Oral sex is one of the most sensuous, intimate parts of lovemaking, for both men and women. Done right, it is literally mind-blowing, so it makes sense to know exactly what you’re doing. Whether you’re a guy who wants to be the ultimate love machine, a lesbian who wants to be as good at giving as receiving, or you’re into threesomes and want to make sure you can get as involved as possible, the intricacies of going down properly on a girl are quite extensive. So take some time to educate yourself.

Most people think that when you go down a girl, you just go for her clit and opening, but there’s so much more to it than that. We have so many things to play with down there, yet men (and many women!) are still largely in the dark when it comes to the complexities of female genitalia. It’s nothing scary, nothing to be frightened of, but if you only knew what other wonders lay between a woman’s legs, we’d have a hard time keeping you away.

I appreciate it when a guy takes his time down there, and I don’t just mean sucking on my clit. I have so many other pleasure zones in the same area, that often I have to remind my lovers to keep on exploring instead of just staying on my clit, because nothing annoys me more than when a guy goes down on me and heads straight for that bud, and just stays there! Why don’t they finger my vagina or asshole as they’re sucking on my clit? I can guarantee you, that whatever sexual zone you’re focusing on with your mouth, there are so many others you could be paying similar attention to with your hands and fingers.

The first thing to note, is that there is no one way to go down on a girl because, just like you, each of us is different. That’s human nature, and just the way it should be. Different things get different girls off. So the only way you’re going to find out what your lover likes, is to ask her, and also be willing to try different things. An open mind, and a keenness to learn, are two of the most important attributes for any lover, male or female. And, when it comes to great oral sex, knowledge is definitely power.

As mentioned, going down on a girl doesn’t mean you should necessarily head straight for her clit. Take a moment to think about what guys enjoy when a girl goes down on you. You like us to suck or fondle your balls, or maybe combine a hand job with sucking on your cock. Well, just like you, us girls like a bit of variety, too.

We have a clit, a vagina, and a G-spot, plus anal zones and plenty of other sensitive areas down there that you can explore. Also, going down on a girl doesn’t just mean using your fingers, tongue and mouth, as pleasurable as that can be. Sex toys can add another dimension to oral sex, so try initiating vibrators, dildos, different lubes and even some mild BDSM gear into your cunnilingus sessions. Not only will you enjoy the experimentation, but you’ll also discover what turns you both on.

So instead of going straight for the clit, try something different that she’ll like. You should aim to work her up and tease her to distraction, so much so that she just can’t bear it anymore, and she’ll be begging you to make her come. As I said, knowledge is most definitely power…

To start things off, begin by kissing her inner thighs while you’re between her legs. They’re very sensitive areas, because the skin is thinner than on the outer thighs, and of course it’s a pathway to her pussy. Showering her with light kisses, licks and gentle, sensuous breaths around her inner thighs, will begin to build up that sexual anticipation within her. The blood will start to rise in her body and she’ll begin to feel warm, tingly and, most importantly, instantly content.

Relaxing a woman during foreplay is essential if you’re going to have incredible sex later on (not that you have to). But it’s almost a ritual for us. Think about birds, when they’re embroiled in a mating dance. They skirt each other, even peck at each other, building up mutual desire and wanting. It’s the same with humans. When a man ventures down there, but away from the clit, it’s the anticipation that excites us, and definitely excites our pussy. And you haven’t even touched it yet.

After you’ve paid close attention to her soft, warm inner thighs, venture further towards her outer labia lips. These are the fleshy areas on each side of her vagina, that cover and protect the clit and vaginal opening. All labia lips are different, no two look the same. Some women have plump labia that noticeably swell when a woman gets excited. Other women have thin labia that barely cover the clit at all. What’s important to know, is that all labia’s are sensitive. Just like you guys like to tell us so often, size isn’t everything.

Kiss this labial area and feel how your lover responds. Not all women will have been lucky enough to have a guy who knows to attend to the labia, so it might be a new experience for her as well as you. In fact, labia can be so sensitive, it’s not uncommon for a woman to come just from having a guy orally work her labia, and not going anywhere near her clit. It’s happened to me several times, and it’s a wondrous, totally different kind of orgasm. Imagine…yet another part of a woman’s body that can climax. Us girls are so lucky!

