National Show & Tell Day

Remember when you were a kid and you got all excited about Show & Tell Day at school because it meant you got to stand up and talk about your favorite toy or activity? Well January 8th is National Show & Tell Day and you don’t have to be a child any more to take part. Show & Tell is for grown-ups, too. In fact, it’s a lot more fun for adults because you get to show off way more ‘toys’ than kids do….

So save the date and get together with your lover so you can Show & Tell each other your ‘favorite things.’ It could be anything from your bedside book of erotic photographs or a favorite naughty movie, to your favorite sex toy, a gorgeous set of lingerie or a favorite three-course aphrodisiac dinner. It’s about simply spending quality time with your lover and indulging yourselves, getting to know what turns the other on and how you can help each other do it. Talk to each other as you Show & Tell, and let the language get as fruity as you want.

Here are 10 things which can make your Show & Tell Day super-sexy and exciting, and all of them are available from my Sienna Sinclaire Sex Shop.


For Her:

1. Vibrating Panties

One of the best inventions ever, vibrating panties give women the chance to have an orgasm at any time, anywhere, so your lover is going to adore the fact that you want to show him your secret pleasure givers. Try doing a sexy striptease for him when he comes over but give him the remote control so he can choose when to give you the ultimate climax. Probably one of the best Show & Tell toys around.

2. French Maid Outfit

Use this sexy outfit in conjunction with the vibrating panties for the ultimate Show & Tell treat for your lover. Wait for him at the door when he arrives so your ‘demonstration’ can start right away and stay dressed up as you cook him a sexy dinner. Role playing outfits are a great way to show and tell each other about the fantasies you have. Even if you’ve never spoken about your fantasies before, wearing a sexy outfit if a great way to start the conversation.

3. Double Penetration Vibrator

Definitely one of a girl’s best friends, double penetration vibes take masturbation to a whole new level. You might have discovered the wonders of a dual vibe through chatting with girlfriends or through online shopping, but have been reluctant to share your toy with your lover in case he feels inadequate. So use Show & Tell Day to introduce him to the ‘third wheel’ in your relationship. Use it on yourself and let him watch you as you masturbate with it, then let him take charge of it and see where your play time takes you.

4. Jeweled Butt Plug

More and more women are discovering the joys of anal sex and anal play, and this gorgeous butt plug will certainly bring a bit of sparkle to Show & Tell Day. Men are often unsure about whether to bring up the subject of anal sex with their lovers as most guys think women aren’t into anal play, so by showing him your beautiful, jewel-encrusted butt plug you’ll be telling him that anal play is definitely something you want to explore in your relationship.

5. Blow Job Instruction Book

All guys love blow jobs, but not all girls know how to give the perfect one. Because Show & Tell Day usually has some educational value attached to it, what better way to show your lover how much you care about his pleasure, than by teaching yourself some amazing blow job techniques which you can then perform on him when he comes round?


For Him:

1. Penetrating Cock Ring

Cock rings work by constricting the blood vessels in the penis so it stays harder and bigger for longer. They’re great for masturbation but also brilliant for using with your lover so you can satisfy her for longer. Many cock rings also have clit and and ass ticklers attached so you can stimulate your lover even more during intercourse. Lots of men find cock rings add an extra dimension to their sex lives, so Show & Tell Day is the ideal time to introduce the idea to your lover. It’s surprising how many women think that sex toys are only for us girls, so it’s about time you showed her that you like to get in on some toy-time action, too.

2. Naughty Bondage DVD

What better way to Show & Tell with your lover than to watch a naughty movie and discuss your individual sexual fantasies? Maybe you can both try re-enacting some of the scenes on the screen in front of you, or show each other how you’d like to be tied up and teased? Most guys have fantasies of either being dominant in bed, or having their lover dominate them, so getting a DVD to show your lover is the perfect way to literally show them what you want, sexually.

3. Prostate Massager

Not enough guys explore their prostate as they think it makes them gay for wanting to play with themselves ‘back there,’ but trust me, every guy who tries it wonders what took them so long to discover how magic it is. Prostate massagers are thin wands with an angled head which are designed to be inserted into the anus and ‘hit’ the prostate much like a G-spot massager does for women. They’re great toys to use with your lover, too, as she can be in charge of your pleasure as you lie back and let her play with you. The vibrating ones can act as a general body teaser, as well, so there’s plenty of scope for showing and telling for both of you.

4. Oral Sex Candy

What guy doesn’t love a good blow job? Better still, getting a blow job with what feels like fireworks shooting off around your cock, feels incredible, and also makes it an equally tasty experience for your lover, too. Oral sex candy is the ideal addition to your sexual sweet box, and you can use it to go down on her, too, if you want to give her a literally exploding orgasm.

5. Electro Massager

Great for showing and telling, this powerful massager packs more punch than just vibrations of different speeds and pressures. There’s an intense 120 volt charge to it which injects a lot more erotic pleasure into any massage, especially on your most sensitive areas. If you’ve always wanted to spice up your foreplay, then Show & Tell Day is the perfect time to do it. Showing this toy to your lover could open all kinds of playtime opportunities.

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