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National Condom Week

Being National Condom Week, hopefully you’ll be celebrating in style by having plenty of sex with your lover, and being safe about it. But how much attention do you really pay to those rubbery things that play such an intimate … Continue reading

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The Hollywood Men at Supperclub in Los Angeles

Hollywood Men @ Supperclub Friday Nights 6675 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA As a sex coach and naughty girl in LA, there’s never a dull moment, and I like to keep up to date with what’s hot – and what’s … Continue reading

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Public Sex

What is it about sex in public that makes you feel so naughty?  Is it the idea that someone might see you? The thrill of the unknown? All of the above?  Any naughty person knows that public sex is hot … Continue reading

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VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT IDEAS Exotic Cakes We all know how sexy food can be, but try thinking outside the box this Valentine’s Day, and get your lover something he can really get his teeth into. As well as the strawberries, … Continue reading

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Naughty Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles

It’s that time again, when you have an excuse to behave extra-naughty on the most romantic day of the year. Of course, Naughty Girls & Boys like to misbehave every day of the year, but if you have a special … Continue reading

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