Learn more about the art of kissing and kissing your lover from head to toe


It’s no big revelation to say that women can orgasm from their clits. In fact, most women’s orgasms are clitoral. But there are so many other things about the clit that most men, and a surprising amount of women, don’t even know. It’s easy to identify the clit, that beautiful plump bud nestled between a woman’s labia lips. But it’s actually a LOT bigger than what you can see on the surface. The clit is shaped like a wishbone. Imagine the visible part, as the center, then think of the outer labia lips as the legs. These legs are just as sensitive as the central clit, and are filled with thousands of nerve endings, so they love to be stroked, petted, sucked, licked and teased.

When she’s not aroused, you won’t always notice the legs of your lover’s clit. But when you start to get her going, you definitely will notice them! As she becomes more and more excited, her labia lips will start to swell, like a balloon being pumped. Her central clit will also enlarge on arousal.

Take your fingers and gently squeeze the swollen labia lips. You’ll feel thin ridges inside the lips – the legs – and because everything is attached to each other by a very sensitive network of nerves and blood vessels, working up her lips will have a direct effect on not just her clit, but her whole pussy. No wonder we can come just from having you play with us down there! So take your time and massage her lips with your hands. This will get your woman really worked up!

When you want to start going to work with your mouth, try not to just suck on the clit. While this definitely feels nice to us, it can also be a bit perfunctory and routine. Instead, think of the clit as a tiny penis (we vary in shape and size, too, just like you do). It’s a small cock that can be jacked off, just like you do with your own.

I learned this nifty little technique from Red Hot Touch, which gives more amazing tips on going down on your woman. Take some lube and spread it sensuously over her clit. This will stop you rubbing her raw, which is never pleasant! Next, take her clit between your thumb and forefinger, and stat jacking it off, slowly at first, then with more vigor, just like you would your cock. I tried this technique on myself, when I was in the shower, and I had the most amazing orgasm, a real leg shudderer. It also felt so different from any orgasm I’d had before.

Unlike when a guy strokes his whole cock, you won’t be covering much surface area, using this technique, but the secret lies in the speed and pressure of your fingers. Start slow, by almost just brushing her clit, then squeeze a little harder as you flick your fingers over it. Then pump up the speed, just like you would on your cock. Just try and pay attention to how her skin feels, how soft she is, and how she reacts to the different speeds and pressures.

You can even use the knuckles of your index and middle fingers to rub her clit up and down, and jack her off that way. She’ll notice the different sensations, and you’ll be amazed at just how effective every part of your hand can be!

For more help on how to master the art of clitoral stimulation on your lover, check out this book on Clitology. Inside, you’ll find hundreds of tips on how to make sure your lover is satisfied, as well as fascinating revelations about this most holy of female places. It’ll debunk some popular myths, as well as explain some of the deeper mysteries surrounding women and their clits. Men, be afraid no longer! Making a woman come through clitoral stimulation, will soon be one of your number one talents.

Everyone loves a good massage, but you shouldn’t restrict your manual talents to the usual spots like backs, legs, arms and stomachs. Massaging a woman’s genitalia in the right way, is guaranteed to work her up into a frenzy – you just have to master the most effective technique.

You can use your hands and fingers to massage her labia lips, either in a circular motion, or up and down. Applying pressure to a woman’s labia also arouses the clit and everything else around it, so a girl can get off quite easily this way. Your trick, is to know how far to push her, and how to delay her. By getting to know your lover’s clit and labia, and how they react to your special touches, you’ll be able to control when she comes. Knowing that her orgasm is entirely down to how you’ve worked her, is incredibly erotic for both of you.

Alternatively, try pulling gently on her labia lips. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt her. Labia lips are very stretchy, as well as being incredibly sensitive, and each time you tug on them or manipulate them with your fingers, you’re triggering hundreds of minute pressure points around her pussy.

