National Condom Week

National Condom Week

Being National Condom Week, hopefully you’ll be celebrating in style by having plenty of sex with your lover, and being safe about it. But how much attention do you really pay to those rubbery things that play such an intimate part in your lovemaking?

You might think of condoms as necessary evils, but it might surprise you to learn that there’s a very wide variety of products out there which are designed not just to protect you, but also to enhance your sexual pleasure. Different sensations, textures, even temperatures, it’s time to spice up your relationship with condoms and really make them your flexible friends.


Ribbed condoms

Ribbed condoms are textured so they offer more intense sensations for both partners. Just because they’re ribbed, doesn’t mean they’re thick or cumbersome. Most ribbed condoms today are so thin and sheer, you can hardly feel the condom itself, just the amazing feeling of the ribs as they tantalize both his cock and your vagina. Some ribbed condoms have standard vertical ribs, others have spiraled ribs up towards the tip and others have a combination. Experiment with which ones feel best for you – there are plenty out there to try, and heightened stimulation is guaranteed.



Thin condoms

Some guys don’t like wearing condoms, they think it inhibits their pleasure during sex. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Choosing thin condoms can be the ideal solution, as you really can’t tell that you’re wearing one, the latex is so sheer, yet you still have the same protection as standard condoms. Also, the thinner the condom, the more rigorously they’re tested, so it’s extra peace of mind. And don’t worry, they’re just as easy to put on as regular condoms, and you won’t feel a thing.



Glow in the dark condoms

You’ll have lots of fun with these glow in the dark condoms. What guy is going to be able to resist seeing his cock literally light up as he’s about to have sex with you? For girls, too, it’s a great way of spicing things up between the sheets, getting an eyeful of your lover’s light saber before battle commences! All you have to do is expose the condom to light, for around 30 seconds, then switch the lights out and get glowing! The glow will last for around 30 minutes, so make the most of every second.



Fire & Ice Condoms

These condoms claim to be the ultimate sensation masters, because they have built-in warming and tingling lubes which will have you both hotting up nicely as you fuck. The friction you create during sex activates the warming lube to give his cock an energy boost, while her pussy and G-spot will really come alive thanks to the outer tingling sensation. You can also get Fire & Ice Ecstasy Condoms, for all the sensitivity without feeling the condom itself.



Ecstasy Condoms

Ecstasy condoms are specifically designed to feel invisible. Just like guys who prefer thin condoms so the sensation doesn’t interfere with sexual sensation, so ecstasy condoms do the same thing, but better. They’re generally larger than standard condoms, for added comfort and movement, and are textured to add sensation without the bulk. Women often report heightened sensations, too, and say it’s like having sex without a condom at all, so win-win.



Desensitizer Condoms

These condoms are designed to help men from coming too fast. They usually have studs and/or ribs on the outer lining, to stimulate both of you during sex, but there’s also a desensitizing Benzocaine gel inside the condom, which delays his orgasm, so he can last longer while he’s fucking you, and also have a better chance of orgasming when you do, since some women often take longer to get there, than guys. You’ll need to practice a few times to get your timings right, but that’s half the fun, right?



Studded Condoms

Just like ribbed condoms offer extra stimulation, so do studded condoms – it’s just a different texture, so a slightly different feeling. Studded condoms are better for women because they’re specifically designed to enhance her pleasure, by having the studs near the tip so they hit her G-spot. There are also studs around the shaft, so every inch of your vagina gets extra attention, and the sensation will be heightened for him, too. Shop around, as not all studded condoms are the same – some have unusual designs with the studs inlaid in various patterns which offer a range of sensations.


Lambskin Condoms

You may not have heard of lambskin condoms, but they’re becoming increasngly popular for those who like the feeling of skin-on-skin. They’re extremely soft, but beware, as they don’t protect from STDs, nor are they a 100% barrier against pregnancy as the animal membranes are still permeable. The main reason people use these is for the soft, comfortable feel and they’re organic, after all. This is what they mean when they say “getting back to nature….”




Female Condoms

Female condoms? Well, yes, girls can cover themselves, too. Female condoms might not look as nice or sexy as standard condoms, and it’s true that they are ever so slightly less effective than their male counterparts, but there are advantages. You don’t have to rely on the guy to cover up, your protection is under your own control. And, if you’re one of those girls who likes to ‘freshen up’ before sex, then it’s the ideal time to insert the condom instead of messing around on the bed trying to get it in (which can be tricky until you’re used to it.) Female condoms tend to be a little more expensive, but it’s a price worth paying for protection and peace of mind.



Flavored condoms (for blowjobs)

Some women can be reluctant to give blow jobs, so offering a tasty reason to go down on you will be an offer she can’t refuse. Nowadays, there are so many flavors to choose from, she’ll feel like she’s had a three course meal by the time she’s finished sucking you off, and you’ll have trouble convincing her she’s had her fill. There’s everything from peppermint, chocolate and banana (of course!) to vanilla, strawberry and grape. A tasty addition to any toy box.




Condom Storage

Why just throw a few condoms into your purse before a night out, or waste time scrabbling about in your bedside stand when you’re about to hit the heights of passion? Be a bit more stylish and organized about how you store your condoms, because every Naughty Girl knows that all aspects of sex should be sexy. Don’t just have condoms lying around the place, where they can get damaged or lost, make an effort to look after them, and be super chic about it. Step up the style with an elegant storage box to add a bohemian buzz to your boudoir. Put your condoms in a beautiful Just In Case condom cover for just in case you get lucky!  They’re easy to store in your purse when you go out, and look equally discreet and attractive sat on your dresser. You could also add a touch of Parisian glamor to your handbag, with a pretty French Envelope condom holder which looks expensive and oozes erotic promise.


~ Sienna Sinclaire – Naughty Lifestyle Expert – Los Angeles Sex & Dating Coach

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