National Rubber Ducky Day

I Rub My Duckie Travel Paris Rose

I Rub My Duckie Travel Paris Rose

January 13th is National Rubber Ducky Day, so it’s time to either dust off the yellow quacker already in your toy box, or splash out on some brand new bath time treats.

Rubber Duckies have been popular every since the 19th century, but it was probably the song “Rubber Duckie,” performed on Sesame Street in 1970, which made us really take the little creatures to our hearts.

Of course, rubber duckies aren’t just cute to look at, they have lots of other uses, too, especially when it comes to being naughty! So here’s my pick of the cheekiest, most mischievous rubber duckies around, to make sure you celebrate National Rubber Ducky Day in sexy, soapy style!

Bondage Duckie

Bondage Duckie – Travel Size

This handy, travel-sized rubber duckie can be discreetly packed to take with you anywhere. Whether you’re on business and want some hotel bathroom fun, or you’re spending the night at your lover’s place, make sure you slip this cute quacker into your purse before you go. Dressed up in her own little black and purple corset and naughty spiked collar, this is the most fashionable rubber duckie around, but she still packs a powerful punch. Turn her on, and she’ll turn you on, too.

Paris Pearl Rubber Duckie

Paris Pearl Blanc Rubber Duckie – Travel Size

If you like your sex toys to be as sassy and elegant as you, then this Paris Pearl rubber duckie is the ideal self-pleasurer. She’s the epitome of glamor, with a detachable feather boa and a genuine Swarovski crystal sitting pretty in her beak. Her sexy duck’s body has a translucent pearl-effect and she’ll start rippling the waters – and your erogenous zones – with a simple squeeze of her feathers. Gift-boxed in a beautiful ribboned package, she’s the must-have bath time accessory for any naughty girl.

Gold Label Rubber Duckie

I Rub My Duckie – Gold Label – Travel Size

The ultimate in luxury bath time treats, this Gold Label rubber duckie oozes sophistication and glamor, and guarantees to give you a sexy splash during your private play time. The seductive gold color makes this duckie feel expensive and indulgent, and she comes housed in a black satin-lined box, complete with Swarovski crystal and batteries. This naughty little bird really is the height of decadence, ideal for both solo play or some splashing around with your lover.

Original Yellow Rubber Duckie

I Rub My Duckie – Original Yellow

Every toy box will have contained the original Rubber Duckie at some time, and there’s a very good reason he’s so popular. His naughty smile promises waterproof pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, because he’s bigger than most (!) Simply press his back and let him massage away the stresses and strains of your day. But don’t confine this little guy’s gifts to the bath tub. Give him free rein of your bedroom, too, and let him pleasure you from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.

Pirate Rubber Duckie

I Rub My Duckie – Travel Pirate

Your rubber duckie likes role play just as much as you do. This cavalier little duckie promises erotic adventures on the high seas – well, in the high seas of your bath tub, anyway. Lose yourself in his big, blue eyes as he goes to work making waves of pleasure all around you. Surrender to the danger, and discover the treasures of his very private pleasure-chest. Perfect for any naughty girl with a wild, buccaneer side to their nature.


Sienna Sinclaire – Naughty Lifestyle Expert – Los Angeles Sex & Dating Coach

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