4 Practical Ways To Wear Depends

Depends Underwear 2

Depend absorbency products get a bad name among younger people because they think they’re only for old people to use as diapers for incontinence or bladder weakness. But remember, everyone can suffer from bladder weakness, even us Naughty Girls.

But aside from bladder issues, there are many other practical ways to use Depends, whatever your age or circumstance. So before you turn away from this article or make another bad joke, let me share with you practical ways I’ve found on my own for women to use Depends, all of which can seriously work to your own advantage. Take it from me, there might be several occasions when you’ll be glad to ‘depend on a Depend‘ and avoid a much larger embarrassing situation!

1. UTIs

As you wait for your meds to kick in, nothing works better for a urinary tract infection than  Depends. When you first realize you have a UTI, you have to wait a day or two after seeing the doctor until you’re prescription is ready (or you might have to wait a while to get an appointment.) In the meantime, don’t suffer in silence, simply slip on a pair of Depends and go about your day as normal. No more spending hours on the toilet as your legs get cold and numb, just let the Depends do their job as you work, rest or play. Nobody has to know, except you, and if you’re not worrying about your UTI or how to cope with it, then you feel much better anyway.

2. Periods

Not all women wear tampons, either through choice, allergy issues or other concerns like toxic shock syndrome. But the alternative – sanitary pads – can often be bulky, uncomfortable, and don’t offer 100% protection as you go about your day or move around in your sleep. Even the high-absorbency varieties don’t always do the job, especially when you’re on those first few days of heavy flow. I find that Depends work much better than pads, because they completely contain the flow and don’t leak. They’re great if you’re at home and want a break from tampons, and because the whole point of them is to absorb as much liquid as possible, you really don’t have to worry about your flow, or any odor. You might not feel comfortable going to work in them, but for a natural break to give your body room to breathe, then Depends work brilliantly.

3. Overnight

As mentioned, Depends are perfect for sleeping in if you have a UTI or your period. You don’t have to keep getting up in the middle of the night to pee with a UTI or change a pad/tampon, you can just sleep through and let the Depends take the strain. This means you’re going to be more refreshed in the morning after a full night’s sleep, which is incredibly healthy. It’s not recommended to sleep overnight with a tampon inside you anyway as bacteria can build up and cause infections, as well as the possibility of them leaking if you don’t change midway through the night. Sanitary pads will move around during the night, too, even the special night time variety, so you’re risking getting stains all over your sheets. Depends will always stay in place and keep you – and your bed sheets – clean all night.

4. Traffic

This might sound strange but seriously, how often have you got stuck in traffic? In LA, especially, traffic is terrible, particularly during rush hour, and us girls can’t just pull over and dash behind a tree to relieve ourselves like the guys can. So if you’re someone who commutes to work every day for an hour or more, and you’re drinking your morning coffee or need to be hydrated with water, then you’re going to have to take a pee break sometime, right? And holding it can be painful and definitely is not good for your health as holding in your pee can lead to UTI’s and bladder infections. And even if you could manage to get off the highway and find a rest stop, it can take you forever to get back on and rejoin your journey.

Be aware of your fellow passengers’ needs, too. I had a friend once in the back seat of my car who had to pee, badly. We were sitting in rush hour traffic in LA on our way to a concert. There was no way I was pulling over as there was no shoulder and I wasn’t getting off at an exit because I knew getting back on the highway would be impossible. So I gave her a cup and she peed in it then I had to slow down for her to throw it out the window without splashing it on my car. What a hassle! So after that I resolved to always carry a pair of Depends in my car so next time this happened, I could just hand them to my friend and say “here you go!”

Depends Underwear

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