Using both hands, squeeze the sides of her outer labia lips and slowly pull them downward. Most women will wonder what the heck you’re doing, but once she realizes how wonderful it feels, she’ll soon be begging you to carry on. The sensation will flood throughout her entire pussy, but stay centered on her labia and clit. You’ll also be showing her a method she can then try on herself. You become the teacher! The major benefit of massaging and tugging on the outer labia, is that it encourages blood flow, plus it’s also where the clit legs are located. Basically, by massaging her outer labia, you’re pulling every kind of pleasure dart directly towards her pussy. It’s a very effective way of giving her an explosive orgasm, but remember, practice makes perfect, so even if you and your lover haven’t tried this technique before, it’s definitely one that’s going to shoot to the top of your “Favorites” list.

Other areas you can apply effective massage to, include the mons area (more details on this zone, below), plus the anal area. The key to the latter, is massaging without penetrating, no matter how tempting it might be for both your fingers and your cock. Most women don’t realize that their anal area is incredibly sensitive. It’s a place girls tend not to pay much attention to, but they’re definitely missing a trick. I love being stimulated anally, and it’s certainly one of my most sensitive areas. To really get me going, I love it when a guy massages me back there, it really pushes me to the edge, and I’m then ready to get off.

For other massaging tips, check out The Best Of Vulva Massage, a DVD of erotic touch techniques, as taught by some well renowned sex therapists and educators. There are some great instructional films about how to stimulate a woman’s vulva and give her fantastic orgasms this way. Education is always the key to great sex, in whatever form, so take some time out to learn some great new techniques.

If you truly want to be a master of female sexual massage, there are some amazing techniques, tips and methodology in Yoni Massage: Awakening Female Sexual Energy. It’s primarily about tantric massage, an area most people won’t be familiar with. You’ll learn how to tap into a woman’s sexual psyche through massage, by awakening her sexual, emotional and spiritual energies. The word ‘Yoni’ means ‘female genitalia’ in Sanskrit, and many of the techniques illustrated are thousands of years old. As the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Generations of lovers can’t be wrong, so it’s really worth investing some time to learn about these tantric massage techniques, which are about so much more than just laying your hands.

Mons Pubis:
No, it’s not a moon of Saturn, it’s the fatty area that helps to protect a woman’s pubic bone during intercourse, but it’s also a very sensitive area for us, and is always ripe for arousal. It’s not just men who need educating on this area, though. Most women don’t realize that this delicate area is capable of turning them on so much.

But when a woman masturbates with her hand, it isn’t just her clit she’s stimulating, it’s her mons area too. Where her palm sits, as she rubs herself, is precisely on top of the mons pubis, so she probably doesn’t even realize that she’s giving herself double pleasure.

Don’t believe me? Then, girls, give it a go and find out for yourself. Pay particular attention to where your hands and fingers actually are. The base of your palm will be resting on your mons pubis, as your fingers work your clit. Try lifting your palm off your body, and you’ll soon notice that the level of pleasure and sensation decreases. This is because, when you press down on this fatty tissue, it also presses down on the clit and sends more blood rushing to it. And because both women and men don’t realize just how big the clit is, there’s a whole lot more going on under the surface that needs physical stimulation and pressure on the mons pubis helps this. So, next time you’re going down on your woman, use the palm of your hand to rub the mons area, whilst simultaneously using your fingers to work her outer labia lips. You’ll drive her crazy with your manual mastery.

Fingers are some of the most wonderful tools we possess. They can do so many things, and there aren’t many parts of the body that can’t benefit, sexually, from a good finger workout. Aside from massaging, stroking and caressing, fingers can be used to explore your lover’s body in ways she will never have experienced before.

We’re all pretty au fait with how to use our fingers externally, but if you venture internally on your lover, you’ll discover a whole new world of pleasure. When you’re going down on your partner, don’t let your fingers go to waste while you’re eating out her pussy. A delicate finger inserted into her ass and/or vagina, at the same time, triples the pleasure you’ll be giving her. While your tongue and mouth are working wonders between her legs, your fingers should be heightening other pleasures elsewhere. You are multi-talented, so don’t be afraid to show her just how much.

