National Naughty Chocolate Day

Chocolate Penis

Chocolate Penis

Christmas is coming but did you know that Christmas Eve, December 24th, is  National Chocolate Day!? Not that you need a reason to indulge your sweet tooth. But it’s the perfect excuse to shut the door against the cold outside and cozy up with your lover as you spoil each other with some sexy, sugary treats.

But National Chocolate Day isn’t about just buying a loved one a Hershey Bar or baking a sinful chocolate layered cake, it can be so much more. So use your imagination to create a day of delicious desserts, sexy sugary surprises and calorie-laden hedonism that will have you both climbing the walls of sweet ecstasy.

As everybody knows, chocolate is one of the world’s most potent aphrodisiacs (cacao beans were even used as currency by visitors to ancient Mayan brothels!,) but the reason for this isn’t just because chocolate tastes great. There’s a very real scientific root to the brown stuff’s magical properties, in that it contains a natural chemical which releases and replicates the same feel good hormone our bodies produce when we have sex. That’s right, chocolate is sex in edible form! And if you needed another great reason to start chomping down on a bar or two, then you’ll be pleased to know that chocolate – especially dark chocolate – is very high in antioxidants, more so than traditional sources like green tea or red wine.

So explore the fantasy world of chocolate; everything from hot chocolate sauce you can lick off your lover’s body, to chocolate flavored massage oils, chocolate martinis, chocolate baths and, of course, chocolate sex toys

1. Chocolate thongs

For this special day, spice things up by wearing something he can really get his teeth into – literally! Chocolate thongs are all the rage right now, guaranteeing you’ll be serving up a tasty Belgian treat as his appetizer for the evening. Greet him at the door, then lead him to the kitchen and let him nibble away to his heart’s content, but be sure to keep his appetite just below satiated, so he doesn’t get too full too soon. There’s a chocolate thong for him, too, so don’t let him have all the fun, feel free to feast on him, too.

2. Chocolate body paint

Next, make him do some of the work by handing him the ingredients to make the next course on the menu. This award-winning body paint will bring out the erotic artist in him. Ask him to draw shapes and sexy pictures on your skin and erogenous zones, before letting him lap up his handiwork with his tongue. Not only do you get the pleasure of having your lover feast on your body, but the soft, tickly brush will subtly stir up those passions at just the right tempo.

3. Chocolate aphrodisiac warming oil

Because foreplay should always prolong as much as possible, this is the perfect time to introduce your lover to some sensuous and sexy massage lotions and oils. Something like aphrodisiac oil will get the senses working overtime. Not only do you get the ultimate chocolate taste delight, but the warming oil will raise temperatures, too. This oil comes in a sexy glass bottle which looks great on the nightstand, so it’s always ready to use when the mood takes you.

4. Sexual Energy Chocolate Expresso Mints For Him and For Her

Throw in a little cool mint to control his passion, too, and you’ll be sure to stay in control. Try keeping him in check with this cheeky aperitif, specially formulated to titillate, yet regulate, his erotic desires. There’s a whole host of sexy ingredients in here, from Yerba Mate and L-Arginine, to Bitter Orange and, of course, tons of chocolate. Sexy sugar rush guaranteed!

5. Sexual Energy Chocolate Peppermint For Him and For Her

But don’t forget yourself, either. Indulge in a few sweet treats of your own, then surprise your lover with some cool, oral action which will really blow his mind. Dark chocolate is known for its intense aphrodisiac properties, so you’re really spoiling him (and yourself) when you pop a few of these pearls before going down on him.

6. Nip Zip

For added intensity to your foreplay, try an ice cold balm such as this one. Used on your lips, it’ll give him a blow job he’ll never forget, and he can use it on your clit when he goes down on you, too. I love putting this stuff on my nipples, because it’s like sending an electrical charge through my chest, the coldness really makes my nipples come alive. It’s mint-chocolate flavored, which make the feasting possibilities truly endless.

7. Dona Kissable Massage Candle Chocolate Mousse

If candles are your thing, don’t confine your senses to just smell and sight. There are some amazing aromas out there right now, and some of my favorite candles combine erotic, musky fragrances with delicious, kissable wax which doubles up as the perfect massage oil. This massage candle was tailor-made for National Chocolate Day! Not only does it fill the bedroom with a gorgeous, sweet scent, but the wax contains pheremones and aphrodisiac oils which combine with the chocolate to offer the ultimate in indulgent massage oils when melted. The candles also come in vanilla buttercream and strawberry souffle varieties, for a complete Neopolitan experience.

8. Bijoux’s Indiscrets

If you’re going out with your lover on National Chocolate Day, you can still drive him crazy in public by applying some discreet chocolate body powder to certain, kissable areas of your body. The Bijoux Indiscrets range has a dark chocolate variety which adds subtle glitter to your skin and, when it comes into contact with your lover’s lips, it releases an intense dark chocolate vibe which should have him – and you – rushing to the restroom for some private time, because I guarantee he won’t be able to wait until he gets you home.

9. Chocolate-covered adult candy

Even if you’re not able to indulge as passionately as you’d like this National Chocolate Day, there’s nothing to stop you have some cheeky fun wherever you are and whoever you’re with. Depending on how brave you are, try taking a tray of these naughty candies into the office to spice up everyone’s day, or give a box to your lover to take with him as a sexy reminder of what he can expect when he comes home to you later.

10. Chocolate cocktail sucker

If you’re on your own on National Chocolate Day, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out, either. Make yourself some sexy Martinis and add one of these risque stirrers to get you in a naughty mood.

11. Sex Bubbles

Later, draw yourself a hot chocolate bath by adding some indulgent chocolate scented bubble bath to the running water. Feel yourself melt away as the aroma of sinful hot chocolate fills the room. Pamper and play with yourself as long as you like, because the chocolate air is guaranteed to put you into the mood for some sexy solo bath time fun, so don’t forget to take your favorite sex toy into the tub with you.

12. Mr Marcus Dildo

For the ultimate in National Chocolate Day treats, though, you’ll need to save your energy for the best dessert you’ll ever find on the menu. Modeled on the famous porn star, this 9-inch chocolate colored cock  has multi speeds and functions to give you the tastiest ride of your life. It comes with a remote control so you can direct your pleasure with precision, and there’s also a suction cup on the base, making it perfect for having solo sex in any position. The PVC shell is antibacterial and Phthalate-free, so even the most sensitive girls can jump on this massive pleasure giver with total confidence. This is the very definition of brown sugar!

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