Month 3 of the Naughty Challenge: Yoga For Better Sex


10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

Month 3 of the Naughty Challenge:
Yoga For Better Sex

Week 4 – 10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples

You might think that yoga is a solo activity, something people do to get away from life’s hustle and bustle and get back in tune with themselves. This can be true, but just as yoga can help us stay centered, focused and balanced, as individuals, it can also help strengthen our relationships. Yoga is the perfect way to bring you and your lover closer together, because it allows you both to explore each other not just on a physical level but, more importantly, on a spiritual and sexual level. Yoga also has great sexual health benefits, so by doing it together, you’ll learn how to arouse, excite and stimulate each other, and get flexible and fit at the same time.

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

1. Seated Twist

This is a great warm-up exercise to get you both used to one another in a yoga situation. This pose is all about touching and twisting, it’s slow and deliberate, so it’s great not just for loosening those muscles before you attempt other poses, but it means you’re holding hands and feeling one another’s body as it moves about, which is great foreplay.

* Sit cross-legged facing one another (if you’re supple enough, you can sit in the half-lotus position.)
* Each place your right hands behind your backs
* With your left hands, reach across for your lover’s right hand
* Turn your right shoulders outwards, then both of you lift your right hands up and over until they meet above you (your left hands stay on one another’s backs.) Your bodies should now be twisting.
* Repeat with the other hand

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

2. Wide Leg Seated Forward Bend

This is a very sexy pose, especially arousing for the “puller”, because they get a great view of pretty much everything. This pose stretches the groin and thigh muscles for both of you, which is great for building stamina and increasing blood flow to the genitals. Done naked, or nearly naked, this pose can be very erotic because there’s gentle rhythm involved and both of you have open legs.

* Sit facing each other with legs open as wide as is comfortable
* Partner A should gently press feet against the lower legs of Partner B
* Partner B then reaches forward to grip Partner A’s wrists and pull backwards so Partner A’s torso is parallel to the floor, head lowered, and Partner B (with back straight) leans back
* Both sway gently from side to side
* Hold, breathe and release
* Swap places and repeat

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

3. Temple Pose

This pose helps open up the heart chakra and enables a more intense flow of energy down through the rest of the body. The positioning of this pose means that, for a few minutes, blood is concentrated in the upper body and head. Then, when you release, the blood goes rushing downwards to the genitals and thighs and you’ll feel tingly all over.

* Stand opposite one another
* With your feet directly under your hips, stretch your arms over your head and bend your hips slightly forward, keeping your legs straight
* As you both lean in, your hands should meet above you, forming an arch
* Once you’re touching hands, bring your arms slowly downwards until your hands and elbows are touching
* Your torsos should now be at a ninety-degree angle to your straight legs
* Lift your head and look directly at one another, maintaining equal, rhythmic breathing
* Let your chest and abdomen drop, relying on your equal weight to balance one another
* After a few synchronized breaths, step towards one another until your chests are touching, then let your arms fall to your side

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

4. Back-Bending Cobra Pose

This pose has two purposes – the standing person will be able to fully open their hips and stretch their entire upper body, enabling greater blood flow to the genitals and strengthening the pelvic area. The lying-down partner will feel the benefits of a stretching spine, open chest chakra and pressure on the groin area as their upper body raises up.

* Partner A lie on the floor on your stomach
* Partner B stand over them, one foot either side of their thighs
* Partner B reach down and take Partner A’s hands, lifting them so their head and upper chest raise from the ground
* Partner B, while continuing to grasp Partner A’s hands, lean back in a full back bend, using the grip to balance yourself
* Hold for up to 30 seconds, release, and swap places

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

5. Forward & Back Bend Pose

I like this pose because both partners get to touch each other while they’re performing it and, once you’re comfortably in position, your hands can just go wandering. Because your backs are to each other, you also get to use your imagination as you hold the pose. Depending how bendy you are, you should be able to reach your partner’s chest and between their legs, but get the positioning right first so your breathing isn’t affected. This pose is great for both stretching the abs and spine, but also opening the hips and concentrating blood flow to the genitals (for the forward-leaning partner.)

