• Month 1 – Week 4

Be A Tease

Week 4 of the Naughty Challenge

Every naughty girl has a teasing side to her, and you can’t be properly naughty unless you’ve learned some striptease moves, right? These aren’t just for the benefit of your lover, they’re to make you feel sexy, too, and learning to move like a stripper is also a great workout for your heart and your body. Your self-confidence will get a much-needed boost, and it’s so much fun pretending to be a stripper – guaranteed to get everybody in the mood. y do in the dance studio. All you need, is 30 minutes a day, or three hour-long sessions a week.

How to ‘become’ a stripper:

1. Take a class

Look online or in your local listings magazines and find out about classes in your area. Yes, there are classes teaching you how to dance and move like a stripper, and many of them are full of girls just like you who are just looking for a simple, saucy way to lose weight and have loads of fun doing it. Look at pole dancing classes, too (see below), which are on the up-and-up, literally, and have become a very popular way of exercising and losing weight, even if your pole-dancing prowess stays in the classroom!

2. Buy a DVD/sign up online

If you’re unsure about showing off your moves in front of people you don’t know, you can always buy a strip/dance DVD or sign up to an online class, where you can stream or download classes that you can dance to whenever it suits you. This way, it’s way more flexible, you won’t get embarrassed and, who knows, maybe it’ll give you the confidence to put yourself out there in a real dance class, one day.

3. Look the part

To dance like a stripper and get all those teasing moves just right, you need to ‘feel it’, which means dressing the way strippers dress. Have fun, and go shopping for some sexy lingerie. Fishnets are a great, erotic addition to any dancer’s closet, and this is also your chance to practice your moves in high heels. Play around with your make-up, too, and check out some of the great trashy lingerie and clubwear stores out there. If you don’t live in the city, there are dozens of online stores that can deliver your entire sexy stripper wardrobe, so there’s no excuse not to get started.

4. Experiment with different types of dance

Everybody will have different dances that suit their mood and style, so don’t just play around with sleazy club-style music, try sexy salsa, tantalizing tango and sultry R&B beats to find out what music puts you in the mood to strip. Music is essential to putting you in the right frame of mind to dance – whether it’s a stripper dance or regular dance – so find the right mix for you. You can sign up to lapdancing classes, hula, even belly dancing. By trying different things, you’ll discover what really makes you frisky.

5. Get a pole!

Sales of stripper poles are going through the roof right now. They’re fantastic exercisers, and they look hot. There are lots of places, both in the mall and online, where you can buy a pole that’ll fit snugly in your home, ready for you to drape yourself around whenever the mood suits you. They’re not that expensive, and they’re a ready made gym. Plus, once you’ve done your practice, you and your lover will be spending many more nights just staying in….

6. Try an acting class!

Just as finding the right music is essential for getting you in the mood to striptease, so is getting into character. Acting classes don’t have to be expensive, and there are even special ones just for people who are either thinking of stripping for real, or just those who want to pretend. Maybe you can create a character for yourself, give her a name, and a ‘look’, and learn how to become her as you’re learning your stripper dance routines. It’s heaps of fun, and your lover will be so turned on, he won’t be able to keep his hands off you. Role play is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom.

7. Push your body

Learning to dance like a stripper will show you just how bendy your body can be, so use it and see how far it will go. Only do what feels comfortable, and never overdo it, but don’t be afraid to make up your own moves, based on what makes your body feel good. Always have mirrors around, so you can see how you look when you dance – this can help with your confidence, too, because you’ll be seeing exactly what your lover sees when you dance for him. Honing your routine, and incorporating lots of bendy, supple, sassy dance moves into the whole tease, can be explosive. And the more intense the routine, the more calories you’ll be burning.


This is the ideal naughty challenge for all naughty girls, because it’s going to release that hidden persona of seductress and stripper, hidden away inside you. You’ll learn how to be overtly sexy, whilst retaining an air of mystery, you’ll lose weight, tone up, loosen your body, and feel so energetic and confident, you’ll be slinking around like a panther in no time. You’ll be amazed at just how much fun you’re having, and how much weight you’re losing, without it even feeling like you’re working out.

So this week start with one of the suggestions above then build on them. Stripping will workout your entire body along with giving you more confidence.


This month has been all about getting your body moving to get you fit. Getting in shape doesn’t have to involve the gym or cost anything. It can be as simple as walking more and dancing to your favorite tunes. There really shouldn’t be any excuse for not moving your body more because over the last 4 weeks, I’ve showed you simple ways to get fit. Pick your favorites from the four weeks and continue into the next month by increasing your walking or dancing time. Maybe try all four week suggestions by doing one each day so you can mix things up and not get bored. Or maybe you’re really into pole dancing and want that to be your main workout. It’s all up to with what you want to do so you don’t get bored.

Stay tuned for next week…

– Sienna Sinclaire® – Naughty Lifestyle Guide – Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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