Wear Lingerie to Boost Confidence


Wear Lingerie to Boost Confidence

This wouldn’t be a Naughty Challenge if I didn’t add something a bit spicy and mischievous into the mix. This challenge might sound and look like it’s for your lover’s benefit, but it’s not, it’s for you, to help you build your self-confidence, and allow you to love yourself in a more tactile, physical way.

Nothing is sexier to me, than the sight of a woman in lingerie. As soon we put it on, we feel sexy and naughty. Most girls only buy spicy lingerie to excite their partners, to get them in the mood for sex, to fire their erotic imagination and fantasies. But it’s you they’re about to have sex with, so it’s important you’re just as excited as your lover, about how you look and how you’re feeling.

                  Go out and spoil yourself

Go out and spoil yourself on some sexy underwear. Wear it for yourself. Experiment with different fabrics and different colors and see what feels good to you, and which styles get you think suit you and get you excited. Don’t be afraid to ask the opinion of the store assistant, because if you go to a specialist lingerie outfitters, the staff will always be well-trained, and will expect to give an honest opinion, and offer advice. Take it, because they know what they’re talking about. This way, you’ll also feel more confident about trying new items of lingerie that you’ve never worn before. Trust another woman’s advice, and see where the dressing up takes you.

Always wear lingerie for yourself

Wear it to bed at night, and make sure you take a look at yourself first thing in the morning, too, because what you’ll see is your beautiful body wearing gorgeous lace or satin, and that’s the best sight for tired eyes, and will kick start the naughty thoughts in your brain. Wear it under your clothes to work. This is doubly erotic, because no-one else has to know that you’re dressed to kill underneath your work clothes.

Having a kinky little secret like that, will come out in your personality as you go about your day, and people will begin to notice that wry little smile appearing at the corner of your mouth. Feeling sexy, when no-one else knows why, gives you added allure, and if your own libido is aroused, that comes out via invisible pheromones, which always get picked up by the opposite sex.

When you get home, instead of changing into sweats, or jeans and a T shirt, slip on some different lingerie to wander around your home in, or slip over a sexy satin robe if it’s winter time. Your home is your boudoir, so always treat it like a place of endless possibilities, where anything can happen.

Out With The Old

Another important aspect of this task, is to ensure that you get rid of any lingerie that is past its best. This challenge isn’t just for one week, so you can then go back to old habits. It’s an entire lifestyle change that will turn you into a confident, sassy woman, so you have to jettison anything that’s going to hold you back.

So this week, go through your lingerie drawer and get rid of ALL lingerie that doesn’t fit, or anything has holes in it, or that doesn’t make you feel sexy. Then spend a day (maybe this could be your me-time for the week), going shopping for new lingerie. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or even very fancy, it just has to fit, and make you feel naughty, so sometimes less is definitely more. For that reason, it’s always best to do your lingerie shopping in person, never online. You need to try before you buy.

Know What To Buy

With so many sexy lingerie lines out there, it’s sometimes hard to know what to go for. There’s a fine line between slutty and sexy. Of course, whatever your taste, is what you should go for, and some girls like to look trashy, because it helps with making them feel naughty. That’s perfectly OK, but if you’re new to spicing up your lingerie drawer, here are my tips for what every naughty girl should have in it.

Put simply – buy black, buy red and buy white, plus one other color of your choice – your ‘personal’ color. Black is mysterious, timeless, dark and definitely kinky. White screams ‘virginal’, when you plan on being anything but, and it also makes you look like a blank canvas, just waiting to be painted. Red signifies fire, passion, hot sex and pure, unadulterated sinning. Your personal color, is whatever makes you feel comfortable, the color you know has always looked good on you, the color that defines your personality – we all have one that we’re drawn to, so don’t be afraid to incorporate that color into your sexy new lingerie drawer.

Buy a selection of thongs, bra & panty sets, bustiers, corsets and a couple of cute chemises. And don’t forget that silky, 1940s style robe that’ll make you look, and feel, like a Hollywood goddess. And make sure, for the different colors, that you have something in lace, and something in satin or silk. Lose the cotton! Cotton is a lot of things – healthy, safe, comfortable and lazy, but cotton is not sexy.

Once you’ve got your lingerie drawer sorted out, it should be the most used item of storage in your home. Use it once, twice, three times every day! By transforming yourself into a sexy, naughty lingerie model, either overtly around your home, or secretly under your clothes at work, you’ll be boosting your self-esteem and proving to yourself, in glorious technicolor, just how beautiful and attractive you are. Once you’re used to how that feels, there’ll be no stopping you in your quest to become a proper naughty girl.


– Sienna Sinclaire® – Naughty Lifestyle Guide – Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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