To really get her scaling the heights of passion, use a come-hither move with your finger, when inside her vagina, to make sure you hit her G-spot. This isn’t necessarily about getting her off, it’s about working her up into such a state of intense relaxation and pleasure, she’ll become absolutely consumed in what you’re doing to her. Just go inside her, with the intention of giving her pleasure. She might not be used to squirting or getting off this way (most women’s orgasms are clitoral), so it will do you both good to just play, feel and explore what feels good for both of you. Once you become more of an expert with your fingers, internally, there’s no end to the pleasure you can give, and you’ll open up more and more possibilities in your joint lovemaking.

Take some more tips from this great guide to fingering, Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Fingering: How to Touch a Woman for Fabulous Foreplay and Powerful Orgasms, an illustrative DVD to perfecting those pleasure mechanics. You’ll be able to see up close some valuable manual stimulation techniques, so all you have to do is copy them and see how you go. It won’t be long before you find your own groove and be able to adjust the methodology to a routine and rhythm that suits you and your lover.

Ass Play:
Going down on a woman means more than working her up between her legs. For instance, nothing feels more amazing to me, than when my partner is sucking on my clit, fingering my vagina and my ass. My absolute favorite is when a guy tongue fucks me in my ass. A girl’s ass is amazingly sensitive, especially around the opening. You don’t have to go for full penetration – in fact, it’s the teasing around the outer edge that is more erotic and sensual, so this is definitely an area worth exploring.

Using sex toys for anal play is a fantastic way of enjoying your lover’s ass. When using toys, though, it’s very important that you buy products that are specifically for anal play and that have a base, so they can’t be ‘lost’ inside your lover. It sounds incredible, but the ass is also a superior suction zone and you should only ever use toys that won’t disappear where they’re not supposed to. The only place you should be visiting during passionate anal play is the top of the clouds, not the emergency room.

There are some fantastic books on anal play out on the market at the moment. You can learn everything from the best sex positions and how to get in the mood for anal play, to tips on which products and toys are the best for anal sex, for both men and women. And guys, you don’t have to be gay to enjoy a little anal play. Whatever your sexual orientation, it doesn’t alter the fact that our anal area is incredibly sensitive, and if you let your lover get to grips with it, both manually and with toys, you won’t be sorry…

For the best anal sex toys, shop around and see just what a variety there is out there. Everything from anal beads, to glass dildos, plus some fabulous cooling and warming lubes that can really alter the sensations you feel as your lover gets to work on you. Anal play is no longer such a ‘niche’ sexual activity, like it used to be. Plenty of couples are discovering just how much fun it can be, and of course, it’s perfectly safe if done properly.

Nipple Play:
We all know how much guys love our nipples. Our breasts in general, are a source of infinite wonder and pleasure to them, but many guys seem to think that our nipples are there purely for their own pleasure. Wrong. They’re our nipples, and we love them just as much as you do. Personally speaking, my nipples are one of my most erogenous zones and one of my favorite pleasures is when a guy sucks and licks at my nipples, while his fingers are inside my pussy. I can easily come this way, so it’s a shame that not enough women are getting their nipples attended to properly.

Again, utilize the amazing array of nipple sex toys out there, to make nipple play even more erotic and sensual. Nipples are parts of the body that really deserve some time investing in them. Guys, you’ll know from the nipples’ hardness, color and texture whether you’re arousing us properly, so don’t be afraid to really get stuck in and make a fuss of them. No woman I know would ever complain about their guy going for a feast, as long as they’re not neglecting us elsewhere while they do it.

Toys you can use include nipple clamps, which will give your lover a short, sharp rush of blood to their breasts, and they also look sexy and erotic. Nipple suckers are plastic devices which fit onto your nipples and create a vacuum between your nipple and the air. They increase sensitivity and can be flicked and twisted for added sensation. You can even buy special flavored nipple cream, to really give your lover a tasty treat.

Sex Toys:
Sex toys have never been so popular, and what’s more, they’re affordable and very easy to get a hold of. If you’ve never had a sex toy before, you’ll be genuinely surprised at the sheer variety out there. If your lover is into sex toys, have a selection ready for her by your bed, for when she comes over.

