Nipple Play

 Nipple Play

Our nipples are very sensitive, for both men and women. Some people will get very aroused when their nipples are sucked on, and a lucky few can even orgasm this way. But if you’re not one of the chosen people, don’t worry. It’s very easy to train yourself to orgasm from nipple play, but it’s also important to communicate with your lover and tell them exactly how you want them to suck or touch your nipples to help get you off. Just like our genitals, our nipples respond in different ways depending what’s being done to them. Lovers aren’t mind readers, so you have to tell them what you want and how you want it.

Some people like having their nipples sucked, licked, caressed or nibbled. Vibrators are a great toy to use on nipples, as their various speeds and pressures can evoke a wild variety of sensations for us. But before you get a lover to practice on you, you need to practice on your own.

Below are some techniques to try on your nipples. Some of them will feel strange, initially, but persevere and try not to dismiss something until you’ve at least had a go. This is all about self-discovery, so keep an open mind and maybe you’ll find some surprising new ways to pleasure yourself. Try one exercise at a time, then try them all together in a kind of nipple routine. You’ll like some more than others, but the point is that you’ll definitely discover at least one exercise that works for you, and you’ll then be able to show your lover how to use your nipples to give you an orgasm.

-Standard Nipple Clamps
They might look frightening, and it’s true they’re not for everyone, but try them and see what you think. When you first put them on, just sit there for a few minutes and get used to how they feel, how the tingling sensation washes over your breast and nipple area. Use them for masturbating or sex, by pulling on them gently.

-Vibrating Nipple Clamp
For added sensation and a more intense mental fantasy, try some vibrating nipple clamps. You can adjust the tension, speed and pulse magnitude, and really get experimenting with what feels good. You’ll probably need more time on your own to play with these, as the combinations are endless.

-Fetish Nipple Rings
These cute little gold rings are non-piercing and are such a pretty accessory that can really help engage the brain in naughty thoughts. My favorite thing about these gorgeous little rings, though, is that they can be worn under your clothing. They make you feel very sexy, wherever you are, and the knowledge that you’re wearing something a bit naughty, under your blouse, is very erotic.

-Nipple Suckers
They’re plastic bulbs which fit over your nipples and create a vacuum, so it feels like they’re being sucked. Or try vibrating nipple suckers, which give you more control over suction pressure, as well as offering added vibration for a sensory overload.

If you love subtlety and the delicacy of the tease, then you’re probably a feather person. Use a feather tickler to play with your nipples on your own or have your lover use it on you. My favorites are ostrich feathers, because they’re long and so light, it feels like I’m being teased by a cloud. You can also get feather crops and feather boas, which both feel super-sexy when you brush them over your nipples.

-Tail whips 
If you want to crank things up a bit and get a little kinkier then use a tail whip. They add real intensity to nipple play and you can be as gentle or rough as you like. Start by using it on your own or with a lover, by brushing the whip across your nipples and breasts.  As you get going, then start spanking your nipples and boobs harder and harder. You decide how hard you want to be spank, everyone is different. It’s a toy that you really need to experiment with, and the more you get used to it the more comfortable you’ll be with suggesting to your lover that he use it on you to get it off. Believe me, he’ll be “whipping” it out of your hands in no time, just dying to get to work on you.

-Bullet Vibes
Bullets aren’t just for the clit! It’s surprising how many people are missing a trick by not realizing how wonderful they can be when used on all areas of the body, especially the nipples. Bullets are such sexy-looking things, the small silver ones are my favorite. Even looking at one makes me feel horny. Bullet vibes are great because you can take them anywhere with you.

-Nipple Nibblers
This cooling cream is great to put on your nipples when playing with your breasts as it will give you a nice tingly sensation. It comes in various flavors, and makes nipple play a joy for both of you. Just smear some on your boobs/nipples, and let your lover indulge. You can also use nipple nibblers with nipple clamps, vibes and feather ticklers, to add an extra dimension to nipple play. It smells wonderful, too, so even if you’re on your own, smear some on your nipples and let the aromas work their magic on your imagination as you play with your nipples.

Just like vibes, dildos aren’t solely for use in and around our pussies. It’s really horny when our lovers brush their cocks over our boobs and nipples, so try using a dildo for the same effect. Lie back and stroke the dildo over your breasts, and imagine your lover is caressing you with his cock. Let your imagination take over and don’t be afraid to move your body as you would if it was a real cock playing on your chest. You can practice your titty-fucking techniques at the same time, so you have something else to offer your lover next time he’s over. Dildos come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so why not splash out on a soft model that feels just like the real thing – fleshy and arousing on your nipples.

They’re free and very underused. Our hands are as sensual as any other part of our bodies, but we don’t use them nearly enough. Take your time and massage your breasts/nipples, get to know them as intimately as your lover does. Rub, squeeze, massage, tickle…anything that adds to the erotic sensation. Imagine it’s your lover running his hands over your tits, and remember to just keep your hands on your breasts, no matter how tempting it might be to venture further below. Some people can even suck their own nipples, so if you can do that, then go for it!

-Using Fabric
Sometimes when we touch ourselves, it’s not the same as feeling someone else’s touch. To compensate for this, try rubbing your nipples across different fabrics. This way, you can easily imagine someone else touching you, and it’s also very stimulating for your nipples. I discovered this while masturbating on my stomach. I was using a toy behind me and every time I slid my body up and down my sheets, I noticed my nipples were responding to the rub of the fabric on my breasts. It was as though someone else was touching me. It doesn’t have to be just sheets, though. Try rubbing against your pillow or the arm of your leather couch. The sheepskin rug you’ve got on the floor can feel amazing on nipples, as does a hot towel straight from the dryer. If you use your hand to rub fabric over your nipples, it doesn’t feel quite the same than if you rub up against the fabric yourself. This is how I discovered how much I liked my nipples being played with, as it was getting me off.

-Putting Everything Together 
Pick out your favorites from the ideas above and try combining them together. For example, apply the nipple cream then squeeze or caress your breasts for a few minutes. Then, take the whip or feather stick and stroke yourself slowly as you concentrate your brain on your fantasy. Attach the nipple clamps or nipple suckers as you use the feather, and combine sensations.

Once you’ve experimented and discovered what gets you off, you can then introduce what you’ve learned to your lover and show them how to please your nipples. It could be as simple as just telling them that you want them to lick your boobs and nipples in long slow strokes. It could be that you want him to suck on you in a certain way. Toys don’t have to be involved, so don’t feel pressured into using them if you’d prefer to just keep things natural.

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