Month 3 of the Naughty Challenge: Yoga For Better Sex


Naughty Challenge Yoga For Better Sex | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

Month 3 of the Naughty Challenge:
Yoga For Better Sex

Week 2 – 10 Yoga Poses To Increase Your Libido

Yoga isn’t just about getting toned and in tune with yourself, it’s great for your sex life, too. Yoga makes you more flexible in bed, gives you endless stamina and can also keep you sexually healthy. For women, especially, sex is about so much more than the mechanics – we need mental stimulation as well as physical, so let yoga work its sexual magic by increasing your libido and opening the door to a heightened state of spiritual and sexual arousal.

1. Bound Angle Pose

An easy pose to start off with, the Bound Angle is great for opening up your hips and keeping those pelvic muscles in tip top condition. Your inner thighs will also get a workout, as will your groin. This pose has been proven to help with menstrual cramps, as well as opening up the groin area to mentally relieve sexual hang-ups and sexual guilt. Because the abdominal area is where the focus is, this can potentially improve the health of your ovaries, kidneys and bladder. The underlying purpose of this pose is to ‘open you up’ on all levels, both physically and spiritually, which increases libido and sheds sexual inhibitions.

* Sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front of you
* Bend the knees and pull your feet up towards your body
* Turn your feet towards each other, soles touching
* Place your palms on the tops of your feet to keep them close, but don’t force it
* Let your knees drop outwards – not everyone will be able to lower them
to the floor so just do what feels comfortable
* Keep your head above your torso, spine straight
* Hold for 1-5 minutes, or 20 breaths, then release

2. Bridge Pose

Mastering the Bridge Pose will not only strengthen your vagina, it’ll make it easier to climax, too. This is because the pose is very similar to doing kegel exercises, which work the pelvic floor and make you stronger and tighter, internally. This pose really works the hips and inner extensors, toning those thigh muscles and making your bum more pert, so it’s an all round lower body workout. Pushing your groin up to the air is also a great way to relieve inner sexual tension and allow sexual anxieties to escape.

* Lie on your back and bend your knees back toward your bum, leaving around 5 inches space between them
* Rest your palms either side of your body and push up with your hips
* Slide your arms underneath you and interlock your fingers so you’re balancing on your hands
* Keep your neck and head flat to the floor so your back remains arched
* Hold for 10 breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly

3. Downward Dog

This pose is very calming, which actually increases your libido, concentrating blood flow to the head, via the chest. It also feels pretty good – lifting your butt into the air and stretching is actually quite liberating. Your eyes will be drawn to your hips and your groin as you work this pose, which should get you in a sexy mood. The Downward Dog is fab for your spine and back muscles, and is particularly effective at relieving muscle tension in the back.

* Kneel with your legs directly below your hips and your hands stretched out in front, the same width apart
* Gently push up with your hands and feet until your bum is high in the air
* Push back with your tailbone, which will help align your spine
* Keep heels flat to the floor (you should feel your hamstrings working big time!)
* Keep head low, looking in towards your lower legs
* Breathe slowly for 20 reps, relax and repeat

4. Eagle Pose

This pose is so great for the libido, it’s even in the Kama Sutra. You might need a certain degree of balance, but it’s worth the effort because the best bit comes at the end. After holding this pose for a few tight moments, when you release there is a rush of blood to the cervix which makes you feel all warm and sexy. As well as working all your groin muscles, butt cheeks and inner thighs, it forces you to stay still, which is fantastic for mental focus and de-stressing.

* Stand up straight, feet together
* Push down with your left foot as you bend the same knee
* Lift your right foot and cross it over your left knee, then snake it around the back of your left calf
* Squeeze your butt, pushing your tailbone down
* Cross your left arm over your right and snake them upwards until you can clasp your hands together, keeping arms raised as high as is comfortable
* Keep facing ahead as you breathe in and out for 10 reps
* ‘Unsnake’ and repeat , this time starting with the right foot pushing down

5. Plow Pose

Great for getting the blood pumping, the Plow Pose is an instant energy booster because it gets the entire body stretching at the same time. Fluid is released when you’re in this pose, which bolsters your white blood cell count, boosting your immunity and eliminating stress. Sexually, this pose sends an intense blood rush to the head and, upon release, a similar rush to the groin. As you hold the pose, your visual attention should be on your genital area – you’re looking right up there! Use the time during the pose to focus on sex.

