Using Aphrodisiacs To Cast A Spell On Your Love


It’s a bewitching time of year, when ghosts and ghoulies come out of the shadows and the little devils on our shoulders try and make us do all kinds of naughty things. So why not go with it? Halloween is the perfect time for injecting a little spice into an existing relationship, or building up the courage to act on those wicked thoughts you’ve been having about someone new. So how do you do this? Easy, by combining tried and tested aphrodisiacs with some good, old-fashioned mischievous magic, because sometimes Mother Nature needs a little push.

Here are five ways to use aphrodisiacs to cast a spell on your lover.


Shot of a young woman enjoying a back massage at a spa

 The magic of massage

There’s no hotter way to get your lover in the mood than by giving them a sultry massage. Set the mood with sexy lighting and some spellbinding background scents like incense or scented candles. Do your homework and learn some ancient incantations to chant over his naked body as you go to work on his skin. No erotic massage is complete, though, without the essential oils to kick start those senses and turn the lust level up to the max. Try some of this Aphrodisiac Chocolate Warming Oil, which not only feels velvety smooth on the skin, but tastes delicious, too, so you can lick your way around the parts your fingers can’t reach. It comes in a gorgeous sexy bottle plus a whole host of other sexy flavors like Orange Fantasy, Sensual Mint and Vanilla Fetish, amongst others.



Get the invisible touch

Many of the reasons behind human attraction are invisible. Pheromones and simple animal instinct play a huge role in deciding who we get the hots for. One way to boost your chances of sexual attraction – and make yourself impossibly alluring and bewitching – is to use a pheromone spray like Sex Aphrodisiac Essence Pheromones Black Orchid. Imagine walking up to the man of your dreams and telling him “I know you’re going to be mine tonight…” and, a few seconds later, he’s fallen completely under your spell! That’s how effective this perfume spray is. The outward scent is a gentle orchid floral note, but the real power lies in the imperceptible pheromones underneath – this is what will render any man helpless in your presence.


Loving affectionate nude young heterosexual couple in affectionate sensual kiss after taking shower. Mid adult Caucasian men in late 30s and young Latina woman in early 20s

Make your kisses magic

We’ve all read about Sleeping Beauty being woken from a spell by the kiss of a handsome prince, but now it’s time for Sleeping Beauty to be the one in control. All naughty girls have to make sure their lips are smooth and shiny at all times but this Halloween it’s time to go one magical stage further and make them plump-tastically kissable. Try Booty Parlor Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping Up Lip Gloss to put a spell on your own Prince Charming every time your lips meet. It’s non-tacky and contains ginkgo biloba and muira puama – both proven aphrodisiacs which stimulate sexual energy. So whoever’s lucky enough to be puckering up to you is going to fall head over heels in lust with every kiss.


seductive woman in the arms of a man

Whisper some super-sweet nothings in his ear

Witches and temptresses are known for their soft voices and beguiling words, so give your spellcasting an extra boost with Booty Parlor Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Infused Breath. It’s a mouth freshener which combines two very powerful aphrodisiacs – cinnamon and peppermint – to offer a sweet, fresh aroma with every word spoken. Not only will you bewitch your lover with your magic spell, but he’ll be hungry for a taste of the mouth it came from.


close up on a beautiful girl while enjoying a candy

Sex up your breath

You’re going to be casting a lot of spells this Halloween, so you need to make sure your mouth is up to the task. Also, once those spells start paying off, you’ll want to feel sexy and confident in those intimate situations. Tropical Fusion Aphrodisiac Sex Mints are little tabs of erotic joy, infused with sexual enhancers like horny goat weed extract and yohimbe to give your libido an instant kick with every suck. Share them with your lover to get the magic working and ensure a spellbinding Halloween night of naughtiness.


~ Sienna Sinclaire – Los Angeles Sex & Dating Coach – Naughty LA

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