The Hollywood Men at Supperclub in Los Angeles

Hollywood Men

Hollywood Men @ Supperclub

Friday Nights

6675 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA

As a sex coach and naughty girl in LA, there’s never a dull moment, and I like to keep up to date with what’s hot – and what’s not – on a regular basis, so I can show my everyone just how naughty this city can be! So one Friday I decided to take my Naughty Group of Los Angeles along to one of Hollywood’s most popular haunts – Supperclub on Hollywood Boulevard – to show them one of my guilty pleasures – the Hollywood Men strippers! Supperclub is one of my favorite clubs in LA, there’s always something going on here and I just love the vibe and ambiance – it’s chic, fresh and deliciously naughty, too, so it was the ideal place to take my girlfriends for a show they’d never forget.

There was no waiting in line for us, we were booked in and treated like princesses from the moment we stepped inside. If you’ve never been to Supperclub before, prepare to be impressed – it’s a dazzling blank canvas of sheer white, from top to to bottom and side to side. The seats are more like giant beds, with a small table in the center of each one. If you’re wearing heels (and every Naughty Girl wears heels!) then you might have a bit of trouble getting in and out of the bed, but it’s great being able to just lounge about with my friends and get into the weekend mood.

We got there quite early (the show starts at 8.30pm so we didn’t want to miss a thing), and we had fabulous VIP seats, right at the front, so we had plenty of time to get comfortable and enjoy some people-watching. Well, when I say ‘people watching,’ I actually mean ‘waiter watching.’ It was Hollywood Men night, the club was full of women, as expected, which meant the waiters had to get into the spirit, too, and treat us to a pre-show exhibition of their own hotness. Seriously, every single one of these guys had a body to die for, and we got to see most of it as their ‘uniform’ consisted of just black pants and bare chests, with one of those super cute black and white bow ties sitting pretty around their necks.

When the Hollywood Men took the stage you could read all the naughty thoughts of the hundred or so girls steaming up around us. If you’ve seen male strippers before, then chances are it was probably at a large theater venue, but that’s the great thing about Supperclub – these guys are SO close, you could actually touch them. It was like having our own private strip show in our living room, that’s how intimate it feels.

The show itself had all the right ingredients to get our juices flowing: plenty of uniform-shedding, role play and complete fantasy seduction. But the best bit was when they picked out some very lucky girls from the crowd (usually the bachelorette or birthday girl) and performed a special little routine for them, up close and very personal.

I’m no stranger to erotic stage shows, I’ve even performed a few myself, but these guys were the business. As a bit of an expert on the subject, I know that there’s so much more to putting on a great show than just looking good. You need to have rhythm, real confidence and TONS of charisma, and these guys had all that, and a lot, lot more! The choreography was flawless, and even though the sunken stage is quite small, they used every inch of it and made the whole place look so much bigger (or maybe I was looking at something else!). Women are a tough audience to please, so they had to be really on point to satisfy our fantasies, which they definitely did, effortlessly.

I’m happy to report that, if you’re looking for somewhere special for that girly night out, Hollywood Men @ Supperclub is definitely the place. The show lasts about 90 minutes so you really get your money’s worth and, after the main event, the guys offer up personal lap dances (for a fee, of course) so this was our chance to choose our favorites and get a little steamy action one-on-one. Needless to say, most of us took them up on their kind offer! We even got to mingle with them in the bar afterwards, which some of my group thought was the real highlight of the night.

Like I said, we had VIP tables booked in advance, and I do recommend you book too, to avoid disappointment. Supperclub has a fab online seating reservation sytem where you can actually see what your view would be like on the night. All in all we had a fantastic night getting cozy with The Hollywood Men and I can now say, with hands-on experience, that the Hollywood Men will definitely get you feeling hot under the collar, and other places.  Awesome night!


The Hollywood Men were featured in my LA book “Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles.” Check out their review below…

Hollywood Men Review in Naughty Girl's Guide to Los Angeles

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