Some women have only ever played with sex toys alone, but more and more couples are realizing the benefits of sharing their playtime. Grab a dildo, or a G-spot dildo, to insert inside of her while you tease the outside of her pussy with your mouth, or suck and lick on her clit with your tongue. Remember, don’t just use your mouth to satisfy her, and leave your hands doing nothing. Stimulating a woman inside and out, at the same time, is just about as wild as it gets.

Use a vibrating bullet on her clit, while you tongue-fuck her pussy or asshole. Take control of her genital area and let her lie back while you work your magic. Or maybe you can finger her, or suck around her pussy. Exploration is the key word here, and make sure your lover is vocal and open about telling you what they like, so you can enhance the pleasure for them.

There should be nothing more satisfying for a guy, than to know he’s able to give his lover the best sexual experience she’s ever had. Talk to each other as you go, and listen to her body, not just in the way she moans, but in the way she moves. Body language screams a whole lot louder than words.

Cunnilingus shouldn’t just be an incidental part of sex or be consigned to foreplay. It’s a total sexual experience in itself and deserves to have proper time and effort spent on it. But sometimes that’s difficult to maintain, as mouths can get tired and achy. So use your imagination when it comes to making the experience last as long as possible.

Dildos are a great way of stimulating your lover down there, while your mouth takes a rest, and they come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Standard penis-shaped dildos, made of rubber or latex, are always popular, but investigate further and you’ll discover some interesting variations. Glass dildos are the height of luxury, and also look great beside the bed. Strap-ons are popular with gay couples, and also straight men who like to indulge in anal play with their girlfriends. Just remember to always use a lube, for comfort, and wash them afterwards.

Vibrators are probably the best-selling sex toys on the market right now. You can get simple, one-speed devices for a quick come, or intricate, multi-speed and multi-tasking gadgets which seem to do everything except empty the trash. The larger, more expensive vibes, will stimulate your clit, G-spot and ass at the same time, so there really is something for everyone. For oral play, vibes are great for giving your guy a rest from eating you out. Let him suck on your nipples or kiss your neck, while he continues to work between your legs with a powerful vibe.

Bullets are small, purse-sized vibrators, which are simply great if your guy needs a little rest from pleasuring you with his mouth. They act like an extra finger, really, a much more powerful extra finger! Your guy can be fussing around you with stroking and caressing, while he uses one of these beauties on your clit, pussy and ass. And because they’re so small, they travel well, so if you and your guy find yourself having a horny moment, on the move, a bullet can really spice things up, quickly.

Feather Ticklers
If you really want to indulge your lover and make your session last as long as possible, you can’t go wrong with a feather tickler. These can be very erotic, particularly after you’ve got her all worked up with everything else. The delicacy and gentleness of a feather tickler is so teasing, so take your time brushing it lightly over her legs, her pussy, her inner thighs, her breasts and her ass. Girls just love how the sensation heightens their responses even more, so keep the teasing going, before moving onto something else.

Many people mistakenly think bondage is all about submission and/or dominance, that only a certain kind of person is into it. In reality, mild bondage like using blindfolds and gentle restraints are great fun to use, and will heighten yours and your lover’s senses.

Tying up your lover’s arms and/or legs, means she will have to make more use of her other senses. If she cannot touch herself down there or touch you, then she will surrender to you, and every ounce of pleasure from then on depends on you to provide it. This can be highly erotic, and can make it easier for a girl to orgasm. Also, try blindfolding her so she can’t see what you’re up to. That takes away another of her senses, and she’ll be forced to really use her imagination and rely on her aural abilities. This way, she will be completely focused on the different sensations you’re giving her and she’ll be surprised with each new one.

There are several bondage products you can try out with your lover. Bed restraints, sex swings with built in restraints, nipple clamps, furry handcuffs and even some playful hog ties. Blindfolds are super sexy items, and come in pretty colors and silky soft satin. Don’t just use them on her, either. Having a guy go down on me while he’s blindfolded, is always fun, and it’s a good chance to test out if he really knows his way around my body!

