BSwish BGee Classic Vibe Review


BSwish BGee Classic Vibe

BSwish BGee Classic Vibe

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I am definitely a vibe girl when it comes to play time, and I have quite an extensive collection, so I was looking forward to trying out this cute little number as soon as it arrived. I don’t normally take notice of the packaging on my toys (it’s what inside that counts, right?) but all the same, I was impressed by how stylish the box was and the gorgeous little black pouch which came with it makes it the perfect traveling toy.

The vibe itself, I went for a black one, to make a change from the pink or purple ones I usually have. It instantly felt naughty – there’s something about black which is really sexy to me – so that was a good start. I was surprised at how small the BGee Classic is, too, just a couple of inches round at the bulb, and 7 inches in length. I found out later, though, that size definitely isn’t everything!

This is a G-spot vibe, with an angled head to hit you just in the right spot. I was keen to try it out on other areas, first, though, to test the vibration power and the sensitivity. It’s a really soft, supple vibe which feels just gorgeous in my hands, a bit like velvet. I found myself handling it quite delicately – not because it was fragile, but because it was just so soft to the touch, really feminine, which made such a great change from lots of vibes out there which can feel clinical, mechanical and just too plasticky. But this one feels sexy and intimate to the touch, which again just added to my excitement!

I started off running the vibe over my nipples to try out the different speed settings. There are five settings, from low to intense, and I was surprised to find that, despite the relatively small size of the vibe, there was no compromise on power. My nipples reacted instantly, even on the lowest setting. Again, the velvety feel of the PU plastic added to the sensitivity and it was easy to get carried away. Next, I tried it on my clit, starting low at first, taking time to really let the vibe do its work, then switching up through the power settings and patterns (there are two settings which mix up the rhythm) until I got to the most intense setting, which was pretty mind-blowing. I know I keep saying it, but to have such a petite, harmless-looking vibe pack such a powerful punch, was incredible. On my clit, this vibe brought me to orgasm in less than a minute, but that was deliberate on my part because I wanted to get on and test it on other areas, but it would be easy to slow-build your climax, if you preferred, because it’s so easy to maneuver.

The power settings are controlled through the dial on the base, which is not always user-friendly when you want to switch intensities in the middle of a session, but with a bit of practise I soon got the hang of it. One super-cute feature are the lights that dance about when you’re in different modes. You can only see these in the dark, obviously, but it added a bit of fun to my play time, which is never a bad thing.

Next, I got down to the real business to test how effective this vibe was in stimulating my G-spot. Was I going to shoot for the stars with this small, thin vibrator? Short answer, hell yes! As I’ve said, the angle of the bulb is perfect, like it was measured for just me. It slides inside effortlessly (any lube is fine to use with this, as it’s made of PU plastic), and the head went straight for my G-spot without me even trying to position it. It was easy for me to alter the power settings on the dial in this position, and I spent quite a bit of time testing each one out until I felt my climax building. When I was ready, I switched the power to full pelt then just lay back and let it do its thing. When I came, it was intense and pretty consuming, and the best thing was that I was able to keep the vibe in position easily because of its size, even as I was bucking like a bronco!

Sound-wise, it’s not too bad. Not the quietest I’ve ever used, but certainly not the loudest. It’s more of a buzzing hum or pulse, than a loud whirr, which adds to the overall subtlety and I can really let my imagination run away with me when I’m using it, instead of being distracted by mechanical noises! This meant that my orgasm was deliciously slow building instead of feeling rushed and, when I came, I really came.

I have a lot of experience with vibes and I was just so surprised at how much impact this small, thin vibe had on me. Appearances really can be deceptive, so don’t let the cuteness of this vibe detract from its awesomeness – this is a seriously sexy piece of kit. I’d say this was a perfect G-spot vibe for beginners because the size isn’t intimidating at all and it still has the power you need for a satisfying orgasm.

I don’t have a problem with privacy in my house, but for those that do, this should be quiet enough to use in your room under the covers. Better still, just take it into the shower (like I did, later) and enjoy some waterproof fun. It’s very easy to insert standing up, and I found that my orgasm came pretty quickly (be careful not to slip, though!)

Something else I found out while playing with it – it can double as a prostate massager, because it’s virtually the same size and shape, so it was a toy I could use on my lover, too. We had a great time playing around with this (clean thoroughly between uses if you’re going to share, though!) and it hit the spot for him, too, absolutely. So, all in all, this vibe was a win-win, for both of us.

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