Paris Living – Naughty Girl Living in Paris

My flat in Paris is perfect…old with squeaky floor boards and cabinets, and cracks in the walls. I didn’t want a new, remodeled, modern flat as I wanted it to have character and to be very French. Plus it has a balcony which is hard to come by in Paris… Oh la la!

As cute as the flat is, I needed to add a few of my own personal touches to make it feel more at home….sexy and naughty. First, the coffee table needs the perfect book…”Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles.”

Then I need flowers on the balcony, breakfast table and nightstand to feel extra sexy.
And the finishing touches…naughty photos! Found these cheeky postcards along the Seine River by the Louvre. They make the perfect addition to my Parisian flat…tres sexy!

I booked my Paris flat through My Paris Visit. You can find tons of short and long-term rentals here along with great locations and reasonable prices.

– Naughty Travel Guides to Naughty Cities

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