Be adventurous and see where your naughty streak takes you. I can personally vouch for how exciting it is to be tied up by a lover while he eats me out, or uses sex toys on me. It drives me wild and really spices up my sex life.

Role Playing:
Sex fantasies don’t have to be just physical things. Men and women all have naughty thoughts that involve our alternate universe. We imagine ourselves in all kinds of sexy scenarios. Girls might imagine being rescued from certain disaster by a hot firefighter or police officer. We also often have dominant fantasies about seducing a guy and doing what we want with him, while most guys would jump at the chance of being fucked by a naughty nurse, or sexy secretary.

We find it easier to indulge certain sexual fantasies, if we remove ourselves from our real life and real persona. Just like actors playing a part, pretending to be someone else when you have sex can be wildly erotic, and can do a lot to lower inhibitions. Role-playing acts like a kind of alcohol, but without the hangover!

Why not try a role-play, where you become your lover’s oral slave, where you have to do exactly as she orders you to do? Guys are more used to being the dominant force in the bedroom, but I know for a fact that one of the most common male fantasies, is to be dominated by a woman, sexually.

If you take on this role, you’ll find that your lover will find it easier to tell you what she wants. By taking on a dominant persona, she’ll delight in ordering you around and making deeper sexual demands of you. In their ‘real world’, lots of women feel shy about articulating, or even just hinting, at what they really want in bed, especially when it comes to oral sex.

They also might think that their demands will be too kinky for you, and you’ll think bad of them. This way, she will have more confidence asking for exactly what she wants, because technically, it isn’t her doing the asking, it’s her other personality. And, what’s more, you know you’re going to love it. So this is an easy way for your woman to get what she wants.

Suggest the idea to her, and let her know that you’ll only do what she wants, but have everything ready, toys-wise, so you’re prepared for any scenario. Dildos, vibrators, restraints, clamps, lubes, whatever it is, have it ready. And why not try out an oral sex stool where she’s in complete control? To get her used to the idea of ordering you about, blindfold yourself and get to work on her pussy. The fact that you can’t see anything, will immediately make her feel more powerful, and you’ll soon discover that she has a very naughty inner woman, just waiting to get out.

For yourself, this is also an excellent way to feel good about yourself. By throwing all your energy into purely satisfying her, and only her, you’ll find out just how erotic her fulfillment can be. Just one thing to remember, when you’re being her slave…you have to wear a collar!

Hot/Cold Sensations:
Sensation plays a huge role in sexual fulfillment, especially when it comes to stimulating a girl’s genital area. We are especially sensitive down there and we feel every pulse, every nerve ending, every brush of your finger. A variance in temperature on the skin heightens these sensations, like you’re in charge of her very own inner thermostat. If she’s blindfolded then her extra-sensory perception will be even more intense, because she simply will not know what you’re going to do next.

Keep some hot water by the bed and some ice cubes. Drink the hot water (not boiling, though), and let it sit in your mouth to regulate the temperature, while you get to work on her pussy with your fingers. Then, either swallow the water and begin sucking her pussy or dribble the warm water over it instead. Trust me, the sensation is amazing!

Then switch to the ice cubes and rub them over her pussy. Her skin and nerve endings will contract at the sharp contrast in temperatures, and she’ll already be writhing in pleasure. Push an ice cube up into her vagina (it’s only water, you won’t be harming her), but do it slowly, for added sensation and teasing. Go slow, so you know she’s okay with it, and because it feels so good, she’ll want to get the most from it. Then let the ice cube melt inside her hot pussy, before sucking out the water. This sensation, in itself, is highly erotic, for both of you. You get a mix of water and pussy juices, and she gets the warmness of your mouth, tongue and hot breath gently pulling at her labia and internal walls.

If you want to be extra naughty, and she doesn’t mind, move up her body and share the melted ice in your mouth, by kissing her.

For other hot and cold sensations, try using special creams and lubes that you put on her clit to heighten sensation. Warming lubes and creams are just the thing for raising the temperature in the bedroom, and they come in lots of different flavors and consistencies, such as oils, gels and lotions. A few circular rubs on her clit with a warming lube, and her body will naturally begin to respond to your touch.

