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Vintage Vibrator Museum in Los Angeles

Vintage Vibrator Museum in Los Angeles Sex toys have been around forever – the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used them frequently. Historically, sex was a male domain, especially when it came to pleasure. The first mechanical vibrators began appearing … Continue reading

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4 Practical Ways To Wear Depends

Depend absorbency products get a bad name among younger people because they think they’re only for old people to use as diapers for incontinence or bladder weakness. But remember, everyone can suffer from bladder weakness, even us Naughty Girls. But aside from … Continue reading

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Glow Like A Goddess in Los Angeles

Glow Like A Goddess Los Angeles is a famously glamorous city, full of beautiful people, great weather, and a thousand and one things to do if you’re out to have fun and meet new people. I love living here, especially … Continue reading

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