Naughty Bath Safety Month

Bubble Bath Day

Get Naughty With Bubbles

January Is National Bath Safety Month

At this time every year we are encouraged to be more aware about the potential hazards in our bathrooms such as the chance of slipping while getting in and out of the bath or shower or keeping anything electrical away from the bathroom etc, but most advice is aimed at older people or those with young children. But for naughty girls and boys like us, there’s another very good reason to be safety-conscious. Having sex in the bath or shower is super-erotic, with the opportunity to get up to all kinds of naughty things, but it can also be quite dangerous, and you don’t want to ruin your Big-O! with a Big-Arrgh! because you’ve slipped over at the crucial time.

Here are five fabulous gadgets specifically designed to make sex in the shower completely safe, so now there’s no reason to worry about falling over or hurting yourself as you and your lover get jiggy under the jets.



1. Single locking suction handle

This brilliant invention makes shower or bath sex instantly manageable in any number of positions. It’s a plastic handle with a rubber suction pad on the base. Simply place the handle where you think you’ll need it – halfway up the wall for sex standing up, or maybe above your head if your lover is going down on you in the shower – then slide the lever to fix the handle into place, and hold on tight! I’d recommend getting two, so you (or your lover) can use one for each hand to give you a firmer hold. These handles work best for whoever is doing the penetrating so you don’t have to worry about how to balance while you’re ‘working.’


2. Dual locking suction handle

This works in a similar way to the single-lock handle, with a suction cup to set it in place, except it’s wider with more space for a full hand grip. Ideal for the ‘receiver,’ these handles allow you to hang in any position so your lover can get better access to you without putting you at risk of slipping over. These handles provide excellent leverage so you can twist and turn at will and just lose yourself in the moment without having to worry about slipping.


3. Single locking suction foot rest

It’s not just your hands which will need something to hold on to as you have sex in the shower. Your feet need to be particularly secure, not only for balance, but also to give you something to push against during sex, so you can maneuver your body into various positions. This is a plastic foot rest which you place on the wall of the shower at a height to suit you. Simply flip the lever and the foot rest locks into place. Used with one of the handles, it’s provides a comfortable way to get yourself into position for standing-up sex, especially if he’s taking you from behind. The foot rest (and handle) allows you to lean into the wall without slipping so your lover gets easier access to you.


4. Suction handcuffs

If you thought having sex in the shower couldn’t get any hotter, think again. If you’re into bondage play or role play, these cute suction handcuffs will spice up bath time about a hundred levels. Each cuff has a suction cup which fixes easily to the wall of the shower or bath and has a soft neoprene binding with a velcro fastening. Stand or sit back as your lover has his way with you, or be the one in control and surprise him the next time he steps into the shower with you – especially if he’s been naughty! To switch things up a gear, you can also get Suction Cup Thigh Cuffs and a Suction Cup Collar, to turn your bathroom into a steamy water dungeon.



5. Double sided suction cup with dildo

You don’t have to be in a relationship to have great shower sex. Even if you’re single, that shouldn’t stop you from getting steamy under the soap bubbles. This is one of my favorite sex toys, a suction cup with a 6” rubber dildo. You can fix the dildo either to the wall of the shower or the floor of the bath, and treat yourself to some sexy solo play. The flared base means it’s safe for anal play, too – just fix the dildo to the shower wall and get rocking!

So practice safe sex the next time you’re in the shower. And if you want to surprise your lover with a special gift for National Bath Safety month, especially if you’ve never had shower sex and you want to drop him a hint, then why not treat him to a Sex In The Shower Gift Set, which includes the suction handle and foot rest, plus a vibrating foam sponge, loofah doggie-style wrap, a waterproof vibrator, anal beads and a waterproof vibrating cock ring.

~ Naughty Expert Sienna Sinclaire of Naughty Guides – Los Angeles Sex & Dating Coach

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