Week 3 – 10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men


10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

You might not think that yoga is a male thing, but it’s been practiced for centuries by guys all over the world. In the modern age of the media-savvy ‘Metrosexual,’ yoga has found a new fanbase, thanks to the obvious health benefits and the rise in the number of men who are educating themselves about alternative ways to stay fit. There’s even more good news – yoga is fantastic for a guy’s sex life, too. Not only will it center your sexual focus and keep your sex organs in great shape, it will also make you more flexible and give you the staying power necessary to give and receive amazing orgasms.

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

1. Shoulder Stand

This pose is excellent for improving your overall balance, as well as strengthening your hips and opening up the groin. The shoulder stand also sends a rush of blood to the brain, boosting your libido, and strengthening your adrenal glands, which increases sperm potency. If you have prostate problems, this pose takes stress away from your anus, so it’s great for treating your ass to a little TLC.

* Lie on the floor with your arms flat by your side and your feet together
* Lift your legs straight into the air so they’re perpendicular to your body
* Raise your hips slightly so you can slide your hands underneath and support your lower back
* Push up further so your legs are stretched as high as they will go, head straight, chin pulled in to your chest
* Concentrate on your breathing and hold for as long as possible, focusing your attention on your hips and genitals

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

2. Modified Camel Pose

Fantastic for the chest and strengthening your lungs, the camel pose also strengthens your spine, butt and thighs, and the outward thrust of the hips is great for improving your sexual self-confidence. Your thyroid gland will love the camel pose, and your genitals will experience a warm rush of blood upon release, increasing your libido.

* Kneel down, back straight, hands on your waist
* Flatten the tops of your feet flat against the floor
* Reach behind and grab your right ankle, do the same with your left
* As you feel your chest puff out, let your head fall back
* Keeping your arms straight, hold the pose for as long as you can, breathing all the time
* Release

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

3. Bow Pose

This pose is one of the ultimate in stimulating the genitals. The way it works the inner thighs, abdomen and sex organs means it can help you achieve a more intense orgasm as well as prevent premature ejaculation. It will also pump the blood faster around your body, boosting your sex drive and improving your stamina.

* Lie face down, hands by your side
* Press your forehead into the ground
* Bend your knees and pull your feet toward your bum
* Reach behind you and grasp your ankles
* Pull gently, which should force your chest and head to rise
* With your weight now centered, breathe slowly and evenly
* Hold the pose, then release and gently roll back down on to your front

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

4. Runner’s Lunge

This pose is going to build your stamina and balance and make you awesome in the bedroom because you’ll be able to achieve great positioning without having to worry about falling over. Also, you’ll be strengthening your pelvic floor, which not only boosts blood flow to the penis, but means you’re able to maintain erections for longer. The pose particularly works the extreme tops of the inner thighs, opening up blood and energy flows to the genitals.

* Stand up straight, then place your right leg forward about a meter
* Bend the same knee until it’s at a right angle with your shin
* Keep your left leg straight
* Rest your arms either on your hips or the floor
* Hold the pose, feeling the stretch on the top inside of your left leg
* Stand back up and repeat on the other side

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

5. Sat Kriya Pose

This pose circulates the blood and promotes energy flow, particularly to the abdominal region. As you stretch up, blood is able to run quickly and freely straight down to your groin, which should increase your immediate sexual desire. Fantastic for general alignment of the spine, you’ll find that you’re more able to achieve more difficult sexual positions, and go for longer. If you have any kind of sexual dysfunction, then this pose is great for using visualization to release any inhibitions.

* Sit on your knees, legs together underneath you, heels into your bum
* Looking straight ahead, raise your arms, feeling your chest stretch
* Interlock all your fingers except for the index fingers, which should point straight up
* Close your eyes and breathe, focusing your attention on your chest and abdomen
* Contract your abdomen and squeeze your butt as you breathe

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

6. Chair Pose

This pose helps open up your energy channels and focuses blood flow from your head down through the butt and thighs and into your genitals. Your thighs will become super-toned, which is great for strength and stamina in the bedroom, while the outstretched arms encourage uninterrupted sexual energy flow and forces you to concentrate all your balance into your bum.

* Stand straight then gently bend the knees as though you were about to sit down
* Stretch your arms straight up, parallel to your spine, so they’re 45 degrees to the floor
* Hold this ‘squat’ for 10-20 seconds, focusing your attention on your abs, groin and thighs

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

7. Haka

The haka will help strengthen your core and give you a great kegel workout, which is essential if you’re going to be a superhero in the bedroom. Your hips will become more flexible, with obvious benefits, and the way the pose opens up your groin will make you feel instantly sexually powerful and ready for some serious sexy action.

* Stand with your feet around a meter apart
* Twist your feet so your toes are facing diagonally out
* Squat so your butt hovers above the backs of your legs
* When your knees are at a 45 degree angle to the ground, stretch your arms out in front of you
* Spread your hands so fingers are wide and look straight ahead
* Hold the pose as you inhale and exhale slowly
* Focus your attention on the penis and the tops of the inside thighs, channeling your energy into this area

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

8. Upward Facing Dog

This pose stretches your hip and groin region which sends blood rushing down there towards your pelvis. It also helps strengthen your lower back, which is great for maintaining your stamina in the bedroom.

* Lie on your front, legs spaced apart so they’re in line with your hips
* With your palms on the floor by your chest, push up and lift your torso
* Keep your knees on the floor – you’re only lifting your groin and chest
* Look straight ahead and hold for 20 seconds
* Breathe out and release, rolling yourself back down slowly

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

9. Bridge Pose

Excellent for strengthening your back, thighs and pelvic region, mastering the Bridge Pose will give you the extra thrusting power to satisfy your lover when she’s on top. Being able to lift yourself up and down with rhythm and strength means she won’t have to do all the work, and she’ll love you for it. This pose also concentrates blood flow in the pelvic area and opens up your hips, allowing for a stronger, longer-lasting erection.

* Lie on your back, arms by your side, palms upwards
* Push down with your shoulders and feet, thrusting your hips to the sky
* Your knees should be perpendicular to the ground
* Draw your arms underneath you, clasp your hands together and hold
* Alternatively, stretch your arms to grip your ankles as you hold the pose
* Stay there for 10 seconds, lower, and thrust up once more
* Repeat at regular intervals, practicing the thrust at shorter frequencies

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Men | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

10. Plank Pose

The plank pose is great for men because it gets those abs working nice and tight, plus the upper arms, and will help increase your stamina and staying power. You’ll also improve your balance as well as learn how to center energy through your groin and boost your thrusting power. Training yourself to hold the plank pose for as long as possible means you’re going to have the energy and stamina of a superhero when it comes to sex.

* Kneel down and lean forward with your weight on your arms, palms flat to the floor
* Stretch one leg out behind you and use your foot to lift yourself up
* Stretch your other leg out behind you so both sets of toes are now supporting you
* Hold for 10 seconds, release, then try again, this time for 20 seconds

Stay tuned for next week… Yoga For Couples!

– Sienna Sinclaire® – Naughty Lifestyle Guide – Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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