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Naughty Parisian Dinner & Show

Over the weekend, Sienna Sinclaire hosted a Naughty Parisian Dinner & Show at Mistress Justine’s Dungeon West. Guests were greeted at the door with champagne and red boa’s for the women along the chance to take photos with the performers. French music … Continue reading

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10 Bouncy Ball Sex Positions

Bouncy Ball Sex 101 When it comes to sex, it’s easy to just drift into a routine with your lover. The same positions, day in and day out, it’s human nature to form schedules and stick to them. But if … Continue reading

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Naughty Guide to Warsaw, Poland

Sex History of Warsaw A brief history of the sex industry in Poland Because of its nature as a gateway between Eastern and Western Europe, prostitution in Poland has always been rife. From the eleventh century travelling girls of the … Continue reading

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