Cooling lubes and creams too, can have a similar effect. They’re great not only for instantly altering the sensations she’s feeling down there, but they can also help control when she comes. If you’ve been so successful in your techniques that her body wants to come, but her mind doesn’t want to, you can use a cooling lube or cream to calm her pussy down. The sensation is just as enjoyable for her, but it can give that vital few minutes respite, before she’s really ready to explode.

Once you’re confident in being able to try out some of the techniques listed above, it’ll be time to really put them into practice. Positions are vital, because the way you go down on her, can have a drastic effect on the amount of pleasure she receives. Many men just stick to the standard position for giving cunnilingus, by sliding down on the bed and putting his head between her legs, but there are so many different positions to try, each offering their own, unique oral experience.

-Lying down: this is probably most comfortable and the most relaxing for a woman, and if you’re planning on really taking your time with her, then she’ll have no complaint about lying there and letting you get on with it. Keep with this position while you practice your techniques, before experimenting with something a little different further on down the road.

-From behind: easily one of my favorites, this is super hot, as you’ll have easy access to her ass, as well as being able to service her pussy with your fingers at the same time. Plus, if a woman is lying on her stomach, or with a pillow underneath her, she can easily feel added pressure as it rubs up against her mons area and clit.

-Sitting on your face: for control purposes, this is fantastic for the girl, as she can ‘steer’ her pussy any which way she wants and regulate the pressure on her mons and clit, too. Every guy loves having his face fucked, and the sight of her breasts jiggling right above you as she rides you? Sexy as hell, right?

-Using sex furniture or a pillow: not something many people are actually aware of, but there are specially-designed pieces of furniture out there to help you prop you into the perfect position for whatever sexual position you choose to indulge in.

Wedges, ramps, stools and special sex chairs, they can all give you easier access to certain body parts. Alternatively, just get creative with a few cushions and pillows, and find your own natural sex position, anything that feels good.

-Shower sex: the height of erotica, but hard to make it look like it does in the movies, if you’re not used to it. Some women are self-conscious about their vaginas. Others are worried that they smell, or aren’t clean enough. In actual fact, men are known to love the natural smell of a woman.

Just like fingerprints no two women have the same smell, but ask any guy and they’ll take your natural smell over a cloud of perfume any day of the week. But if you’re still self-conscious, get the best of both worlds, by getting your guy to go down on you in the shower for some serious oral action.

You can buy bench seats, suction handles and special mats that make shower sex fun and safe. And you’ll find that your lover gets more carried away with a cascade of water rushing over her, because she feels clean at the same time.

You can also try propping her up against the wall, on the edge of the bathtub, so she can spread her legs and you can get comfortable between them. Whatever position you choose, just make sure she’s relaxed and comfortable.

My favorite shower position is standing up, with the guy on his knees between my legs. I then get to crouch or stand straight according to how he’s feeling on me, and standing orgasms are always very intense for me. Invest in some shower sex toys to really get the most out of your bathtime playtime.

More sex positions for cunnilingus:
It would be impossible to list all the sex positions that are great for going down on your woman. But by experimenting with what feels good for you, you might be surprised at the things you find you like.

Try a sex swing, an inflatable position master or spend some time perusing the numerous books, DVDs and online instructional manuals that will really open your eyes to the wealth of oral sex positional possibilities.

Don’t stop learning!

Hopefully, this article has educated you about the many different ways you can satisfy your lover by perfecting the art of cunnilingus. Amazingly, a female’s genitalia is still a source of mystery to guys and they’re often afraid to ‘go there’.

But think about this – you know how amazed and grateful you are when your lover gives you an out of this world hand job or blow job? Well it’s the same for us. By simply learning about all the different techniques, toys and sensations you can employ when you go down on your girl, you’ll be opening up a whole new world not just to her, but to yourself.

Your own sex education should never stop. There is no end to the things you can learn to make you a better lover. Here are a selection of my most popular books and DVDs from my online Amazon store, to help you on your way. Good luck, and happy cunnilingus!

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