Burlesque Classes in LA


Burlesque Classes in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a workout with a difference, then burlesque classes are the perfect way to get in shape and feel sexy at the same time. The best thing about burlesque is that it suits women of all shapes and sizes because the whole concept is about celebrating the female form and learning the art of tease. In fact, the curvier you are, the better, because you’ll get to learn how to move in a super-sexual way, and that’s going to help with your dating life, too. The tricks you’ll learn through mastering the moves of burlesque will make you sassy, sexy and seductive because it’s about knowing how to hook an audience and get them to notice the things you want. For instance, if you know you have sexy shoulders, you can draw attention to them by wearing a strapless dress and learning how to stand and move so that people notice them. Simple things like rubbing your shoulders, touching your lips, caressing your neck or crossing your legs ever-so-slowly can drive men crazy, and learning burlesque will teach you exactly how to do that, and get you fit as well.

Here are 11 of the best burlesque classes going on in LA right now. If you’re not in LA, don’t panic, just Google burlesque classes where you live because I guarantee there’ll be one near you.

Madeline Sinclaire Burlesque
Culver City, Torrance, Hollywood & Burbank
tel. 323.487.2437

One of LA’s finest burlesque performers and instructors, Madeline holds private and group dance classes for anyone who wants to unleash their inner diva. Before your class, she’ll ask you questions about the person you want to be, so she can tailor the class to suit you. So you not only get a great workout, but you come away feeling like the Naughty Girl you always wanted to be so you can use your newfound skills out in the real world.

Miss Dakota @ Burlesque Brunch LA
13327 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks
tel. 310.456.4472

Burlesque Brunch is a regular weekend burlesque daytime revue show in LA but one of their members also runs a burlesque fitness class – Miss Dakota’s Burlesque Body Workout. This class is about body awareness, building confidence, toning up and, above all, owning your body so you can best learn what to do with it. Choose from one-on-one hour-long classes, a burlesque party class you can do with your girlfriends, or the full three-week program. You’ll learn the art of tease and how to use props in a seductive way so you’re ready to go out and date with confidence.

Urban Burlesque @ Born 2 Dance
305 Maple Av W, Vienna
tel. 703.242.6090

If you have some dance experience already and want to branch out a little, this studio offers a burlesque class which mixes the sexy sassiness of burlesque with modern dance moves. Urban Burlesque teaches you to incorporate tease into your existing dance workouts. You’ll learn how to channel your inner Sasha Fierce and own that dance floor or stage, which will add that extra dimension to your program and give you the edge when it comes to exuding confidence in your dating life.

Burlesque @ Goddess Fitness
14566 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks
tel. 818.348.9988

This studio holds two classes which incorporate different elements of burlesque. The Burlesque Lap Dance class warms you up with a tease-style workout before moving on to lap dancing techniques, while Princess Polesque teaches you how to hold your core as you dance by using burlesque moves and pole work. The emphasis is always on self-expression, building confidence and stripping away the layers of your inner showgirl, and they do great introductory offers here so try both classes to see which works for you.

Burlesque @ Infit
29859 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks
tel. 818.856.1348

There are two classes at Infit which weave burlesque training into a wider workout. The Burlesque Chair Dance class uses the chair as the only prop so you can work your legs, arms and abs while learning some sexy moves. You’ll be taught the fundamental elements of burlesque which will enable you to choreograph your own routine. It’s a slow, sexy workout class, so ideal for beginners. In the Polesque class, you’ll do the burlesque chair warm up but then go on to the pole, all the time using sensual burlesque dance moves to create a workout big on tease and erotic sensuality.

Beginner’s Burlesque @ LA Dance Fit
10936 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica
tel. 310.473.3530

This is a choreographed class for anyone who really wants to learn how to move in a super sexy way. You’ll be taught the basics of burlesque and then go in for a high energy workout to use your new moves. No previous dance experience is required, but you will need lots of adrenalin and energy to keep up, but it’s so cheeky, sexy and fun, and you’ll learn some tried and tested routines to some well known dance tunes, so you’ll have something to show off next time you’re out clubbing, and who knows where that might lead?

Burlesque Party @ Allure Dance & Fitness Studio
5996 W Pico Blvd, Mic-City
tel. 310.343.9757

These guys offer a fun alternative to grueling workout classes by holding burlesque parties for you and your girlfriends. You’ll learn easy, but sassy, choreography by concentrating on role play to identify what kind of inner dancer you really are. Explore your sensual side and discover whether you’re a Beyonce, Dita or Mamie. Great fun for bachelorette parties.

Hells Belles Burlesque @ International Dance Academy (IDA)
6755 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood
tel. 424.265.0699

Hells Belles are an internationally renowned burlesque troupe who put on regular shows around the LA area and beyond. They also hold weekly burlesque classes for both beginners and intermediate dancers, teaching the art of tease, choreography, attitude and stage presence. You don’t have to book in advance, just show up, and classes are only $13, so it’s affordable enough to experiment with. If you’re still unsure, check out one of their shows and see what kind of Pussycat Doll they can turn you into! Explore your sexuality in a safe, comfortable environment. They also do private classes if you need to overcome your shyness first.

Burlesque Workout @ Lumina Academy
1054 Allen Av, Pasadena
tel. 626.296.2812

Taught by Swedish/Finner dancer, actor and writer, Paulina, you’ll learn basic burlesque dancing together with elements of salsa, bellydancing and flamenco. She also does a great zumba class, so you’re guaranteed to get a good workout whichever program you opt for. There are classes most days, morning and evening, so whatever your schedule you should be able to find a slot to suit you.

Marisol’s Burlesque Fitness
15334 Chatsworth St, Mission Hills
tel. 818.723.8975

Marisol’s classes are all about empowering women and giving you the confidence to strut your stuff without fear of embarrassment. It’s a combination of aerobics, strength training and burlesque, so the first half hour is about doing a full body workout before stepping things up, literally, with the high heel burlesque program. Try combining the burlesque class with the Perk Up My Booty program, to strengthen your glutes and thighs, and so make your burlesque moves even sexier.

Fembody Burlesque
16942 Gothard St, Huntington Beach
tel. 714.848.4708
www.fembodyfitness com

This is a 60-minute workout which changes every week so you don’t get bored. Take some high heels along and learn how to shake your booty to the beat as well as mastering the art of the wink, the come-hither finger and the hip-thrust to make sure the guys only have eyes for you. Channel your inner femme fatale and get a great workout at the same time as learning how to seduce anyone who comes near you.

~ Sienna Sinclaire – Naughty Girl of Los Angeles – Naughty LA

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