Decorate For Dating For Men

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Decorate For Dating For Men

To a man, your home is your castle, but if you want to impress a date or maximize your chances of getting a woman back to your place, you need to make sure that castle isn’t cold, cluttered or sensually lacking. Where you live says a lot about you. It tells a woman about the things you’re into, what you like to be surrounded by and, most importantly, how you look after yourself. Seeing how you treat your space is a pretty good indication of how you’re going to treat her, so don’t underestimate the power of a sensual, sexy home.

Decorate For Dating | Naughty Coaching


Nobody likes mess, and guys are notorious for being able to live in trash heaps without batting an eyelid. If that’s how you feel comfortable, great, but don’t expect the girls to come knocking any time soon. It’s not just about keeping your home tidy, it’s about getting rid of anything you don’t need or use, especially pictures, mementos or souvenirs which remind you of past lovers. Clearing the junk won’t just expand your physical space, it will open your mind too and help you feel more relaxed, which is going to show on the outside. Do the same with your closet and throw out anything old, with a hole or that just doesn’t fit. De-clutter every area of your life and you’ll be making more room – physically and metaphorically – for new and exciting things to enter.

Decorate For Dating | Naughty Coaching

The power of Feng-Shui

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the ritual of feng-shui, but it’s really very simple. Everything is made of atoms, even us, and those atoms are constantly releasing electrical charges into the air. Feng-shui is about arranging furniture (and ourselves) to allow the natural flow of this energy, which helps keep us calm, balanced and in tune with our inner selves. Streamlining your space and learning how to place beds, dressers, lamps and tables etc, so that they allow positive energy to flow through each room, is going to make your home instantly welcoming and seductive.

Decorate For Dating | Naughty Coaching

Creating a naughty bedroom

Obviously, this is the most important room in the house so you need to pay special attention to it. As well as de-cluttering, you need to be strict about what a bedroom is for – sleeping and having sex, that’s it. So remove all electronic devices, exercise equipment and pets (!) and make it a distraction-free zone. Next, choose a color scheme that’s erotic and sensual – red walls, low lighting, mirrors etc. Make your bedsheets cool to the touch and learn about how different fabrics can evoke different responses. Your lover needs to feel comfortable in your bedroom, so think about scents, colors, fabrics and even music, to ensure your boudoir is the ultimate seduction destination.

Decorate For Dating | Naughty Coaching

Take inspiration from the French

Nobody does sex like the French, because they pay attention to all the senses, not just the power of touch. For instance, even when they’re eating, they’ll make sure their plates and glasses are sexy and chic. In the living room, they’ll have soft rugs, naughty pictures on the walls and scented candles burning all the time. Get into the habit of buying fresh flowers for your home and don’t worry, this doesn’t make you effeminate, it actually makes you incredibly sexy to us. If you’re cooking dinner for someone, do it the French way with lots of aphrodisiacs (oysters, asparagus, champagne) and eat with your fingers. Plan your evening via the senses – from kitchen to living room to bedroom, exciting her sense of taste, touch, smell and sight along the way. And, just like the French, learn to talk dirty, too!

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