Movember – Love Your Prostate

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Prostate awareness isn’t just about the health benefits, it’s about your own pleasure, too. Not all guys are comfortable or familiar with exploring ‘up there’, and some might consider it unnatural or something that only gay guys do. It’s not, it’s perfectly normal, whatever your persuasion. At the end of the day, your body is your own and you can do what you like with it. The prostate is one of the most sensitive organs in a guy’s body, so it’s a shame that so many of you have never really explored all the pleasures it can give you!

To get fully comfortable, guys need to spend some me-time getting to know their asses. Your girlfriend might think it a little odd to see you manually exploring yourself, so you need to do this on your own at first so you build up confidence. Once you’re the master of your own prostate, you’ll know how to get excited, what feels good, and how to arouse yourself – things you can then pass onto your partner for some intense and supersexy couples play.

One of the best ways for men to get used to having their asses penetrated is via a prostate massager. This is what guys should be using to exercise their prostates anyway, but you can also use them for pure pleasure, too. They’re easy-to-use, with low-impact stimulation, and can really get your prostate (also known as the male G-spot) going, for an intense sexual high. You can buy massagers with small, smooth heads, which slot easily into your asshole or larger, thicker versions, similar to dildos, but which are shaped to specifically target the prostate once inside. Some come with vibes attached and also have perineum stimulators for dual pleasure. If you’re a beginner try a slim version, which is thin enough to slide in easily and hold onto. Once you’re familiar with how penetration feels, you can then move up to the more standard massagers and dildos.

Here are five of the best prostate massagers, so you can learn to love your prostate.

1. Lelo Billy

This super sleek massager slides into your anus easily and comfortably. It’s designed specifically for a guy’s body so set the vibe switch onto low, after insertion, and gently increase the speed and power until you’re worked up into a frenzy. Great for solo practice.

2. Prostimulator VX1

This ergonomically-designed massager has one distinct purpose – to intensify a guy’s orgasm. The gadget is held neatly in place by your sphincter muscles, so that when you cum, it stimulates your prostate powerfully, to increase the sensation and make your orgasm last longer.

3. Bottoms Up Butt Silicone P-Spot

This innovative massager can be used alone or with a bullet vibe, which can sit comfortably in the finger grip. The curve of the massager’s tip hits the prostate instantly so you can either manually stimulate yourself via the grip, or let the vibe do its work. Because it’s silicone, it’s supersoft, durable, and easy to wash.

4. Icicles

This beautiful little massager is solid glass and is perfectly safe. Put it in the fridge for some ice cool sensations or you can even microwave it, if you prefer to feel something hot. Once inserted, use the grip to move it around inside you and the point will soon hit the spot.

5. P.E. Vibe 5-Function

This luxury massager is shaped like a line of beads so you get punctuated prostate pleasure, the further you insert it. It has a smooth tip so insertion is easy, and once inside it guarantees intense orgasms, especially with the five different vibration settings.

Get all your fetish and adult sex toys at Sienna Sinclaire’s Sex Toy Store

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