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Vintage Vibrator Museum in Los Angeles

Vintage Vibrator Museum in Los Angeles Sex toys have been around forever – the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used them frequently. Historically, sex was a male domain, especially when it came to pleasure. The first mechanical vibrators began appearing … Continue reading

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4 Practical Ways To Wear Depends

Depend absorbency products get a bad name among younger people┬ábecause they think they’re only for old people to use as diapers for incontinence or bladder weakness.┬áBut remember, everyone can suffer from bladder weakness, even us Naughty Girls. But aside from … Continue reading

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Glow Like A Goddess in Los Angeles

Glow Like A Goddess Los Angeles is a famously glamorous city, full of beautiful people, great weather, and a thousand and one things to do if you’re out to have fun and meet new people. I love living here, especially … Continue reading

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