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Famous Paris Brothels

  Famous Paris Brothels ´┐╝It’s the city of sex, passion and that certain erotic ‘je ne sais quoi,’ so if you’re visiting Paris any time soon, it would be a sin not to check out its naughty history. And because … Continue reading

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12 Ways To Rev Up Your Sex Drive

  Not in the Mood? 12 Ways To Rev Up Your Sex Drive You know the feeling, that stale, empty pit in your emotional stomach that tells you you’re stuck in a relationship rut, and you’ve no idea how you … Continue reading

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Anal Sex

Anal Sex Anal sex is one of those subjects that many couples feel embarrassed about discussing. It’s assumed that only men enjoy it, while women find it painful, but this really isn’t true. With plenty of practice and communication, anal … Continue reading

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How To Have A Threesome

How To Have A Threesome It’s the million dollar question, right? How to talk your lover into having a threesome with another hot girl? Some women will be totally up for it, others not so. So how do you tell … Continue reading

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Falling In Love With Yourself

Falling In Love With Yourself Confidence in a woman is the No.1 attraction for men. But a lot of girls can lose confidence, either because they’re with a long-term partner (and stop making an effort,) or they’re single and the … Continue reading

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