* Sit with your backs to one another, legs in the half-lotus (or crossed, if that’s more comfortable)
* Partner A (female, above) should reach behind and grip the inside of Partner B’s knees
* Partner B then slides his own arms over Partner A’s and clasps his hands together in front of his chest
* Partner B then inhales and leans forward slowly, making Partner A’s chest rise and back arch as she rests on Partner B’s back and exhales
* Breathe and hold, then Partner B should inhale as they return to a sitting position
* Swap places, with Partner B reaching behind to grip the inside of Partner A’s knees/thighs, and repeat

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

6. Double Standing Forward Bend

If you ever wanted to look at your lover in a different way, then this is the how to do it – upside down! This pose will get the blood rushing all over the place, first to your head and then to your genitals once you return to a standing position. You’ll also be giving those hamstrings a workout – essential for improving bedroom stamina and flexibility. Also, both of you will get to see the other’s sexy body parts in a whole new, upside-down light. Best done naked, so you get to see gravity do its thing.

* Stand up straight with your backs to one another, your heels around 8 inches apart
* Bend forward and hang down, like a marionette with its strings cut
* Both reach behind you, around the outside of the knees and grab your partner’s hands
* Feel your bums pressing into one another – great for balance and arousal
* Wiggle your bottoms into one another as you grip hands, pulling yourselves as close as feels natural

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

7. Double Boat

A great pose for just staring into each other’s eyes, this exercise will strengthen your abs and core and lets you hold one another while you do it. A variation, if you’re fit enough, is to do the Wide Double Boat, where you both start from an open leg position, keeping the legs open as you raise them up – super sexy and you both get a great view…

* Sit facing one another with your knees pulled up
* Press the soles of your feet together
* Holding each other’s hands, push your feet gently against one another while leaning back, so your legs start to extend
* Lift your legs up together, keeping hold of each other’s hands and keeping spine straight
* Lean back and hold for as long as is comfortable (This pose is all about timing – and angles! – so it might take some practice!)

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

8. Adapted Camel Pose

It’s obvious what the best thing about this pose is – being able to push into one another’s genitals as you stretch back and open up practically every chakra going. Because you’re not actually looking at one another as you do this, you get to use touch and imagination alone to get yourselves aroused. Grinding against each other’s hips as the blood rushes to your head and between your legs, is going to get you all fired up for some proper animal action later on.

* Kneel down facing one another
* Take each other’s arms, gripping just above the elbow
* Lean back slowly, making sure you’re balancing
* Make sure your knees and thighs are pressed together
* Push your chest upwards and let your groins touch
* Hold, breathe…and enjoy

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

9. Double Child’s Pose

One of the most satisfying poses, it looks tricky but it’s really not. You both get to feel safe, secure and intimate, while concentrating your energy into the areas you want. Your spine and lower back will feel stretched and supple and the feeling of closeness you’ll experience with your partner is total. The woman is usually on top, so she’s literally piggybacking off her partner, and the guy is going to get off on feeling all that sexy weight bearing down on him. If you like role play, this is a great “surrender” position for whoever’s underneath.

* Partner A (usually the guy) kneels down with both elbows and forearms flat to the floor
* Partner B straddles either side of Partner A, bends forward to put their palms on the ground, then gently lifts each shin onto the sides of Partner B’s back (not directly on the spine)
* Partner B should then gently hoist themselves up onto Partner A’s back, keeping hands on the floor either side to take a lot of their own weight
* Once in a comfortable position, Partner A can lift their forearms off the floor, keeping elbows on the ground
* Partner B, if comfortable, can also lift hands from the floor, and rest elbows between Partner A’s shoulder blades
* Relax and hold, then swap places (if possible)

10 Simple Yoga Poses For Couples | Sex & Dating Coach Los Angeles

10. Savasana Neck Rub

A great way to finish a couples yoga session, this exercise is gentle, soothing and so, so sexy. You get to concentrate on your breathing as your partner massages your shoulders and neck, centering your sexual energy so you’re fully prepared to use it later on. The gentleness of this exercise encourages bonding, touching and silent intimacy.

* Partner A lies down on the mat with legs open and arms lying by their side in a kind of star-position
* Partner B kneels behind Partner A’s head and places hands on their shoulders
* Begin to massage the shoulders lightly, gradually moving your hands to their neck
* With your thumbs on the side of Partner A’s neck, slide your fingers underneath the base of the head and gently pull to lengthen the spine
* Continue to massage neck and shoulders as Partner A maintains steady breathing pattern

Stay tuned for next week…

– Sienna Sinclaire® – Naughty Lifestyle Guide – Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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