Game of Throne Themed Sex Toys

Game of Thrones Sex Toys Nudity

After years of battle, bravery and bloodshed, the sands are shifting across the Seven Kingdoms and beyond. Nobody holds the power, yet everybody wants it. From the frozen wastes of The Wall and the hot springs of Winterfell, down through the proud islands of Volantis and Valyria, hungry men seek this power and will use any means to acquire it. Their women, skilled in the arts of soothing and seduction, indulge in dark arts to provide the strength and succour their masters demand. They have harnessed the potent powers of the dragons and the Great Stallion, but only now can their methods of pleasure be shared amongst the Common Folk with the suggested sex toys below to act out all your Game of Thrones fantasies.

So turn your Game of Thrones tv watching into your own naughty session with your lover next time it’s on!

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 12

Whip of Skagos

Keep your slaves in line with this formidable whip used for centuries by the cannibals of Skagos. The whip holds special powers of subserviance, and anyone caught between its tails is condemned to a life of submission and servitude.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 13

Ring of Riverrun

Made with Valyrian steel stolen many centuries before, the Rings of Riverrun are much sought after by the women of Westeros, who gift them to their husbands in the promise of great sexual rewards. Cool to the touch but giving of a torrent of fire when adorned on the skin, these steel rings could hold the swing of power in the enduring Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 1

Inner Goddess Ben Wa Balls

To prepare for the homecoming of their masters, women would spend the day strengthening their pleasure pits, ready to receive the pent-up tensions of their returning warriors. These solid metal balls guarantee deep, full sensations where it matters most, ensuring your muscles will be at their strongest for the long night ahead.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 2

Magnum Songs of Fire & Ice

Every soldier is entitled to maximum pleasure when he returns from war, as he seeks to replicate the hot, vibrant intensity of the battlefield, in his own bed. Adorn him with these tingling, tantalizing sleeves and feel his cock erupt in fire.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 3

Vibrating Red Viper

Named for the handsome Prince Oberyn of House Martell, many royal ladies of Westeros have taken to their beds alone and in secret, accompanied only by this titanic self-pleasurer and the promise of a dream never to come true. Oberyn is a breaker of hearts, but the Viper is a breaker of women.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 4

Liberator of Kings Landing

Warriors demand comfort, attention and stamina in the bedchamber. He must be able to pursue all positions he desires at any time, and his lady should be flexible and submissive in satisfying his lust. No carnal cave should be without the required apparatus to achieve this.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 5

Slaver’s Bay Cuffs

Ever slave needs to know their place, their masters do rely upon it. Whether chained inside the Caves of Storms End or manacled to the pentagram on the shores of the Summer Sea, orders must be obeyed, or consequences be suffered.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 6

Scents of Storms End

The women of Westeros have long known the effect of erotic scents upon the urges. Casting a spell of smell upon their lover is a reliable way of capturing their love and devotion. Massaging the aromas of forbidden fruits into willing and urgent skin, is a trick every witch should learn early, if they are to hone their skills of sorcery and take back their power.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 7

Dragon’s Blood

To make sure your lover never wants to leave your presence, you need to use the ancient powers of incense to keep his heart captive. Send a subtle smoky swirl of magic around your chamber, and his fate will be forever entwined with yours.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 8

Wildling Twin Teaser

The nights can be cold on Westeros, but bearskins don’t always substitute for the warmth of a lover by your side. Banish the winter chill with an all-encompassing internal fire, guaranteed to send your pleasurable screams echoing through the walls of your bedchamber until such time your lover can return to pleasure you for real.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 9

Valyrian Anal Beads

The Valyrians believed in two things – the pursuit of pleasure and the importance of beauty. Put these together, and the result is something impossibly beautiful, delicate and bewitchingly seductive. Nobody makes glass as smooth as the Valyrians did, so your anal ecstasy is guaranteed.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 10

Sand Snake

When warriors are far from home, sexual release is important if they are to conserve the rest of their energy for battle. They need to get rid of pent up aggression and the ruinous images of bloodshed which haunt their dreams. This snake can satisfy the intense urges of both cock and ass in one seamless, surging act of war.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 11

Oberyn’s Mystic Wand

More magical imagining for the women of the Three Continents, this is a powerful twilight substitute for the Snake King himself. Replicate the touch and tingling of the Prince’s fingers, anytime, any place, anywhere. Let your heart rule your head, and your hand rule your pussy, as Oberyn’s Mystic Wand dances across places you never knew you had.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 14

Sunspear Swing

A fixture in every Dorne dungeon, the swing offers athletic sexual exercise for soldiers, wenches, kings and courtesans alike. Strong, durable and super-flexible, the swing can even hold the weight of a White Walker or a Giant.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 15

Fantasy Feast

When the public feasting is over and you retire to the bedchamber, the revelry doesn’t have to end there. All warriors need to keep their strength up – the enemy can arrive at any moment – and every lady knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his cock. Pleasure him orally with a host of sweet treats that’ll have him groaning and screaming like a soldier in a battle with ecstasy.

Game of Thrones Sex Toys 16Game of Thrones Sex Toys 17

Casterly Cock

In ancient times, giving and receiving anal pleasure was the hallmark of male virility. It is a tradition which holds true today in The Three Continents. The Casterly Cock enables women to  service their men with an all-encompassing deep penetration, or the Master can enhance his own natural endowment and treat his lover to a rear entry guard she will never, ever forget.

~ Sienna Sinclaire – Naughty Lifestyle Expert – Los Angeles Sex & Dating Coach

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