* Lie on your back, knees bent up, elbows and lower arms flat by your side
* Extend your legs above you
* Slide your hands under your back for support, then your bum and hips into a shoulder stand
* Gently push your legs back behind you, keeping your hands on your lower back for support
* When your feet touch the floor behind your head, your legs are straight and you feel balanced, slowly lower your hands and slide your arms forward in front of you
* Either clasp your hands together, or lay your palms on the floor to maintain balance
* Try and ‘walk’ your toes back towards your head as far as is comfortable
* Maintain the pose, breathing slowly
* To release, let your lower back and bum roll slowly in front of you, using your hands to support you spine

6. Dead Bug

This isn’t just a yoga pose, it’s a great sex position. Doing both at the same time means you can concentrate your breathing, actively tone up and enjoy mindblowing sex, all at once. This pose helps you open those hips as wide as they’ll go and forces you to concentrate all your breathing into your groin area. Your lover gets great access to you and each time you do this you’ll be increasing your stamina and flexibility. This pose is also fantastic for your pelvic floor, which makes your vagina tighter and stronger.

* Lie on your back
* Bend your knees up toward your chest
* Grab the soles of your feet with your hands and hold, pulling your knees toward the floor
* Breathe slowly, focusing on your abdomen and groin area and pushing your tailbone into the floor

7. Reclining Butterfly (Reclined Bound Angle)

This pose stretches the inner thighs and groin muscles, both essential if you’re going to enjoy satisfying sex. Your hips joints will also get a workout, and your heart chakra will open up wide, allowing sexual energy to flow right down through your body, to your genitals. If it’s not too uncomfortable for a prolonged period, you can also have sex in this position, it’s the ultimate ‘surrender’ pose!

* Sit up straight with knees bent outwards and the soles of your feet touching
* Slowly lie back, being careful to support your back and keeping your soles together so your knees push out
* Once flat on your back, raise and lower your outstretched knees (this is why it’s called the butterfly) – you should notice you’re able to go almost to the floor after a few practices
* Lay your arms out by your side, close your eyes and breathe in and out for 20 reps

8. Shoulder stand

This yoga position has two main sexual purposes – it gets you looking directly at your genitals, which is always arousing, and it’s fabulous for achieving amazing G-spot sex. You might need to practice a bit before you’re an expert in balancing, but once you get used to it, your lover will be able to penetrate you deeply and effortlessly, and you’ll get a fantastic view of everything (as will he.)

* Lie on your back
* Push your legs into the air, rolling your hips and bum as you do so
* Support your back with your hands, elbows on the floor
* Stretch your legs high, keeping them straight, toes pointed
* Tuck your chin into your chest, keeping your head straight (If using as a sex position, it will be more comfortable to hook your legs over your lover’s shoulder)

9. Wheel

Also called ‘the crab,’ this pose is very sexy because it makes you push your breasts and groin outwards, helping you open up, literally, and ridding yourself of any sexual anxieties and inhibitions. It also stretches your thighs, tones your belly and causes a blood rush to the head, as well as being visually erotic to whoever’s lucky enough to be watching you. Wheel pose also sets every chakra on fire, keeping them working in harmony with one another.

* Lie on the floor, bending your knees so your heels are close to your bum
* Bending your elbows, reach behind you, spreading your palms ‘backwards’ flat to the floor beside your head
* Squeeze your buttocks and lift your hips and bum, keeping your inner thighs and feet parallel to one another
* Push onto your palms to lift your head and back, so your head hangs down, crown to the floor
* Hold for 10-20 seconds, then release and gently go back down

10. Cat/Cow

This is a great all-round flexibility pose, and it also gets you into ‘writhing mode’ for later on. You’ll warm up your body strengthen your spine, stimulates the abdomen and opens the chest, allowing a flow of energy from head to toe. The best news of all – this pose strengthens your kegel muscles which can lead to more intense sex and definitely better orgasms.

* Get onto your hand and knees, aligning your shoulders with your palms and your hips with your knees
* For the ‘cow,’ lower your pelvis so your spine is in an inverted arch, pushing your bum up and your shoulders back, keeping your head raised
* For the ‘cat,’ lower your head to look between your legs, raise your spine and lower your bum, tightening your abs

Stay tuned for next week… How To Start Your Yoga Routine!

– Sienna Sinclaire® – Naughty Lifestyle Guide – Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach 

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