How To Throw A Faux Bachelorette Party



Naughty Tips on how to throw a Faux Bachelorette Party. Why let all the “Brides-To-Be” have all the fun!? There are lots of fun ideas for a girls night out, but non better than a faux bachelorette party. All you need to do is choose which friend will be the “Bride-To-Be” for the night, then head out on the town and watch how many free drinks you get. If you have dinner first, you’ll be amazed at how well you’re treated at your restaurant of choice along with food discounts and free shots. Also, it’s amazing how many free drinks you’ll get at bars and how many men you’ll meet as they always want to meet the “Bride-To-Be” and to be the last person who gets to sleep with her. Make sure to have a “naughty check-list” of things to do as it’s fun to get strangers to do naughty things. Bring fun party props such as boas, penis straws, blow dolls, etc. This is the one time that you get to be as wild as you want without anyone asking any questions.

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