapes and sizes out there. And they’re a swell time for all the holes in my body (except for my nose and ears, gross).

Plus you can’t find everything you like in one guy. One guy may be a wonderful lover, but carries on a conversation like a brick wall. Save him for a late-night booty call. You may have a sexy man as you’re official arm candy. Take him out to make all the other girls drool. Another guy may be incredibly sweet, but isn’t that great in bed. You can teach him but in the meantime keep him around because we all love being spoiled with gifts and flowers.

Bottom line, guys are like Campbell’s soup. They may be put together the same way, but they taste incredibly different. Why settle with just one? Eating tomato soup for the rest of your life sounds terrible.

No kids, no marriage – Enough said. Not for me. I mean, do you know how many kegels I’d have to do to enjoy sex again?

Living alone – I’ve lived alone all my life. Even when I grew up with my parents, I took care of myself. It’s sexual freedom in the best possible way. I can have that variety I need without ever being an inconvenience to anyone. Three a.m. sex craving? Just call one of my guys. No one’s there in the house to judge me, or care that some loud noises are coming from my bedroom (or the bathroom, or kitchen, or…). It’s incredibly hard to have more than one penis when another one is living with you. Just because I like a guy doesn’t mean I want to share a load of laundry or see his tacky 60-inch flat screen TV over my fireplace. I prefer having a man come (in more ways than one) over for a few hours rather than staying for a lifetime.

The sooner, the better – I prefer to sleep with guys sooner than later. Guys love that about me. So many girls want to “get to know” the guy better before sleeping with them. What a waste of some quality humping time. The only knowing I want to do is in the Biblical sense. Nothing is worse than getting to know someone for a while only to realize that he’s about as talented with his dick as a twelve-year-old. I want to know all that up front. I don’t want to waste my time getting to know someone if they suck or don’t suck down there. I mean, a girl’s got needs. Every guy needs to be able to go down on me, and well. If I suck your cock you better return the favor on me! Period.

Sex – Leave work and your problems at the door. I’ve got no time for your lazy ass in my bed. You’ve got to earn the right to be there. My house of love is for pleasure only. Nothing is worse than when a guy gets too comfortable when he fucks me. I want someone who’s going to constantly spice things up. Try something new and exciting, cause you can bet your ass that’s what I’m going to do. When you make a date with me, it’s our time together. If you’re too tired, or if it’s too hard to get hard… reschedule. I’ve got more dicks who can get the job done. A quick fuck isn’t in my vagina’s vocabulary. I make sure I give them my all and I expect the same in return, especially when it comes to sex.

– Sienna Sinclaire® – The Single Girl®: Your Naughty Lifestyle Guide

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