Dating Your Partner

Dating Your Partner | Naughty Coaching

Dating Your Partner

A common mistake couples make in a relationship is to think that, once the initial dating phase is over, there’s no need to pay as much attention to each other. Dating is a mating game, literally, and once the ‘prize’ is won, it’s easy to think there’s nothing else to play for. But this is how relationships turn sour, because everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated and, unless you show it, then how is your lover going to even know how you really feel? So it’s time to bring back date nights, permanently. But don’t just take yourselves off to the same old bar or restaurant where you met, switch things up a gear and remind your lover not just why you fell in love with her, but also what’s so awesome about you.


Everyone has fantasies, so it’s time to explore them. I don’t know a single guy on earth who hasn’t dreamed about being seduced by a female cop, a stripper or a nurse, so suggest to your lover that you get a bit fruity and pretend to be other people for the night. Do it in the privacy of your own home or you could even go to a hotel bar and have her pretend to be a hooker while you’re the businessman on an overnight trip. Book a room and see where it takes you. Just have fun with role-playing and, who knows, you might discover some very erotic things that neither of you knew you were capable of.

Go on a naughty trip

It’s too easy for couples to get into routines and just keep going to the same old places. It’s time to get a little more adventurous and see what the world really has to offer, so book yourselves on an exotic cruise, a seedy motel tour or a naughty train ride across the country – a real expedition where you get to spend quality, private time together without distraction, as well as getting to see some beautiful, sexy sights along the way.

Treat her

Your lover should feel special every moment of every day and, with women, it’s the little things we really appreciate. Knowing that you’re thinking about us, even when we’re not there, is a surefire way of keeping us hooked, so take time out to do something nice for her without needing a reason. Buy her fresh flowers, leave a love note on the fridge, take her out for a romantic walk or run her a bath when she gets home from work. Treat a woman like a princess and you’ll be royally rewarded.

Sexy dinner/picnic

Food and sex go hand in hand, so to spice things up in your relationship, organize a romantic home-cooked dinner or make up a sexy picnic to take to the park. Think about your menu and how erotic it could be – champagne, strawberries, asparagus, chocolate, anything you can hand-feed to each other or lick off each other. Using food as foreplay is a great way to get you both in the mood and she’ll love that you went to so much trouble to seduce her.

Naughty movie night

If you just want to get down and dirty, download or buy a porn film to watch with your lover. Switch your phones off, turn down the lights, get comfortable on that rug in front of the fire and press ‘play.’ What happens next is entirely up to you. Alternatively, make your own sex tape which you can play back and get off to. Watching yourselves have sex is so erotic – just make sure the movie doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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– Sienna Sinclaire® – Naughty Lifestyle Guide – Los Angeles Dating & Sex Coach

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