Top 10 Stripper/Pole Dance/Lap Dance Classes In LA

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Top 10 Stripper/Pole Dance/Lap Dance Classes In LA

Sometimes it can be hard to get motivated to stay fit, especially in the winter months. At this time of year there are so many people signing up for gym memberships which inevitably get wasted as the weeks go by and boredom sets in. Also, sweating your way through a standard fitness class doesn’t always leave you feeling sexy and desired. So why not try something different, something which can whip you into shape at the same time as making you feel (and look) confident, sassy, sensual and ready for whatever sexy opportunities the new year has to throw at you?

I’ve come up with ten fun and sexy classes you can take in LA, everything from stripper workouts to pole dancing and lap dancing. Explore your inner Naughty Girl and learn how to get fit, toned and confident the sexy way. And if you don’t live in LA, simply Google your nearest class, there are plenty about!

Pole Dance Class

Pole Dancing @ Evolve Dance Studio
5872 Pico Blvd, Mid-City
tel. 323-230-9605 

If you’re new to anything outside a normal gym class, then you should sign up for the introductory offers at this brilliant dance studio. You can get 3 classes for just $39 and it’s a warm, comfortable studio with a totally non-catty, welcoming atmosphere, so ideal for first-timers. You’ll learn how to not only move with more suppleness and flexibility on the pole and on the floor, but also reveal your inner performer. Go as fast or slow as you like until you feel you’re ready to emerge from that chrysalis and become that naughty, sexy butterfly you always knew was hidden inside.

Pole Dance Class

Sexy Basics @ BeSpun Pole Dance Studio
7561 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood
tel. 323-876-7786 

A friendly, warm and colorful dance studio, BeSpun actively welcomes beginners to different forms of dance and fitness including pole dancing, lap dancing and exotic dance workouts. By joining their Sexy Basics program, you’ll tone up and get fit by learning things like how to move sexily around a dance floor, how to perform a sexy routine with a chair and/or a pole, how to stretch sexily and how to gain the public confidence you’ve always wanted when you’re “out there” in the dating world. One of the most comprehensive sexy workout programs around.

Naughty Dance Class

Floor & Chair @ Romance & Dance
4908 W Slauson Av, Ladera Heights
tel. 562-449-0251 

They do great package discounts here so it’s worth booking a block of classes to get your money’s worth. The Floor & Chair program will teach you how to release that inner vixen by learning how to striptease like a professional. Using a chair as a prop, you’ll be taught how to drape your body in various sexy positions and shed any inhibitions or self-consciousness as you shake your booty around the floor, de-layering your clothes in a seductive, teasing way. It doesn’t matter what your dance ability or fitness level is, this class is for everybody.

Pole Dance Class

Introductory Pole Dancing Workouts @ Isabelle’s Dance Academy
1334 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica
tel. 310-613-3869 

Held every Thursday, these pole dancing classes are designed for absolute beginners, so it’s a safe, non-judgmental environment in which to explore your naughty side. Your teacher will tailor the class to suit individual needs and fitness levels and you’ll learn everything from how to get more flexible and supple, to how to move in a seductive, tempting way both on the pole and on the dance floor. An optional extra is the lap dancing add-on, where you’ll be taught how to lap dance for a lover.

Lap Dance Class

Dirty Diva Lap Dance @ Goddess Fitness
14566 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks
tel. 818-348-9988 

This dance class is geared around learning how to dirty dance like a real exotic dancer. Using a chair prop, your teacher will show you how to shake that booty, seduce an audience with your moves and work a pole so that all eyes will definitely be on you. High energy with some sexy dance tunes to work to, this is a fun way to tone up that butt and make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Exotic Dance Class

Strip Tease & Exotic Dance @ Allure Dance Studio
5996 W Pico Blvd, Mid-City
tel. 310-343-9757 

One of the sexiest workouts in LA, this class is specifically designed to help you unleash that inner Goddess and Naughty Girl. You don’t have to be confident or an extrovert to join up, in fact it’s been developed especially for the shy ones among you. You’ll learn how to seduce men through your body language and movement, how to tease, surprise and visually hypnotize the object of your desire, as well as learning how to embrace your unique body and show it off to the best of its ability. They guarantee that, class by class, you’ll feel sexier, sassier and loads more confident.

Pole Dance Class

XPole @ Crunch
800 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood
tel. 323-654-4550 

Crunch are famous for their high-impact gym classes but they also do a great range of sexy, dance-inspired programs, too. This one is based around the pole and combines basic pole work with dance choreography and sexy moves. You’ll tone up your thighs, abs and upper body as well as learn how to balance your inner core and strengthen your coordination skills. A great all-round sexy workout.

Pole Dance Class

All Level Pole Dance with Jade @ Pacific Arts Center
10469 Santa Monica Blvd, Westwood
tel. 310-481-9966 

Emily Jade is a professional pole dancer instructor who teaches beginner’s courses in pole dancing and aerial pole. Walk-ins are welcome, so you don’t need to book, and it’s a very relaxed atmosphere if you’re new to the whole pole-scene. These classes will have you moving with grace, sensuality and confidence through flexible exercise classes which incorporate basic gym moves as well as sexy shakes, twists and turns to turn you from wallflower to siren in no time.

Lap Dance Class

S Lapdance @ S Factor
5225 Wilshire Blvd, Suite B
tel. 323-965-9685 

This is an erotic dance workout designed to get you learning ‘wordless conversation’ techniques through the medium of movement and dance. Sexy moves you’ll learn include the “Front Body Slide” and the “Just-Miss Kiss & Nuzzle.” Classes last 90 minutes with a mini-S Factor workout and it’s a low-to-medium impact, so perfect for those who aren’t used to the gym. Learn about seduction techniques and how to grab the attention of every man in the room.

Yoga Class

Various locations
tel. 917-733-6837 

A unique brand of yoga, Yogatease combines some standard yoga techniques with a program of female empowerment. The aim is to give women more confidence to look and feel sexy, while toning up, stretching and opening up their chakras so they become more sexually accessible and confident enough to explore the boundaries of their sexual power. Elements of the Yogatease workshops include cultivating body awareness, learning how to self-love, unveiling your ‘shade of sexy,’ getting in tune with your own sexual intuition and empowering your sensuality. It’s a fun and very different way to get fit and discover your inner Naughty Girl at the same time.

~ Sienna Sinclaire – Naughty Girl of Los Angeles – Naughty LA

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