Loving Yourself By Treating Yourself

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Loving yourself is not just about me-time to do things for yourself, it’s about treating yourself to presents and nice things, too. Many people suffer with what I consider a guilt complex – that is, they feel it’s wrong to spend money on themselves, that somehow they’re not deserving of something nice, or that the money would be better spent on something else, something less frivolous.

Maybe you’re on a diet, and you say that you’ll only buy yourself a reward when you reach a certain target. That’s great, and definitely something to work towards, as motivation to reach your goal, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying gifts for yourself at any time, you don’t need a reason, because you’re the reason. We buy gifts for friends, family and lovers, all the time, but we rarely do it for ourselves, because it’s seen as being self-indulgent.

 Treat Yourself

But I love it when I go shopping, and people ask me if I’m buying a gift for someone, especially during the holidays, and I get to tell them “No, this is a gift for me!”. I always get a surprised look from people, but then that’s followed by a smile, because they’re just not used to people buying nice things for themselves. Some people might book a holiday, as a treat for themselves for the times they work hard, or as a break when they feel they’ve earned it. But I don’t need a holiday to treat myself, because I treat myself all the time. Every day, I deserve to be treated, just for being me, so that’s what I’ll do, and I don’t need to wait for someone to spoil me, when I can do it myself.

If you have kids, especially, it can be hard to justify spending money on yourself, because your natural instinct is to spend what you have, on them. You forget about yourself. We also buy nice things for our lovers, we like to surprise them, to make them happy. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that, but we need to learn to surprise and treat ourselves, too. You don’t have to splurge, especially where money is tight, but surprises and gifts don’t have to cost the earth. Bunches of flowers, for example, don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes they’re even free.


So this week, treat yourself to something nice and don’t feel you have to justify it. You don’t need to say “I’ve been good all week, so I’ll treat myself”, or “I’ll buy myself something if I lose a pound in weight this week.” Forget the excuse, just go ahead and do it! Use your me-time, or when you’re out running an errand, and add that little me-present to the shopping list. Maybe it’s a new nail color, bath salts, candles, flowers, a sex toy, some more lingerie, a sexy dress, a new perfume, etc. Spend as much, or as little, as you feel comfortable with, but do not feel guilty. You are the most important person in your life, so treat yourself as such.

By following all these suggestions in each of the four weeks, you’ll learn to love yourself in a fun, and fully-deserving way. There’s nothing self-indulgent, selfish, or shallow, about lavishing love and attention on yourself. Feeling so good about yourself is only going to get you noticed more, and there’s nothing more sexually exciting to a potential mate, than a woman who exudes self-confidence. That is the source of your beauty, and the key to your inner naughtiness.

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– Sienna Sinclaire® – Naughty Lifestyle Guide – Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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