The Art Of Entertaining Women In Your Home


The Art Of Entertaining Women

In Your Home

Lots of men feel the pressure when they’re expecting a lover to come over. Guys aren’t known for their domestic skills, while women are notorious for noticing every little thing, from the state of your bathroom and the color of your bedroom walls, to what is (or isn’t) in the fridge and what books you have on your shelf. It’s important, therefore, to make sure your home is up to scratch, not just for her benefit, but for yours, too. Your home says a lot about you, so it makes sense to surround yourself with sights, sounds, colors, fabrics and smells which excite you. If she can see that you’ve thought a lot about where you live, then it tells her you’ll think about her with the same care and attention. Here are my five surefire ways of guaranteeing that she’ll want to return again and again.

Declutter and decorate

A woman visiting your home will make snap judgments the moment she walks through the door. If she walks into a mess, she’ll assume your whole life is a mess. If there are photographs of ex-girlfriends around the place, it’s telling her you’re not ready to move on. If your bathroom (or anywhere else) is unclean, she’ll think you’re a slob, and if you have no eye for color or décor, then that tells her that you don’t take notice of anything around you. Spring clean and throw out anything that doesn’t have purpose or doesn’t look beautiful. Decorate the walls in sexy, warm colors and hang erotic wall art. Buy some naughty books and DVDs and make sure they’re prominent on the shelf or table. First impressions are lasting, so don’t blow it before you even get started.

Look after yourself

It won’t matter if your home looks spotless, if you yourself look tired and worn. Women notice men who take care of themselves. Sure, we like men to be men, but that doesn’t mean being sweaty or dirty, or having skin or facial hair that’s so dry it’s going to scratch us to death when we try to kiss you. There are plenty of men’s grooming products out there to keep you looking smooth and smelling fresh all day long. Moisturizers, deodorants, hair products etc, there’s no excuse not to be clean and presentable. And go buy an iron – creased clothes don’t make you look rough around the edges, just scruffy.


Set the scene

Women respond to ambiance and mood, because we know how to use all five of our senses to feel sexy. Before she arrives, put on some sexy background music, or a tune that means something to the both of you. Light a few scented candles or some incense (nothing too overpowering) and place these discreetly, but safely, around the house. Get some food cooking, so the smells of something alluring and seductive greet her when she steps through the door. In short, make your place so magnetic and inviting, she won’t want to be anywhere else.

Prepare the perfect dinner

You don’t have to be Masterchef to seduce a woman with food. You don’t even have to cook at all. Always have a decent bottle of wine or champagne in the fridge which you can pour on arrival, then then keep the theme going with delicious chocolates, fruit and whipped cream, asparagus, oysters, ice cream and honey – anything you can drip or place on her skin and lick off. If you can cook, go for lots of small tapas-style plates instead of one big meal. That way you can chat and graze at your leisure, sharing food and even taking it into different rooms, or outside.

Have the bedroom ready

If all has gone well and you’re ready to hit the final base, make sure your bedroom is ready. There’s no point seducing her in the kitchen only for her to walk into a bombsite of a boudoir. Remove all electronics, gym equipment and anything else which does not belong there. Have sex toys ready in the night stand, a glass of water on each side, tissues, mints, and supersoft, clean sheets and pillows. Have tactile fabrics to hand like soft fleecy blankets and a fluffy bathrobe and slippers. Have clean towels in the bathroom as well as a spare toothbrush in case she forgot her own. Make your bedroom somewhere she never wants to leave and you’ll soon be hosting nights like these on a more regular basis.

For much more advice and information on how to entertain women in your home, check out my Dating Coaching Program.

– Sienna Sinclaire® – Naughty Lifestyle Guide – Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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